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The Miracle's Curse by VictoriaCage
The Miracle's Curseby VictoriaCage
In the Three Lands lives the Pure Bloods, royalty said to have their powers given to them by the gods. Mari Lynn is a Protector, a Guardian of the Three Lands. When her...
The Demon-Eater: Hunting Shadows by Devin44G
The Demon-Eater: Hunting Shadowsby Devin44G
Sometimes the monster lurks closer than you think... The people of Capernia live in an era of progress, and, as such, during a time where much of the past is left to ro...
The Cursed Sword by TheMindlessWriter_
The Cursed Swordby TheMindlessWriter_
Jonathan is a 17 year-old guy who is one of the the Head Servants of Castle Prows. He was raised there by the Count and Countess, and they never told him where he came f...
A Court of New Reign by F_S_Halim
A Court of New Reignby F.S.Halim
A Court of New Reign details the rise of Queen Athenai of the fictious world of Septon. Septon was once tumultuously ruled and has outlawed the once all powerful rule of...
Book 4, Chapter 17 - The Tower of Aetorin by JasonRoseBishop
Book 4, Chapter 17 - The Tower Jason & Rose Bishop
The companions have arrived in Alloyis, in search of answers and something called the Codex which is the key to understanding the content of the Tome of Wyrms. Hawk know...
Book 2, Chapter 3: The Arse by JasonRoseBishop
Book 2, Chapter 3: The Arseby Jason & Rose Bishop
Hans Sandstrom, Dwarven War Cleric of Skeld, finds himself abandoned on a desolate, shifty island in the midst of the Reaver Sea, far from rescue. Without any of the com...
Malyce: Nubilum's Return by lukeswonder
Malyce: Nubilum's Returnby Luke S Wonder
The kindgom may be at peace, but Alyce's wits are far from it. A change is in the air, and it won't be for the better. Earth needs salvation, but who will be able to sus...
The Bridge to Magic by AlexThornbury0
The Bridge to Magicby Alex Thornbury
Magic is treacherous, it lied to them all... When the spheres of life had collided, and the gods turned their gazes aside. When the world stained with death had been sun...
Destiny's Secrets by NiksiJones
Destiny's Secretsby Nikita
In an effort to escape the sadness that haunts her past, Destiny and her father flee from the place they've called home for eighteen years. Moving in her with her creepy...
Parkland: Kingdom's Ball by sirsiren
Parkland: Kingdom's Ballby sirsiren
Their world could be falling apart, whether they like it or not. Maybe they're the reason for what shall parish. Let's take a few steps back, relive the invitation, and...
The Light Bender by garbage_frog
The Light Benderby Garbage
A long lost princess that never guessed to be royalty. She's the only thing that can end this war. //TW// Death of loved ones, kissing, death, blood, gore, weapons Sta...
Visions of Blood: Brainstorming the Story of Etruria  by Auctores_Aurorae
Visions of Blood: Brainstorming Guild of the Fallen
So these are the rewritten and "One-Shot scenes I hope to use to redevelop my story formerly known as Blood Wars. It will now be known comprehensively as the Tales...
The Otherworld by MissReads19
The Otherworldby MissReads19
A young girl named Rose, 22 and looking to pursue any job she can, but feels she won't succeed. But until a royal heirloom pair of earrings may have chosen a destiny for...
Requests by Annylenn22
Requestsby Annel B
Its about one woman who offer request to someone that hurting by asking them to giving up their pain so she promised them something special to end the pain. But at last...
He's an Secret Angel by multifandom143
He's an Secret Angelby multifandom143
Paano kung dumating yung panahon na may makapagpaibig sayo? paano kung yung weird na lalaking yun ay may lihim na pagkatao at hindi pala sya isa sa inyo? Genre:Fantasy...