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Why me   (ShinDeku) by nimasnor
Why me (ShinDeku)by nimasnor
Izuku Midoriya never had a happy life. His father was always mad and when he got his quirk he was forced to hide it. His mother died and he was bullied by Bakugou. He ge...
°•A new begin•° by Im_trying_mom_
°•A new begin•°by Mom is disappointed in me
{ COVER ART IS MINE } ... In a world where Izuku never became a hero. Izuku finds the courage to jump off the roof. He is believed to be dead, but is he... Obviously no...
So what cutie?(Giyuu x Tanjiro) by A_wild_GOOSE
So what cutie?(Giyuu x Tanjiro)by Magpie
What if when the breath of the sun user spares Muzan's life he got extremely depressed, because he failed his life mission, and decided to get drunk? What if he encounte...
2gether With Me by NoobWriter27
2gether With Meby NoobWriter27
This is not a perfect fanfic. I'm someone who is trying to write a story even though i have no talent. Pls don't criticize me. We all have dreams and i just want to try...
The Villainous Hero by bloodydrinker
The Villainous Heroby bloodydrinker
izuku is fed up with the world always telling him he can't be a hero and being beat up so he decided if he's not aloud to be a hero by society he will be come the world'...
But I'm Not A Human. (BL - Zombie Apocalypse - Slow Updates) by stressedissweet_1663
But I'm Not A Human. (BL - No name
This story starts at March at the year of XXXX. A month after the zombie apocalypse began. A pair of newlyweds searched for shelter for their unborn baby who is expected...
The School Trip bakugoxdeku by dekubethicc
The School Trip bakugoxdekuby dekubethicc
this is my first fanfic so i dunno if it's going to be any good but i'm going to try :)
Decor: A Graphic Shop And Portfolio (Open) by BookLoverVenue
Decor: A Graphic Shop And Aria Douglas
Cover. Back cover. Banner. Aesthetics. Gif Banner. Character gif banner. Simple Character banner Book jacket. Book mark. Icons. Stickers. Certificate. All available in h...
Currupted Love  by mindy925
Currupted Love by mindy925
Shattered is from an au called curruptedtale (my au) where everyone is either evil/mean/suicidal/ etc. in this au nightmare was passive he was never currupted but he is...
-KHR-Class Trip to Italy (revenge plan heheheh....) by OTAKUFANTASIES
-KHR-Class Trip to Italy ( akira-kori
I think the tittle said it! onward into the chapter, hope you enjoy~ i've been seeing people doing a class trip to Italy for our dear Decimo's class so i thoug...
Weightless by IndigoOmosun
Weightlessby Indigo Omosun
She sat down on the floor. Knees drawn to her chest, hands pulling at her hair. She couldn't take it anymore. She ripped out a bunch of her hair and laughed at the pain...
The Gem Awards! [OPEN] by MoonSnowCloud
The Gem Awards! [OPEN]by M. S. Cloud
Welcome to the Gem Awards! A contest that is easy to enter and has awesome prizes awaiting. --- [💎] Open [💎] Judging [] Closed (March 12, 2021) --- It's super easy to...
One Ride to Love by LEGNEY
One Ride to Loveby Yen
In a ride where everything will change...
Gift of the Goddess by Heroicwings
Gift of the Goddessby Heroicwings
For a millennia the mysterious twelve beings have watched over, and observed humanity. Goddesses, witches, aliens, Demons, the beings themselves have even forgotten what...
The Alpha's Hybrid Mate by binti_127
The Alpha's Hybrid Mateby binti_127
This is so shitty. Read at your own risk. -I'm bad at summaries, so I not even going to try -Some of the storylines are from season 6 of teen wolf, so credit to Jeff D...
Slytherin Fox by writingforweirdlings
Slytherin Foxby writingforweirdlings
Reader is a first year student at Hogwarts, along with the Golden Trio and Draco. Her past is a mystery all except Dumbledore and McGonagall. What adventures will she h...
Garden of unripe thoughts. by eddcs_04
Garden of unripe DeLight
Feelings, emotions and thoughts comes in a knotted loops.
HOW TO improve your vocabulary having fun! by iamijules
HOW TO improve your vocabulary Ami Jules
This is a small guide that I made to help you improve your vocabulary. I hope you like it. Learning can be FUN! You can be part of this! Tell me your ideas! How DO YOU i...
Connected: Memories  by eleltupas1107
Connected: Memories by El El Tupas
Nam is a simple girl who doesn't have any friends since highschool dahil napaka strikto ng ate nito, and she don't want Nam to be with someone else except Jackson. Jacks...
Secrets by scretlyromantic
Secretsby Alpha
A story created by it's main lead or not