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Terra by 28hazel07
Terraby A.R.M.Y. gurl
Terra- a planet 25 lightyears away from earth. People from Earth had found Terra in 2050, and plans to make a new life on that planet were decided- one where science wo...
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what you gonna do? by unknownwaste
what you gonna do?by authorx
Bad boys are everywhere, you just gotta find the right ones. The ones that lead you home, where things could get steamy. What you gonna do?
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The Dark Waters by SushiBor
The Dark Watersby SushiBor
I walk further into the water and stand still, allowing the water to tickle my toes. when it recedes, I shudder. I know I shouldn't do this. I know I should worry about...
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Song Suggestions | hold by crayonowl
Song Suggestions | holdby ᴏᴡʟ:☽ [#BlueForSudan]
Pop-based with a bit of other stuff sprinkled into the mix. I hope you enjoy:)
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Moons favourite things and stuff by Moonstripe1
Moons favourite things and stuffby Moonstripe1
these are my favourite things, like songs, colours, and stuff like random stuff and I will talk about my account and my book. Also, sneak peaks so READ PLEASE...
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Notices💕 by Rand0mGirll
Notices💕by Aimee🥰
If I ever have something important to say about a story, it'll be on here x
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Just look at that nice coquettish picture of Tigerstar that I don't own by any means, and tell me you don't want to read this and give me money for it.
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poetry paths  by faithandflowers
poetry paths by f@ith &🌹
it's not the story as it's title says it's the collection of poetries give it your shot reader and hit the vote button I know you will choose this book as it is your...
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The Try Guys Try High School by cupcakegirl8991
The Try Guys Try High Schoolby Katie Burch
Zach, Keith, Ned, and Eugene have tried almost everything but they are put to the ultimate test: To try out being high school teachers for one day.
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Moved Accounts by KawaiiAtsume23
Moved Accountsby Despacito
It's in the title my dude.
Stuff, the new stuff by DonnerandRosy
Stuff, the new stuffby DonnerandRosy
The new stuff
Ideas And Unfinished Story Lines? by Practically-Satan
Ideas And Unfinished Story Lines?by Luciferia Morningstar
Read at your own peril, though the quality does improve over time. My latest chapter is my best currently published in this "Book" Do us all a favor and skip t...
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Xenogenesis by TypicallMV
Xenogenesisby JustAanex
YEAR 2573, JUNE 20. 5/20/2573 "Although, ones future cannot be seen, but. the future of Equestria will tell in this story." After 557 Years After the Rise of t...
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Life is Raindrops by wowitssunny
Life is Raindropsby sunny
Life is made up of so many little moments. Rain sometimes has a hard time dealing with life and is constantly is engulfed in little moments of beauty. With friends along...
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Random Stuff by CheyanneWalt
Random Stuffby 𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐲𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞
Book Updates, rants, and other important and not so important info.
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Book of ocs by Sleepymidnightrose
Book of ocsby Gay pastel garbage
Basically where I keep all my ocs and info bc I'm an idiot who forgets everything -3-
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A life with team free will by mindtheif14
A life with team free willby mindtheif14
Back in action!
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