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The Preacher's Kid by ISayVolYouSay
The Preacher's Kidby Honestly?
Jackson has been slut shamed most of his highschool career due to him being a Preacher's Kid and a drunken kiss. When Devin starts teasing him, Jackson thinks nothing of...
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The Girl who cared too much by fangirl_for_ev_er
The Girl who cared too muchby simran singh
Elizabeth Anderson isn't someone predictable. She is badass, fierce, humorous from outside but a book loving hopeless romantic from inside. She is fun, adventurous and a...
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Power Code Identity by ChinLabsBy
Power Code Identityby Binibining Sia
Isang paaralan na ubod ng kapangyarihan. Dalawang grupo,labing apat na estudyante na may kakayahang taglay. Samahan natin sila sa pagkatalo at pagkapanalo. Isa lamang an...
A View Meant For Two by Savage-fairy
A View Meant For Twoby Serendipity~
Life was normal for Alisa Bardot, just as normal as her own person; the grass was green, the sky was blue, Alisa Bardot, for all she was worth, was normal. But there was...
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Where the Daisies Grow by anata17
Where the Daisies Growby @annac🌮
Kathleen West is the definition of innocent and pure. Her past makes her who she is and she has grown to be a strong and powerful woman. After high school, college and s...
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Does it look like I care? by ALTD2001
Does it look like I care?by Anna
This story is about Bluebell Lowell, her mother recently passed away. Her father and brother work in Italy so she is all alone, but fortunately they are SUPER RICH. Blue...
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euphoria || deacury  by mercury_eclipse
euphoria || deacury by mercury_eclipse
Freddie Bulsara has just moved to England and is now going to attend Kingston High School. But what happens when he runs into a small voiced boy, quite literally? How wi...
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The sun is far | by meluvstaetae
The sun is far |by Lee
The sun is far
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NEW STUDENT by TrishaMae1010
NEW STUDENTby TrishaMae101009
"New student" Have a words or sentence that wrong grammar on my story but I hope you like it Btw this is a story of a new student ☺️
Finally A Forever by hazelblaine
Finally A Foreverby hazelblaine
Sawyer Wilkinson just wants to be loved. He also wants to get through high school. The problem? Sawyer wasn't born as Sawyer. When he and his mother move to the small to...
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The new student (all bnha gay/lesbian ships,my oc,) by Redstonemob15
The new student (all bnha gay/ Redstonemob15
There's two new student in the class I wonder what they're like
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I'm the perfect for you? by sophia333457
I'm the perfect for you?by sophia333457
No spoiler,but this story is amazing finally a girl who does not change for anyone and who is respected
Boku No Hero Academia •fanfiction• (New Student) by IAMREADINGHEREYKNOW
Boku No Hero Academia •fanfiction• Happy Pikachu
You are going to be a new student in UA class 1-A, you came in late in the recommendations. You came from (Insert the place you want) and moved to Tokyo because of the s...
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Spanish Exchange by Withtherainbow9i
Spanish Exchangeby Sierra Taylor
Levi ackerman is a spanish immigrant who crossed the border with his mother when he is only allowed to stay in the us he makes it his mission to see his mother again
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