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New Dream✨ by stxrrysam
New Dream✨by stxrrysam
Deku's New Style by AverageCitizen
Deku's New Styleby Simon saint
"Chop chop everybody!" Izuku mydoria clapped his hands together and yelled loudly over the scrambling crowd of students who were getting ready for the shcool p...
Tangled After The Series - There's No Such Thing As 'The End' by lanterndreams240317
Tangled After The Series - There' lanterndreams240317
Five years ago, an ancient demon was vanquished. Five years ago, the kingdom of Corona got its 'Happily Ever After'. Five years ago, a former handmaiden left to find her...
Hogwarts Troubles (Cassarian) by LizzyMagic09
Hogwarts Troubles (Cassarian)by Lizzy
Hogwarts Au Cassandra is in going into her 6th year of Hogwarts. After a long summer she misses her friends and all the magic back there. Last year, there were terrible...
There was nothing left to lose by 7090gaby
There was nothing left to loseby 7090gaby
"There was really something there before and after all mistakes were made or it was just a crush to let go someday." Varian keep wondering in his mind
Love at age by cartoonqueen2008
Love at ageby Maryland Moon
LOVE AT AGE Cassandra returns to corona after 4 years . Still no sign of her destiny , but she's extremely excited to see friends again especially one alchemist . Cass...
one shots tts, mlp and more by 7090gaby
one shots tts, mlp and moreby 7090gaby
Here just some one shots i am gonna make just be aware that some may contain spoilers if you have not seen this series completed and that some of these are like test on...
Wrong Love by cartoonqueen2008
Wrong Loveby Maryland Moon
Varian messed up a invention. Eugene falls in Love with Cassandra Rapunzel falls in love with Varian. Cass and varian have to work together to fix them. In the meanti...
When There's Nothing Left to Lose by Cupcakegirlpower
When There's Nothing Left to Loseby Cupcakegirlpower
Tangled the Series AU Cover by Chi from Instagram. She is amazing artist and person and you should check her out :) Cassarian Ages are changed in this story, but so far...
THIS IS MY DESTINY by Co_Ladies_In_Waiting
"At the end of Rapunzel's journey, one of her party shall turn against her" But it wasn't Cass, it never was. Instead, the traitor was the one person who they...
Dear Rapunzel, by Hunnybutterfly
Dear Rapunzel,by 𝔻𝕚𝕒𝕟𝕒
What if Eugene had been left to die in that tower. What if mother Gothel had taken Rapunzel far away from anything that could help her. What if the only thing either of...
Love at age 2 by cartoonqueen2008
Love at age 2by Maryland Moon
2 years later Rapunzel and Cassandra's having another vision . while Varian's trying to fined the right moment to propose to cass Will varian propose? What's the visio...
A Wedding to remember  by cartoonqueen2008
A Wedding to remember by Maryland Moon
Cassandra and Varian's wedding is right around the corner, till Raps notices Cassandra being a bit .... not herself . what happens when rapunzel finds out cass isn't c...
High school love  by cartoonqueen2008
High school love by Maryland Moon
Cassandra joins corona high school and Makes a lot of friends . She noticed a 14 year olds feelings for her and after a couple of weeks of hanging out together cass deci...
Wrong Time For War (story written by Yashoda156) by Co_Ladies_In_Waiting
Wrong Time For War (story CASSANDRIUM
What happens when Varian falls in love with Cassandra at the wrong time. it's not allowed but who will stop them right when the war starts
Kingdoms Collide by TangledPair
Kingdoms Collideby Cassarian_Rules
The Kingdom of Corona and the Dark Kingdom had been enemies for centuries. King Edmund sent one of the brotherhood's member's son to spy on the Kingdom of Corona. The ro...
Perilous Fates by AmberlySunny
Perilous Fatesby Marii Yoonsoo
"𝘏𝘦𝘢𝘭 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘩𝘢𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘩𝘶𝘳𝘵." What if Queen Ariana didn't get sick? What if the king didn't try to destroy the moonstone? What if Varian's moth...
Girl code  by cartoonqueen2008
Girl code by Maryland Moon
Another Tangled the series cassarian au . Cassandra and rapunzel are best friends, but what happens when cass starts to fall for her friends older brother ? Will she...
☀️ tangled the series oneshots ☀️ by thelesbianrat
☀️ tangled the series oneshots ☀️by harper
i don't know what to write for a description
TTS oneshots by Yashoda156
TTS oneshotsby Yashoda156
Bunch of Varian oneshots.