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The Unexpected by zainourry_addict
The Unexpectedby Sleep_Queen👑
In this world, everything exists, vampires, werewolves, hybrids, and demons. Everyone in our world has a mate, she or he will find them when they turn eighteen. What wil...
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One Shots (Niall Centric) by cautionarry
One Shots (Niall Centric)by Martina
Just a bunch of Niall based one shots.
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Choose Me (Niall Horan fanfiction) by mezlovestowrite
Choose Me (Niall Horan fanfiction)by aussiebookworm
Niall and Jessie are perfect for each other. He knows it, she knows it, everybody knows it! But they're just friends. Isn't that so cliche and crazy??? That is until the...
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One Direction Niall Centric One Shots ( takes requests) by izzy_a1234
One Direction Niall Centric One izzy_a1234
one shots/hurtfics and sickfics about the 1D boys we all miss. All will be Niall centric.
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It's Just Not The Same. by 1DMultiFandoms80s
It's Just Not The Mrs. Presley
It's the year 2020, One Direction finally returns, with Zayn!! Niall is just trying to keep the band together but with Zayn and Louis constant fighting and everyone acti...
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The Holiday Series  by harrywavycurly
The Holiday Series by sarahjay92
You work for Niall's golf management company and you may or may not have a massive crush on the boss man himself. This is told in the order of the holidays that happen t...
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It Hurts... Zianourry, Niall-Centric by LonelyAsTheAstronaut
It Hurts... Zianourry, LifeIsLonely
The fact that 1D is on their hiatus doesn't mean that they don't contact eachother anymore. In fact. They were just about to have a fun guy's night when Niall didn't tur...
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|What Happened to Niall| Niall Centric by Olivia5Hemmings
|What Happened to Niall| Niall 💎
In the future, there is a strict one child policy. And 5 strangers have to avoid government detection while also working together to find a way to cheat the system. Or...
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The Heir by NiallerFan2000
The Heirby Nialler
COMPLETED Before Niall was in this world, his family was really poor. Bobby and Maura had no idea what to do. They had a six year old boy, no house, no money and a baby...
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The One You Call | horan au by channelhorange
The One You Call | horan auby jas
Phoebe is tired of being a booty call and decides that she wants love.
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|Niall-Centric| Oneshots by Olivia5Hemmings
|Niall-Centric| Oneshotsby 💎
Just because Niall is an adorable little ball of sunshine so here is a book centered around him :) ALL THESE ONESHOTS ARE MINE; If you want to post them somewhere then a...
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under my skin || n.h. au by cupsoffics
under my skin || n.h. auby cupsoffics
Brooklyn thinks Niall is the most annoying person she's ever met. He doesn't take things seriously, he likes to make embarrassing jokes and bets all the time, but someho...
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Instagram||n.h. by secrettides
Instagram|| secrettides
Niall Horan - International Pop Star. Barbara Palvin - International Model/Traveler. Niall travels the world for his job. Barbara travels for adventure. Join them on...
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Soulmates by HoransWife98
Soulmatesby Horan_is_my_Hubby
This started as a short centric from my Niall centric book , but people have requested a book . So here it is .
All He Wanted Was To Be Loved [Watty's2018] by kaylabastian01
All He Wanted Was To Be Loved [ Kayla Bastian
When Niall moves to this new school, he though things were looking up. His parents were being nice and he was able to get away from Ethan. He even joins footie and makes...
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History (Niall centric) by 1dSolangeloPotter
History (Niall centric)by 1d-meme
What will happen when Niall quits 1D when it gets too much for him? Is it forever or will he return ??
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Forgotten by Connorperry42
Forgottenby Connorperry42
Five years ago they'd created a family. They had a child, a toddler and a baby. The two parents were thrilled, they doted on their three children. Two parents to three k...
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Shoreline - A Niall Horan fanfiction by oohh_anna
Shoreline - A Niall Horan Anna
"It wasn't really me to tolerate nuisance, But thanks to him it was a part of me now."
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[ZIAM][NIALL!BABY] Just Be Yourself by Unheimlich_
[ZIAM][NIALL!BABY] Just Be Yourselfby Unheimlich_
Apresentando Niall Horan: vossa majestade, o bebê. Nona fanfiction da série "We need to talk about Niall" Original de Unheimlich_ Copyright © 2016 Unheimlich_
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[ZIAM][NIALL!BABY] Pee in the nappy by Unheimlich_
[ZIAM][NIALL!BABY] Pee in the nappyby Unheimlich_
Niall não queria ter interrompido a entrevista, e ter pedido para Jonathan Ross deixá-lo a ir ao banheiro. Ele não queria ter molhado suas calças e o sofá de Jonathan, o...
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