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BULLIED ✓ by _Bed_Of_Roses
BULLIED ✓by Rose😚♠️
"you know, most girls beg for this" he yanks me by the waist to meet his excited member. "and here I am giving you for free" he unbuckles his belt th...
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ENDS by _Bed_Of_Roses
ENDSby Rose😚♠️
He's being chased. But then he loves them. Now their lives are in danger. Hunter McConnell. Your very own version of a bad boy billionaire, was involved in a drug circl...
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The Sinful Scream by h0neybee25
The Sinful Screamby { michaela }
*updates weekly!* A cry that she had no idea would change her life forever. The scream that saved her from all of her despair. Sweet, innocent Renee Woods had no idea wh...
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Falling in Love with Fashion by VLasoce
Falling in Love with Fashionby VLasoce
Who are you?.......They always ask me this question in interviews. My brief answer to you is. My name is Alec Black the reason your falling in love with fashion and this...
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Tide by Janelle_G
Tideby Janelle
"Life is like surfing a good wave. We have those moments where you feel as though you are on the top of the world and those where your life comes crashing down all...
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The Dying Crystal by Happyakafestus
The Dying Crystalby Happyakafestus
Audrey Cross never felt normal, never felt like she belonged. Her whole world flips around when she realizes her dad isn't really her dad and that all the religions she...
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Melusine by theSELKIE
Melusineby theSELKIE
The kingdom of Beltane is under the bridge of great war. Djinn, the leader of the dark realm, has sent his evil forces to destroy the last hint of hope and faith that re...
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God Eyes by ARSutiono
God Eyesby ARSutiono
This Short Novel Tell a story about Brian Who can see people life's above their heads in days or minutes he treated the dying one happily. But one day he notice somethin...
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5SISTERS by Mai705
5SISTERSby Mai705
5 sisters, a beautiful bond, polluted by competition that came from the previous generations shortcomings , follow the story of a young determined woman at a time of dis...
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Terlewatkah Cinta Kita? by SitiZubaidahIbrahim
Terlewatkah Cinta Kita?by Farisha Imani
Kisah cinta antara Tuah Dzulkarnain, si petani moden dan Dayang Zulaikha, gadis yang punya kisah silam.
love? more like lust... by doglpver123
love? more like Cher_
a gay love story between a college student and a high schooler. Adi loved his lover more than anything else in the world, but his lover was nothing Adi expected. what wi...
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PROXY by niceonecean
PROXYby Cean Arce
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The Runaway; by ecargdeshawn
The Runaway;by e'carg;
Manakiel, a low-ranking angel in Heaven who, after eons of sitting in the same spot, takes the chaos unraveling at home as his chance to finally escape Heaven and live h...
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Maniac Mansion by makaylaswims
Maniac Mansionby Makayla
Sierra was twelve years old and was living with two abusive parents who wished that she had never been born. To them, Sierra was a mistake, a malady that was wasting th...
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Crimson  by Siv_Sterling
Crimson by Siv Sterling
He pointed to different parts of his body and gestured as he spoke, "Seeing red, the veins in your eyes, the sweating, the sore gums, the icy pain in your chest and...
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Di-ViLo by Melancholic_Boy
Di-ViLoby Melancholic_Boy
Love was not just only belonged to a normal person. It also belonged to the dissociative disorder's patient. How it could be? The story was about Rania that really fana...
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PEOPLE at The SHADOW of LIFE by cihanserdarejder
PEOPLE at The SHADOW of LIFEby Cihan Serdaroğlu
A journey to what is next.
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Our Little Infinity by Sharda_02
Our Little Infinityby Shardapathak
The story of a YouTube star and a Fan.Their Forbidden story of Love. Mahi's life was like any other 19 year old, her life revolved around her family, friends and study...
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Northern Minutes by i_s_nichols
Northern Minutesby I.S. Nichols
A somewhat normal and expected conversation about children turns into a car crash which will change Andrea and Aaron's lives. They must reach the world's end and come ba...
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Mistakes by AutumnBlackwood
Mistakesby Autumn Blackwood
Mistakes. You only get seven chances. Then they take you away. And your gone. Forever Georgie Blackwood has reached Sixth Mistake. What will she do now?
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