Nurse // l.s by Larry_smilinson
Nurse // l.sby ◟̽◞̽ Bottomlinson
Where Harry is a patient in the hospital of London and has a crush on his blue eyed nurse. • Larry Stylinson • © larry_smilinson
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Give it Up {Zouis Talik AU boyxboy} by LOL_WhatLife
Give it Up {Zouis Talik AU boyxboy}by The Sack Of Potatoes
"You're so tan." "You're so white." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Zayn Malik was in an extremely toxic relationship with his 'Soulma...
  • zayn
  • wattpride
  • alternateuniverse
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Sinner|Quando Rondo❣️ by SnatchHerEdges
Sinner|Quando Rondo❣️by Fero 👑
Sixteen year old Chyna Wright isn't your average teenager. Her mother abandoned her weeks after she was born, she was left to be raised by her gang banging father. But t...
  • nh
  • savannah
  • sinner
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Dear Jenna, Love Papa (COMPLETED) by bookworm91104
Dear Jenna, Love Papa (COMPLETED)by Jennavieve Herondale
Dear Jenna, I'm sorry I seemed angry when you wrote that letter to Gramma. I was trying to hide my pain from you. I didn't want you to be sad like I am. When I'm gone, y...
  • harrystyles
  • letters
  • liampayne
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Drowning Soul // l.s by Larry_smilinson
Drowning Soul // l.sby ◟̽◞̽ Bottomlinson
It isn't really suicide when you're already dead inside, is it? One Shot Larry Stylinson larry_smilinson
  • 1d
  • larrystylinson
  • oneshot
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Fallen for you by mrswroetoshawX
Fallen for youby MrsHoranW2Spricey❤️
An ordinary girl.....fallen in love with her best friend but she has to move away. Will they keep in touch?? While she's settling in her new house in Dublin. Harry becom...
  • firststory
  • blueyes
  • harry
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CASUAL AFFAIR ↬ harry styles by gaychalamet
CASUAL AFFAIR ↬ harry stylesby - ̗̀ 𝖙𝖔𝖓𝖎 ̖́-
❝just lay in the atmosphere, a causal affair!❞ in which harry saw her as more than just a hookup, and she had no idea how he felt.
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COFFEE FOR TWO (Niall Horan) by carita_dcosta
COFFEE FOR TWO (Niall Horan)by Carita D’Costa
Carina Finch loves baking ever since she's a kid. Years later, her dream of owning a cafe comes to life when she inaugurates her cafe; The Finch Cafe. Niall Horan is a...
  • upcoming
  • niallimagine
  • onedirectionfanfiction
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Summer Love | n.h. by Live_Laugh_Louis
Summer Love | n.h.by i z z y
After Niall's girlfriend dies he goes into a massive depression and the other boys and Simon believe that if they try to put him in treatment, he may leave the band, so...
  • horan
  • nh
  • 1d
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King Kylie [16+] by PLUXURY
King Kylie [16+]by Дашунчик
Они оба любили друг друга, но ни один не желал признаться в этом другому. Они любили друг друга так долго и нежно, С тоской глубокой и страстью безумно-мятежной! ...
  • khloe
  • kardashian
  • kendall
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Daddy《1D One shots》{onhold} by daddylou24
Daddy《1D One shots》{onhold}by Mrs.Tomlinson🥀
•One direction one shot' s {one shot's simply mean just smut/ sex scenes} •kinky •if you like my writing send request's and I'll write as per the situation, your name an...
  • lp
  • hs
  • niallhoran
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LilQuando💙 by ZykeriaTaylor
LilQuando💙by Zykeria Taylor
A girl who was in a relationship with famous rapper quando rondo and she gets pregnant and he leaves and one day she sees him
  • quandorondo
  • annmarie
  • qrn
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Unknown ✧ H.S AU by kiallas
Unknown ✧ H.S AUby guess
UNKNOWN NUMBER : Hey, it's Harry from the party last night Akilah : I think you've stumbled upon a fake number Can one wrong number create an oh so right romance? Harry...
  • niall
  • tomlinson
  • liam
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DM • njh by lomba-larry
DM • njhby lomba-larry
Why am I so blind? How the fuck do I actually believe it?
  • niallhoran
  • shortstory
  • louis
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A Moment With NH by Nur_Haura
A Moment With NHby Nur Haura
"Bukan susah untuk berjaya, bukan senang untuk berjaya. Hanya usaha yang membezakannya." "Apa yang ada hari ni takkan kekal untuk selamanya." I want...
  • fantasy
  • hobby
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Story Of My Life (H'S Fanfic) by Hazzabear1991
Story Of My Life (H'S Fanfic)by Sam
I really have no description in mind 😂 but it's a love story between a girl (Tresa) and Harry styles. For the sake of the story Harry is 18, Louis is 20, Niall, Liam, a...
  • romance
  • zaynmalik
  • zm
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Because He Was Brave | n.h. by obviushoran
Because He Was Brave | n.h.by ✶ alia ✶
{ complete } She nicely asked the grave. "Why did you leave?" "Because he was brave." * © 2017 cover by: @madbarryx
  • horan
  • nh
  • niall
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Gifs That Kill Me by fandomknowitall
Gifs That Kill Meby kyra
Just some random gifs of stars that I love that kill me. Warning: A lot of Louis Tomlinson gifs and Taylor Swift gifs
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QRN  by aijabadasx
QRN by aijabadasx
Read niggas 🤣
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  • ben10
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