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1+1 Makes 3 | Niam by thestarsarewinning
1+1 Makes 3 | Niamby ιѕѕιє
A seemingly innocent one night stand. That's all it was meant to be. A one night stand. A casual fling. That ends up as something... More. More being a surprise that...
  • horayne
  • niallandliam
  • boyxboy
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ROUGH - Niam AU by _All_The_Ships_
ROUGH - Niam AUby AllTheShips
When Liam and his family are forced to move to a run down, crime ridden estate, it isn't easy for him. And then he meets rude, aggressive, trouble making, seclusive, dr...
  • boyxboy
  • gaylove
  • louistomlinson
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Clean// Niam by chroniam
Clean// Niamby nourin
"Maybe I should get a tattoo?" "No. I want you to be clean. Forever and always,"
  • niallandliam
  • peoplearereadingsomustbedecent
  • niam
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The girl who changed our lives by molly1166
The girl who changed our livesby molly1166
Simon finds a girl that loves on the street. She sings so well he thinks to himself. What can I do with her. Maybe she will be filling in the empty spot in one direction...
  • fanfictiononedirection
  • louis
  • harry
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Lost Boy by mummajin
Lost Boyby oxyjin
"Love you, Liam Bean." "Shut up, Louis." _____________________________________________________________________________________ In which Liam is admi...
  • lirry
  • lilo
  • ziall
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All That I'm Living For by amberhemmings07
All That I'm Living Forby amberhemmings07
Candi is just turned 18 and is treated like crap. Her only friend is Louis Tomlinson. He is very popular, but Candi has no one besides him. Find out why Louis stayed fri...
  • harry
  • niallandliam
  • zayn
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Youre The One by blacktimeswithU
Youre The Oneby It Just Niall
Faith Dee is a big fan of one direction ,,read more!
  • niallcentric
  • onedirection
  • love
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If I Could Fly (Lilo Love Story) by demonand
If I Could Fly (Lilo Love Story)by demonand
A love story about the one and only Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson lives ,but starts of as an awkward friendship.
  • louisyouhottie
  • niallandliam
  • niallofficial
"Mommy Direction" by ellaStypayhorlinson
"Mommy Direction"by One Direction ✅
A/N: Okay, so this is A NEW BOOK Warning: it is N O T going to be the same series as I'm going with 'The One' Alice Tuck, just your average outgoing girl who knows not...
  • niallandliam
  • niallandharry
  • harrysryles
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Baby boy by MuchFanFic
Baby boyby MuchFanFic
While simply looking for a baby boy Harry ends up with falling for the one and only Liam Tomlinson who's anything but submissive but so is Harry
  • liam
  • harrytop
  • louistop
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Triggered  by FadingAwayForever16
Triggered by FadingAwayForever16
This is a Larry/Niam story
  • niam
  • larry
  • fanfiction
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When BLUE mets GREEN  by LindseyAmirouche
When BLUE mets GREEN by Lindsey Amirouche
What will happen when shy 17 year old Louis Tomlinson meets 20 year old party out-going Harry styles at uni? Will it be a fun year to remember or a crazy ride...time wi...
  • boyxboy
  • larry
  • mpeg
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Covering for Niam by callmecaitlyn
Covering for Niamby callmecaitlyn
When Niall and Liam finally admit their feelings for each other they call on Liams good friend Elianore to cover for them. Elianore is now "dating" Liam but wh...
  • heartbreak
  • onedirection
  • niallandliam
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𝙎𝙏𝘼𝙉𝙁𝙊𝙍𝘿 by liikeyoulots
"Shaylee. I don't want to hurt you. I want to love you."
  • cute
  • stanford
  • louis
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I knew it all along..  by foreeverniallhoran
I knew it all along.. by foreeverniallhoran
Niall Horan has moved to London 2 days ago. He doesnt really know anyone around since all his time he has spent unpacking his belongings in his new house. What happens w...
  • onedirection
  • niallandliam
  • gay
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Tattoed Heart (Niam) by anna_liam
Tattoed Heart (Niam)by anna_liam
Niall is a boy from Ireland with dreams of grandeur. But. He has walls. High, tough walls that he thinks no one can get through. Niall Is a bad boy with a rough past and...
  • niallhoran
  • niam
  • gaycouple
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Hurting [Zayn Malik] Fanfiction by LoveThose5Boyz
Hurting [Zayn Malik] Fanfictionby Elle
Elle lived with her mother but when her mom dies she moves in with her dad. Elle meets this really cute boy named Zain and he is really good at singing. You both look al...
  • niallandliam
  • lmao
  • elle
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Loving You: Niam Horayne Mpreg by Sunshine_Amy2
Loving You: Niam Horayne Mpregby Bri Johnson
(read description in first part of book on Sunshine_Amy_ account) read the first chapter of Loving You that is on the Sunshine_Amy_ account!
  • niallandliam
  • niamhorayne
  • louietomlinson
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Niam: Age It's Just Number  by theashjojo
Niam: Age It's Just Number by theashjojo
Niall: Liam we can't do this this is wrong...I'm 14 and your..25..*gulp* Liam: don't worry baby *smirks* age it's just a number.
  • liamandniall
  • liamxniall
  • niam
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fireproof // niam by atl-niam
fireproof // niamby atl-niam
Niall learns that there's a whole lot more to his favourite band member, Liam than the media lets on. But he loves him anyway.
  • boyxboy
  • niam
  • niall
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