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A bad boy gets, what a bad boy wants  by Marichat_queen
A bad boy gets, what a bad boy Miraculous_wannabe
In most stories, Cat noir/Adrien is known to be a bad boy, but in this AU it's a little different. Cat noir, being known to be one of the most wanted criminals of Paris...
  • catnoir
  • ladybug
  • niño
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Dead Ladybug/Missing Marinette by 1bunnylover
Dead Ladybug/Missing Marinetteby 1bunnylover
(This story has a happy ending despite the title) When something goes wrong during an Akuma attack Paris finds out Ladybug is dead. But that isn't the only bad news tha...
  • miraculousladybug
  • deadladybug
  • ladynoir
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An Artist Stealing a Superhero's Heart by 1bunnylover
An Artist Stealing a Superhero's 1bunnylover
In the mist of a crazy Akuma attack Queen Bee saves a certain red head. With the promise of meeting again turned into more time spent together. Feelings develop, but he...
  • chlaniel
  • miraculous
  • queenbee
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Miraculous Ladybug - One-Shots by LoveandMusik
Miraculous Ladybug - One-Shotsby Cupcake 🧁
One-shots, updated from time to time! COVER BY MEE!! -I'm taking requests if you have some, but please don't ask me to when I'll write them because I have my other books...
  • fluff
  • domestic
  • adrien
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Miraculous Ladybug And C(h)at Noir SPOILERS AND THEORIES #3 by M1racul0usher0
Miraculous Ladybug And C(h)at M1racul0usher0
I think the title says everything
  • ladybug
  • queenb
  • adrienagreste
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Hellfire! || Lukloe. || +15 by NaomiValdez2
Hellfire! || Lukloe. || +15by LoullipopNao
Luka no estaba bien. No lo había estado durante los últimos tres meses. Y sus problemas tenían nombre y apellido: Chloe Bourgeois. No me pertenecen ninguno de los person...
  • miracolousladybug
  • luka
  • lukloe
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Miraculous Monster (criminal AU) by ILoveBooksAndMath
Miraculous Monster (criminal AU)by ILoveBooksAndMath
Criminal and murderer to the people of Paris, France. Started four years ago and was monster to everyone he saw except one. The one he wasn't a monster to had hit him wi...
  • criminal
  • alya
  • fiction
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Perfect // A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction by -Rubee
Perfect // A Miraculous Ladybug Rubeebug
"Everywhere I go, I see masked lies, but she gives me her ocean eyes, and I realize that she's the only one who can make me truly smile," "We were just ki...
  • alyno
  • adrinette
  • miraculousladybug
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La Sirena y el Crió by lNameless
La Sirena y el Crióby MiuuNa
Un pequeño perdido y una Sirena. Historia corta, Cómic.
  • suspenso
  • juvenil
  • detodo
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Miraculous one-shots/stories by 1bunnylover
Miraculous one-shots/storiesby 1bunnylover
Here is my own little collection of Miraculous ladybug stories and/or one shots. Some might be a little ruff but oh well. I still like them and I hope all of you do too...
  • niño
  • adrien
  • ladynoir
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The Long Lost Princess by Amaris_Moonchild_426
The Long Lost Princessby Amaris Moonchild
Marinette is the lost princess of the great Chinese Empire. Her parents are part of the royal family, but she was chosen to be the heir. Since the secrets of her empire...
  • alya
  • niño
  • masquerade
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Telltale Hearts by franpannnn
Telltale Heartsby franpannnn
Written By Mireille Tanaka Edited by Franpannnn
  • alya
  • miraculousladybug
  • bugaboo
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Bienvenido a tu vida Pasada by titokuko
Bienvenido a tu vida Pasadaby TitoKuko
Ren es un chico japones que pidió un deseo de volver a ser niño, el cual se hizo realidad, y tiene que volver a vivir todo de nuevo pudiendo mejorar su pasado. Es como...
  • otaku
  • manga
  • dejavu
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The 8 by Sgellamaqueen
The 8by Miraculous SGE fangirl
Marrinette is going to go to a cruise with her classmates and friends! But, little did they know that this fun trip on a cruise may soon turn into a nightmare.
  • alya
  • adrienette
  • marinette
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One moment lifetime of pain by ZivaDeNoir2018
One moment lifetime of painby Ziva DeNoir
What happens when Lila takes a photo of luka and Mari when they fell asleep listening to music?
  • miraculous
  • niño
  • marinette
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Marichat by cuentacerrada33
Marichatby .
Marinette esta enamorada de Adrien y Cat Noir de Ladybug. ¿Y si Marinette estuviera enamorada de Cat Noir y Cat Noir de Marinette?
  • peacock
  • marichat
  • chloe
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Chat blanc by firephoenixDanTDMfan
Chat blancby Fire!
Chat is sick of being treated like a side kick and gets aukumitized Will they defeat him Or will he be the one alums that's undefeatable
  • marionette
  • tiki
  • chatblanc
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Help People by LNnever
Help Peopleby LNnever
Nino est enlevé à l'âge de 10 ans. C'est ainsi que sa vie a basculée du jour en lendemain. Le changement sera-t-il bénéfique ou un effondrement pour le jeune garçon ?
  • hero
  • enlèvement
  • niño
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al sabio árbol de caóba by carveloz14
al sabio árbol de caóbaby carlos cárdenas
Desperté y te encontré, ahora te perdí y fue por mi culpa, no te recupere pero encontré mi felicidad y paz interior. Historia de un solo capítulo :0 Inspirado en el ambi...
  • caoba
  • naturaleza
  • inocencia
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Random Miraculous Ladybug jots by 1-800-GLITTER
Random Miraculous Ladybug jotsby ゚𝐒𝐨𝐟𝐭𝐁𝐞𝐯 ゚
Literally random shit about miraculous ladybug (,:
  • miraculousladybug
  • catpuns
  • lukacauffaine
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