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Neurohealing by Binesi
Neurohealingby Binesi
Elizabeth Fawley is a Neurohealer working at St. Mungoes. One day on her way home from a shift, she stumbles upon a child curled up on a street corner. This happens quit...
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Biology by MeghaAlcorn
Biologyby Megha Alcorn
You're someone who just wants to know a little bit more about the living world around you or your green neighborhood, plants. Good news . . . this book is your oyster! R...
  • wattys2019
  • biology
  • neurology
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Doctor Stranger by btstaehyungkimni
Doctor Strangerby nikseuuuuu❤
They are both doctors, they study in the same school, work on the same hospital, but who knows what's on their mind. Her name is Layla Nicole Derson, and his name is Pat...
  • fiction
  • neurosurgeon
  • inspiring
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The Phantom Limb by Joseph_Vendetti
The Phantom Limbby Joseph_Vendetti
Abdirahman Ghannam, a bombardier in the air force, is a regular twenty-four-year-old Arabian American. At least, until one day, when an accident leaves him with a hemorr...
  • psychology
  • mentallyunstable
  • neurology
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28th Euro-Global Neurologists Meeting by Neuro2019
28th Euro-Global Neurologists Neuro2019
Dear Speakers/Delegates, Greetings from Neurologists Congress 2019. We are delighted to welcome your Speaker/Delegate Participation at the "28th Euro-Global Neurol...
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  • brain
  • psychotherapy
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Conferences On Neurology And Brain Disorders by Stephenbr
Conferences On Neurology And Stephenbr
Conferences On Neurology And Neurodisorders 2019 is to be held in London, UK from June 3-5, 2019. Brain disorders is a stage that gives a perfect mix of science, permitt...
  • braindisorders
  • international
  • neurosciene
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2nd World Heart and Brain Conference by HeartBrain2019
2nd World Heart and Brain samuel george
2nd World Heart and Brain ConferenceHeart Brain 2019 welcomes you at 2nd World Heart and Brain Conference from May 30-31, 2019 at Istanbul, Turkey. World Heart and Brain...
  • cardiology
  • brain
  • neurology
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2nd World Congress on Epilepsy and Brain Disorders by BaileeMatt
2nd World Congress on Epilepsy Epilepsy congress
2nd World Congress on Epilepsy and Brain Disorders (Epilepsy Congress 2019) is planned to be held in Helsinki, Finland amid June 13-14, 2019. Epilepsy Congress 2019 will...
  • congress
  • neurotic
  • epilepsy
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28th Euro-Global Neurologists Meeting by Neuro2019
28th Euro-Global Neurologists Neuro2019
Neurologists Congress 2019 invites all the participants and attendees from all over the world to attend 28th Euro-Global Neurologists Meeting during June 13 - 14, 2019 t...
  • neurology
  • neuroscience
Which food we should avoid for a kidney stone? by midwaytourism
Which food we should avoid for a Midway MedicalTourism
The group continued to follow these patients for 14 years and again found that dietary calcium protected against stones, though the protective effect was evident only in...
  • neurology
  • gastric
  • hospitals
+15 more, Event Neurology 2018, 0813-1709-9693 by nikya88, Event Neurology Niky Andrea
Pin Perdossi 2018, Palembang Neurology Update 2018, Event Neurology 2018, CNE Surabaya 2018, Bali Neurology 2018, Medan Neurology Update 2018 MEDICAL EVENT ORGANIZER Asi...
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  • pin
  • 2018
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Mixed Mental Arts Book Club: Behave by Robert Sapolsky by AndrewMeintzer
Mixed Mental Arts Book Club: Andrew Meintzer
This is a Mixed Mental Arts chat on the book called Behave, by Robert Sapolsky. Mixed Mental Arts is a group that is focused on an interdisciplinary approach to learning...
  • psychology
  • sapolsky
  • anthropology
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Factors affection functional neurology care by plasticitybrain
Factors affection functional plasticitybrain
Functional neurology focuses on the dysfunction of the brain. Oxygen, nutrients and glucose is the neurons needed to fuel your nervous system. The structure and the meta...
  • functional
  • neurology
Biology/Neuroscience/Chemistry of Love. by MeghaAlcorn
Biology/Neuroscience/Chemistry Megha Alcorn
Love is a complex neurobiological phenomenon, relying on trust, belief, pleasure and reward activities within the brain, limbic processes. These processes critically in...
  • immunocytochemical
  • neurology
  • chemistry
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Broken Mind: a Brain Injury recovery story by CaffeinatedKiwi
Broken Mind: a Brain Injury Eve
Time doesn't exist, for you. In the white expanse of a hospital room, the sixteen years of your life have disappeared; there is only Now. A brain injury has turned you i...
  • tbi
  • braininjury
  • readerinsert
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Words of the Deepest Minds by BringerOfStarlight
Words of the Deepest Mindsby BringerOfStarlight
A brand new compilation of poems I'll be updating over time, inspired by various neurological and psychological conditions, some of which are from my personal experience...
  • experience
  • psychology
  • neurology
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International Conference on Neurology 2018 by Hassain333
International Conference on Hassain Khan
International Conference on Cardiology and Neurology 2018 Osaka, Japan make possible to more alert talk than at a common Cardiology Conferences 2018 or Neurology Confere...
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  • japan
  • meetings
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Top Neurosurgeon in Pune | Neurology and Spine Center in Pune by spinespecialist
Top Neurosurgeon in Pune | Dr. Avneesh Gupte
Neurology is the study of the apprehensive device and the diseases that affect it. Our Vinnayak Hospital for Neurology in Pune deals with patients with issues of the bra...
  • center
  • pune
  • top
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27th Euro Global Neurologists Meeting by alexanderlee29309
27th Euro Global Neurologists Alexander Lee
27th Global Neurologist Meeting is a unique forum to bring together worldwide distinguished academics in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry, Psychiatry researchers...
  • parkinsons
  • neuro
  • system
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