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New Dawn by niccicoleman
New Dawnby Nicci Coleman
Civilisation as we know it has come to an end. The land is plagued by ravaging storms and a deadly virus has been unleashed upon the world. But as dusk settles over the...
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High School DxD New Dawn by sebastianxd11062003
High School DxD New Dawnby Sebastian 14
Hyodo Issei después de pasar por muchas adversidades, por fin consigue el harem que tanto soñaba y su poder y fama hace que muchos lo adoren y otro lo teman. Sin embargo...
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After Starcorp: The Space Roleplay by tvhd11
After Starcorp: The Space Roleplayby Father Trigon
A space rp im making
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Watership Down: After the Efrafa Battle by Snowstorm66
Watership Down: After the Efrafa Snowstorm
After the battle of Efrafa, and Hazel's death. Fiver is the new chief rabbit of the warren, they continue to live their days out in harmony until the new generation of r...
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Powered: New Dawn by NoCreativeProcess
Powered: New Dawnby Joseph Banks
Silverston was a nice city, until it was rocked to its very core by an accident that changed the people forever, three young people gain amazing abilities in the wake, f...
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FAR CRY NEW DAWN by bluexalt
FAR CRY has always been upto the expectation of the gamers and this another release from the franchise is one of the best. The graphics, storyline, and everything else i...
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2050 - A Day in the life of... by JamesHarvey545
2050 - A Day in the life James Harvey
Imagining a day in the life of someone 30 years from now, when the world has gone through dramatic shifts due to climate change. One family in Norfolk learns to survive...
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"MID NIGHT DAWN" by momo_girl2007
"MID NIGHT DAWN"by momo_girl2007
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The Starcorp Federation 01: Battle for Earth by tvhd11
The Starcorp Federation 01: Father Trigon
2031 is a future filled with new technology and an increasing need for space based economy which gave birth to the Starcorp Defense Company or SDC for short. However, a...
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Starcorp Archives by tvhd11
Starcorp Archivesby Father Trigon
A pale yellow light appears in the night sky, followed by the orange glow of many fuel explosions as the massive 13 mile long ark ship, the Starlight, slams into the sea...
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Wish upon a star by ForeverInlove11
Wish upon a starby ForeverInlove11
He urges me to give this world a second chance.
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Starcorp Files: Short Stories by tvhd11
Starcorp Files: Short Storiesby Father Trigon
Temporary Description
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Starcorp: Journal of Admrials and Capitans by tvhd11
Starcorp: Journal of Admrials Father Trigon
Here you will find description of ALL important Starcorp admirials, capitans, throughout the years... along with a description of each
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Vantablack by newdawnband
Vantablackby newdawnband
An original song by a unoriginal person.
Starcorp Combined Archives 8-59-3046 by tvhd11
Starcorp Combined Archives Father Trigon
Sense the Starcorp archives had many member worlds writting it, we here at New Starcorp have compiled them into one book for your viewing pleasure
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Mortal Kombat: Next Generation by Annabella_W
Mortal Kombat: Next Generationby Annabella Westchester
Lia Cage remembers the tales her dad used to tell her about when he, her mother Sonya, Aunt Kitana, and Uncle Liu saved the world in a battle called Mortal Kombat. Marcu...
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The Starcorp Federation Chronicles by tvhd11
The Starcorp Federation Chroniclesby Father Trigon
On the brink of a technological breakthrough, the resource hungry Starcorp Federation must deal with a planetary sized thorn in its side.
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The shield warrior Queen by GavSpence
The shield warrior Queenby Gav Spence
A young princess become queen after her fathers death. Upon this day she learns that she must fight for her fathers legacy and keep the shield together.
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