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Hidden Wounds by MrsHannahGucci
Hidden Woundsby Michy
Lina was young and tender when she ran into Anthony Smith. He was everything she was looking for in a man; older, paid and he was the perfect gentleman...or so it seemed...
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Otrovna Ljubav♡✔ by InnaSalvatoree
Otrovna Ljubav♡✔by Sexy Lawyer
Teško detinjstvo može promeniti čoveka do srži. Da li neko to shvata kao izazov ili prihvata da to bude razlog da opravda svoje loše postupke zavisi od čoveka. Ljubav zn...
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This Is My Hobbit  by 1800GayStuff
This Is My Hobbit by 🐝Joey🦔
When Bilbo is visited by a Wizard (aka a lion) and thirteen dwarves (aka huskys) Bilbo falls for a dwarf named, Thorin Oakenshield. Thorin falls for the hobbit (aka cat)...
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Just ONE word by galaxyglatis
Just ONE wordby galaxyglatis
(Y/N) had lived a life of fear, sadness, and tragedy. how much longer could she take?, how much longer can she go on?. One man thinks she CAN, no.....One man knows she C...
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I'll still be here, even if you can't see me  by tennis-dance
I'll still be here, even if you Bryles love
This is the sequel to High School Love. You must read the first on to know what's going on. You will be lost if you don't read that one first. The first book is one of...
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You are special (t-rex girl reader × Owen grady) by DjArtistWolf223
You are special (t-rex girl ÒkamiManti
He always visited you, even when you hatched, he was there...but what happens when the i-rex escapes? you will do any thing to protect him, even if you die
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Blossom by b_funk22
Blossomby It's Just Me
"I was about to turn into the bathroom, until someone pulled me into the storage room closet. I squealed and tried to run but the person who was holding me captive...
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Quotes And Hugots by johardina
Quotes And Hugotsby Dashiel Elizalde
Saddest Love Quotes Moving On Quotes Letting Go Quotes Not Giving Up Quotes Determination Quotes Success Quotes Life Quotes I don't own any. Compilation of my favorite q...
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Crossing paths - Shane Madej by lilybug2011
Crossing paths - Shane Madejby Lily Grace Harman
Imagine diving straight into the arms of a tall handsome stranger, just to avoid a man who has been trying to hunt her down for the last two years. Well that's what happ...
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underneath the underneath by otaku_swager
underneath the underneathby Phantom vagina
Naruto has a mask, it's like a shield he never let's any one in because what's inside is fragile. He acts happy go lucky but in reality he's self conscious and hates him...
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I'm you're Green and Black Fire (child reader!×Antisepticeye and Darkiplier) by DjArtistWolf223
I'm you're Green and Black Fire ( ÒkamiManti
(FINISHED) You are an 11-year-old child that was in an orphanage, your parents didn't care about you so they dyed your hair permanently and replaced your blue eyes for g...
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The Prince And Mafia boss Vkook by Star_Itsmerica
The Prince And Mafia boss Vkookby Mae
Jungkook is Mafia taehyung is Prince of the Silla Kingdom Kim taehyung accidentally travel to the south korea and then meet Jeon Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook is the most famo...
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I Can't Love You! {MIKA fan fiction} by izamary300
I Can't Love You! {MIKA fan #MIKA FREAK
Gonna have read it to find out! ;3 ❤️
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MHA AU Yaoi: Just Keep Holding On (Sick Deku Au) by otaku_ruichan
MHA AU Yaoi: Just Keep Holding RUI CHAN
Deku was a very ill kid despite his young age making him not to reach his dreams, becoming a hero, until he met him. The one who gave him power and let him reach his dre...
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jinxed   by kimjocelinramirez
jinxed by kimjocelinramirez
Elizabeth Murphy is jixted with her family she trying to break the curse but when they go visit there grandpa she and her twin sister find away to break it but crazy thi...
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Heaven and Hell ✓ by Mochi_95Duo
Heaven and Hell ✓by tomato.jones
Natsu, Lucy and Gray have been kicked out of Fairy Tail. After they came back from a job, Master Makarov had them removed immediately because of a crime they did, the on...
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Shades of Hazel by inspirablebyjlo
Shades of Hazelby ♡
Sometimes the only thing you got left is... obsession.
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SWASAN-I WONT GIVE UP by esai_moni
This story is based on swaragini track from when laksh went missing. Its just a thought of mine hope you will like it 🤗 ENJOY THE STORY😊 Heavenly couple SWASAN ...
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The Treacherous Journey by Cowgirl1515
The Treacherous Journeyby Cowgirl1515
"The Year was 1857, and it was an unusually hot fall day in the little town of Callieburg, Texas. With a population of 307 people, Callieburg was the smallest town...
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7 DIFFERENT BOYS by user02946202
7 DIFFERENT BOYSby Writer -Im Hyeri-
Bagaimana rasanya jika engkau dikelilingi oleh 7 laki-laki berbeda yang selalu bersamamu ? Makan bersama, masak bersama, bermain bersama dan sesuatu yang seperti itu. La...
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