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My Robotic Boyfriend by Emelradine
My Robotic Boyfriendby ፠❢ 𝐁𝐞𝐜𝐜𝐚 ❢፠
(COMPLETED) Wattpad NA Featured Novel After ordering a Robotic Boyfriend from an anonymous website on the dark web, Ivy Fisher goes to many length to free him from the s...
Sister. by VersiaSmith
#2 Versia
Evania Smith was 21 when she went into coma, her sister was dying and she needed new lungs so Evania volunteered. Before that Evania had a pretty boring life, she went t...
Making A Better Protagonist by Sin-devil
Making A Better Protagonistby Sin-devil
He always thought that he would sit alone reading novels .... Go to college, doze off , eat and then head back to his empty home to read. Who would have thought he would...
Getting The Past Back (An Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments Crossover) by CanUHandleMe
Getting The Past Back (An JC
Set in a different dimension where Tessa and Jem decided to live at the New York Institute after they got married. Everything seems normal at first - with the possible e...
Through the mirror by Hiyari22
Through the mirrorby Hiyari22
Aneri, a girl who is not noticed, cared or admired ever. Who even in the most picturesque scene will go unnoticed. What will happen when thrown out of her world to a mor...
When We Fall Asleep by EveGiulietts
When We Fall Asleepby Evelyn Giulietta
Have you ever wondered where we go when going to sleep? Will our souls just separate from our bodies? What's happening to our souls while we're sleeping? A lot of questi...
A Crack In The Statue by LUCYCAT74
A Crack In The Statueby Valeria Berber Rojas
By:Valeria Berber Rojas
Echo by Darkmoon42
Echoby Astra
"From the day I was born, life and I have been sworn enemies" Echo believes that life hates her. Her mother died, her father abused her, her step-sister was ar...
New Dimension by rightmess
New Dimensionby miszzz zzz
Have you ever wonder either there were more than human and animal out there. Running and living like we are. A whole new dimension but only few can see it as we called t...
Things take a twist by daisy_514
Things take a twistby ♥Selena♥
(ONGOING) Selena Gomez is an average 15 year old who just started high school. She is having a blast as a freshman with her best friend Claire. Selena and Claire don't...
A Dragon's Queen by avee-pop18
A Dragon's Queenby avee-pop18
On spring break,two sister's will go on a trip together. Their names are Ave and Emelia. While they are driving,they stop their trip. They are in a forest and discover a...
There's Nothing You Can Do About It. by AriFaer
There's Nothing You Can Do About 𝕓𝕝𝕖𝕦 𝕗𝕝𝕠w 🦋
It was a very bright afternoon when the neighborhood on Hetcher Street went ablaze, with Rayna's family in the house. Somehow, water just didn't put it out. Nobody knew...
The Unpredicted Arrival  by The-prodigal
The Unpredicted Arrival by The Prodigal
What might it feel like if you were unwantedly send to a different world or to a new dimension ?🤔 Away from your family and friends as well as humans, where no one can...
A New World by Froststorm2022
A New Worldby Cordelia Lynn Cattrysse
this story follows Lloyd and Levi as I find out about a new world. as well as a new Menace. thank you for reading the story I really appreciate it there may be slow upda...
Miraculous Lady Bug: A New Dimension by MysteryGirl133455
Miraculous Lady Bug: A New Mystery Girl
A girl from another dimension arrives in Paris. It's Lady Bug's and Chat Noir's job to take care of her.
Angel by Darkmoon42
Angelby Astra
She is the hope and despair of humanity... Angel is an Akuri experiment who contains the nova crystal, a deadly weapon created by man. Kidnapped and tested on to the po...
noble » reincarnation by Gold_Roses_of_Winter
noble » reincarnationby Emeralds&Rubies
In which a 20-year-old genius is given another chance to live in another world; one full of magic, fantasy, swords, war and blood.
Staring back at the beast within by Atr0pa
Staring back at the beast withinby Atr0pa
Elwyn, a 16 year old kid from Australia, gets into trouble while on a school hiking trip and ends up discovering a secret that leads him to a world unbeknownst to any ma...