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Master of Jiongu by FanHub2477
Master of Jionguby FanHub2477
In order to save Naruto's life, the Sandaime is forced to use a kinjutsu stolen by the Shodaime to help Naruto survive. Now with the incredible power of Jiongu on his si...
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Fairy's Guardian by FanHub2477
Fairy's Guardianby FanHub2477
Acnologia attacked Tenroujima and Fairy Tail. In their last moment of hope, First Guild Master Mavis Vermillion prayed for the return of a legend, to save Fairy Tail's f...
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Lucy Heartfilia Revenge  by angie1146
Lucy Heartfilia Revenge by Angie Salgado
Like the same other stories Lisanna cames back from the death, Lucy gets kick out from team Natsu and being ignored by the guild and be called weakling. P.S Lisanna is e...
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My Mate by TailHeart
My Mateby DragonTail
Lisanna Strauss is the youngest of the Strauss siblings is now back and kicking, along with Fairy Tail everyone is happy. Well everyone except Lucy, her nakama had been...
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Harry Potter and the Unlikely Alliances by startrek007
Harry Potter and the Unlikely startrek007
a diffrent version on 6th year. new powers and all that
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kidnapped love by The_Reader1001
kidnapped loveby The_Reader
When bloom, flora, musa and Aisha are captured by the wizard of the black circle. The wizards intend to make the girls evil. but The spell doesn't work as planed and the...
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Kidnapped--> Tony Stark x Reader by _loki_spills_tea_
Kidnapped--> Tony Stark x Readerby _loki_spills_tea_
You become Tony Stark's new assistant after Pepper Potts quit, and you are also his new artist for new suits and things like that, but what happens when you start to fal...
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Stuck In Naruto?! Wtf?! ~discontinued~ by _Yuki_Bakugou_
Stuck In Naruto?! Wtf?! キングA͓̽l͓̽l͓̽a͓̽n͓̽
Just read cant think of a way to write a description.
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The New ninja  ( lego ninjago Zane fanfic ) by SillyCakes
The New ninja ( lego ninjago Silly Cake
A story with millions of plot twist. The ninja find a Girl in the underworld. Does she unlock her powers. Or does she get saved and just be friend with the Ninjas.
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Percy Jackson - Speed Demon by Smoggy72
Percy Jackson - Speed Demonby Aidan Boothby
percy is betrayed by everyone and finds a new family after some time - will give Percy new powers and a bit of a personal touch - no relation to the actual marvel hero...
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Jay's Reprogrammed  {Book 1} by NeveahCarranza
Jay's Reprogrammed {Book 1}by Jayline_Walker
Jay and Nya are just in a park enjoying their picnic together as a lovely couple until they get attack by some bad guys that are all wearing black. They're attacking Nya...
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Forgotten Fairies by Iliketowatchanime
Forgotten Fairiesby BrownEyedBambie
Barely anyone talks to Lucy after Fairy Tail took down the Dark Guild Tartaros, she's left alone most of the time when the few friends that remain go on jobs and the res...
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The Secret Is Revealed by NeveahCarranza
The Secret Is Revealedby Jayline_Walker
Ever since Cole got that green scar he's been having weird dreams then when he wakes up he can't remember what it was about. Cole's been down ever since he had that scar...
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This all started when Lisanna Strauss came back from Edolas. All the members in the guild of "FairyTail" is treating Lucy Heartfilia in a cold way and even his...
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A new adventure by Happynekochan1
A new adventureby happy.neko-chan1
Lucy is tired of people in the guild calling her weak and pathetic, so she decide to leave the guild searching for another adventure, when she was walking she bumps in P...
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I wish... by CookieOli
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Secrets by IAmForeverScarred16
Secretsby Stuck_in_fandoms_since_2017
Percy and Nico have a secret. They've been different since that quest they've been on. Something about the gate opening is calling to them. Of course, the others just wo...
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Of Magic by TheDreamingWolf
Of Magicby TheDreaming Wolf
If you ever discover you have magical powers, I warn you not to make these mistakes: 1. Don't let them take you to the Court of Magic 2. Don't fall for the handsome prin...
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Fake Smiles (Book 2) by NeveahCarranza
Fake Smiles (Book 2)by Jayline_Walker
OK so here's book 2 yeah!! Anyways... We all know how I ended My Black Hearted Ninja right? OK good... Anyways... Uh.. Alex is afraid that Darkness might come back to li...
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The Galaxy Ruler: A Nalu Fanfic by kittyluvsFairyTail
The Galaxy Ruler: A Nalu Fanficby Shoto_Todoroki_2024
The original 3 members of team Natsu ( Natsu, Lucy, and Happy) go on a job request to fight Acnologia. Natsu and Happy get hurt, triggering Lucy's hidden power and Acnol...
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