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Never Be Alone//Shawn Mendes by katielag55
Never Be Alone//Shawn Mendesby katie
He was popular. She was a nobody. All he wanted was to make her feel special, for her to never be alone.
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Never Be Alone by mendesxxperfection
Never Be Aloneby mendesxxperfection
Kayleigh is a twenty year old student living in Toronto. Her boyfriend of the past two years just broke up with her, when she finds she is being pursued by a superstar...
  • cameron
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Never be alone || Shawn Mendes by ShawnMendesSM3
Never be alone || Shawn Mendesby Shawn Mendes
"I don't wanna discuss this anymore" I said walking into the bathroom but before I could close the door it was forced open on the other side then slammed shut...
  • shawn
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𝘕𝘌𝘝𝘌𝘙 𝘉𝘌 𝘈𝘓𝘖𝘕𝘌 || 𝘙𝘖 Mrs.Hiddleston 💍
" So when we are apart You'll never be alone " Everything Was Perfect In Her Life, With Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Until Everything Changed. She's Now Heartbr...
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Never Be Alone ||Shawn Mendes|| by Breathesshawn
Never Be Alone ||Shawn Mendes||by lucia
"Debí haber supuesto que sólo era otra más a la que le cantabas aquella canción." Historia corta. Fanfic. Idea originalmente mía. Prohibida la copia u adaptac...
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Shawn Mendes Lyrics by genevi02
Shawn Mendes Lyricsby Genevieve
Hey guys in here you will find every Shawn Mendes songs that he has. It took me a lot of time to make this. I hope you enjoy it as much I did. (YouTube video included) A...
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Never be Alone ~S.M.~ by shomliel_muthany
Never be Alone ~S.M.~by shomliel_muthany
"It doesn't matter! Nobody f*****g cares!" I screamed in tears. He smashed his lips on mine. "Stop." "Why? "Because you don't love me."...
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  • depression
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A Car Crash {•sm•} by mendeslifee
A Car Crash {•sm•}by mendeslifee
Mostly fluff • Can't write too harsh smut since don't know how and my irl friends read and it would be weird 🤗 • Plz vote and comments and shit it makes my day 😁
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Never Be Alone.\\Shawn Mendes// by Elizaiswriting
Never Be Alone.\\Shawn Mendes//by Elizaiswriting
Isabella is a normal 17 year old, she attends high school with two of her best friends, she crushes on guys that are way out of her league and she absolutely loves Shawn...
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never be alone  by Mendesforlife28
never be alone by Mendesforlife28
I watched as he left. And I felt a single tear drop fall. But I knew that there will be more to come.
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  • shawnmendes
Roses by MiladyRaven
Rosesby Raven N.
"But I got you this rose And I need to know Will you let it die or let it grow?" "My name is Liam Andrew Montgomery but my friends call me ''LAMe''. I'm k...
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Never Be Alone *Sequel to In A Flash Shawn Mendes fanfic* by whatmendes
Never Be Alone *Sequel to In A whatmendes
*Sequel to In A Flash* Ally and Shawn are happily married and have one daughter, Maria. But things keep happening to them involving old enemies and lots more. I'm kinda...
  • inaflash
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  • neverbealone
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➳ shawn mendes - song lyrics and FACTS ツ by yoitsmelyy
➳ shawn mendes - song lyrics and melanie
facts & song lyrics about s.m + includes picture & music video for each song ((-;
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☀︎ Shawn Mendes Lyrics ☀︎ by praisingmendes
☀︎ Shawn Mendes Lyrics ☀︎by carla
The lyrics from Handwritten (not deluxe) and ILLUMINATE! I am back for some more ;) Buy Handwritten and ILLUMINATE on iTunes or in stores! (This does not include songs...
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He's gone by Kani_a
He's goneby Kani_a
[Completed] Someone leaves you, all the good memories play over and over in your head till it's too much. Every emotion you feel gets too much. Like you want to scream t...
  • neverforget
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Never Be Alone by Jailene008
Never Be Aloneby Jailene008
"Trust me you will never be alone"
  • teen
  • hatred
  • romance
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You And Me by amazinglove00
You And Meby amazinglove00
17 year old, Anna Danvey meets Liam Strong. They both have a disease called leukemia which prevents them from sharing food or kissing anybody because of their cells. But...
  • forbiddenlove
  • neverbealone
  • nomatterwhat
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Never be alone by NinaVazzoler
Never be aloneby NinaVazzoler
Charlotte Evans (Lottie para os íntimos), uma garota de 17 anos aparentemente normal, começando seu ultimo ano na escola, com alguns poucos, mas bons amigos, porém altam...
  • neverbealone
  • romance
Never be alone (Shawn mendes) by lokusand
Never be alone (Shawn mendes)by lokusand
Katty is 16 years old and lives with a mom,dad,younger brother, and sister. She hates exams but she hates shawn mendes more than exams. she ould rather take a million ex...
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