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Royal Charity Project by love-hunters
Royal Charity Projectby love-hunters
"Money, influence, brain, looks. You are required to have at least two of those to be accepted into this academy, the rest always fall into place with time. So how...
Notable Newcomer // D.S. by notelycv
Notable Newcomer // ez
Y/n, a young girl at the beginning of her music career. For the best, is what she was told when she moved to LA. Reuniting with an old high school friend, what goes on d...
Behind The Fame [Imagine] [Fanfiction] by Reina398_InEnglish
Behind The Fame [Imagine] [ Reina Telmodiez
Henry's mother invites a young woman over for lunch after Henry has gotten her out of trouble. Alya has no idea he's a famous actor and Henry decides to invite her on a...
Daughter of The Fae by annemarshallofficial
Daughter of The Faeby Anne Marshall
*Updated weekly* Strong, bull-headed, master manipulator: These are just a few names Shay Morris is called on a daily basis. But one she's never heard? Princess. That al...
P.T.S.D |mashton by avancer-
P.T.S.D |mashtonby Idk
"I don't like it when you leave with no goodbye" "I don't like it when you try to figure me out" "I don't like it when you let your mind take o...
Into The Darkness [English Version] by dexterjoey
Into The Darkness [English Version]by Dexterjoey
Emily, an ordinary-clever girl. However, she must be faced with a crime that threatens her life and her family. What will happen in Emily's life? What will happen to the...
Meet the Authors Edition #1 (Nov 2017 To July 2018) by BooksbyLwordpress
Meet the Authors Edition #1 (Nov BooksbyLwordpress
(Complete) Started in November 2017 This book is made to bring publicity to undiscovered authors. In this book, readers can get to know favorite authors or get to know u...
One choice by Scanza
One choiceby Scanza
First time writer so I'll do my best with this. Damien and his little sister Tiffany and brother Isaiah transferred from Xavier High all the way across Columbia to Alleg...
Giving It a Chance by caumeii
Giving It a Chanceby caumeii
A young man of age 16 moves to his mothers old neighborhood not knowing anyone there. His mother says a fresh start is best but will Lucus ever see it the way she does a...
The Mystery of the White Paper by Abhisai1
The Mystery of the White Paperby Abhinav
The happy- go -lucky lives of three 14 year olds turns into a situation of thrill and suspense. ...
Blood Rose by mmcknight2003
Blood Roseby mmcknight2003
The Battle of the Roses was a long and bloody one, resulting in Henry VII talking the crown of England. When Elizabeth of York recieves a letter from her uncle about her...
Keeper Of The Lost Cities One Shots by sherlockiantacokeefe
Keeper Of The Lost Cities One Shotsby Elizabeth
Sophitz, Sodex, Sokeefe and more KOTLC ships in form of one shots. #2 in newcomer #4 in Dex #1 in Linh
Tear Drop: In Ocean  by LadyRisen
Tear Drop: In Ocean by S H A B N A M
A pure selection of poems which truly describes the phases of true love. The ups and downs, the beginning and the end, the cries and the laughs all blend in your heart.
Who's There? [ COMPLETED ] by GoldenUnseen
Who's There? [ COMPLETED ]by Vamps
10 friends decide to have a night stay and watch horror movies. But the horror movie turns real and the things begin to happen with them. They try to save themselves fro...
Is It  LOVE? by youknowwhoiam29
Is It LOVE?by mansi trivedi
# Book_2 of the IN_LOVE series "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." John Lennon Highschool was supposed to b...
Swinging Strings by Izzy_Stirling
Swinging Stringsby Izzy_Stirling
"Und was hast du gemacht?" "Ich habe mich für meinen Traum entschieden. Ich mache nicht den gleichen Fehler wie sie." Debby hat es geschafft: sie kan...
Newcomer (A Deltarune/Undertale Fanfiction)     WIP by AnoosFluffyFox
Newcomer (A Deltarune/Undertale AnoosFluffyFox
"I can't trust them. they're...that girl...aren't they? i know, I can sense it. that feeling. but, i cannot shake the feeling that that human, the one i met, is tha...
Hershey Curtis by Noodlecornn
Hershey Curtisby Trinity! :P
Hershey Curtis is your average 12 year old girl. But she's raised by her 3 brothers, Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy. A few months ago a horrible accident happened to Ponybo...
Not A Lovestory!! by youknowwhoiam29
Not A Lovestory!!by mansi trivedi
# Book_1 of the IN_LOVE series Wanna read a book about a girl who is soft hearted, sweet , kind , looks like a princess , smiles like an angel and has a girl best friend...