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Im Just A Nerd by LynGuanlao
Im Just A Nerdby Lyn Guanlao
Im Angel,nerd,lonely,nobody tahimik ang buhay ko 😆♡
  • nerdgirl
Mabihag kaya ako ng isang Badboy by YourStrewbearry
Mabihag kaya ako ng isang Badboyby Ms.Unknown
May pag-asa bang mag-katuluyan ang isang badboy at nerdgirl? (ongoing)
  • badboy
  • romance
  • hatelove
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Facebook Story 18+ by Grace_Love_Writes
Facebook Story 18+by Grace_Love_Writes
We've all seen that post on Facebook where it goes tag your crush if you want to live here with me them? Nothing actually happens though so its safe to tag them. That...
  • goodgirl
  • teenagers
  • bts
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Badboy Saved Me by Grace_Love_Writes
Badboy Saved Meby Grace_Love_Writes
"Do you trust me?" Matthew asked, gazing into my eyes. "Yes" "Then Jump with me" He outstretched his hand and that's when I leaned in to gr...
  • cheating
  • bullying
  • brothersbestfriend
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The Whispers of Hearts 💕 by buk_addict
The Whispers of Hearts 💕by buk_addict
Everyone deserves to be loved. Bask in the glow of this emotion. There are many out there who have loved someone at some point in their life. That someone either turned...
  • firstlove
  • discoveringyourself
  • friendship
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My Christmas Miracle by fashionista_gurl
My Christmas Miracleby fashionista_gurl
Meet Cassandra. With her boring looks and nerdy personality, she's definitely not the "popular" type. It also doesn't help that it's the Christmas season where...
  • drama
  • ilikeyou
  • bookiestars
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Billionaire Next Door by hannahosell
Billionaire Next Doorby hannah osell
"How are you so mature for your age?" he asked. "When you grow up around what I have, your brain ages twice as fast as you." I smiled up at him. And...
  • friendship
  • badboy
  • possessive
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The Bad Boy Meets The Nerd Girl(Editing)    by hen_rietta
The Bad Boy Meets The Nerd Girl( @hen_rietta
Isa ka bang bully? Ng mga transferee? Lalo na sa mga babae? May dahilan ba yan? Paano kung natagpuan mo ang babae na palaban? Paano kung nakatagpo mo ang babaeng makaka...
  • relationship
  • badboy
  • meets
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Bad boy accidentally inlove to a Nerd girl (On Going) by 1Ely_Gurl1
Bad boy accidentally inlove to a ~Unnie_Ely•1~
So hi guys...Please dont judge this story cuz im new here.... hope you like this storyy... The nerd girl named Alia while the bad boy named Paul Panu kung na fall ang ba...
  • sweet
  • badboy
  • transformation
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The School's Golden Boy by jazwarda
The School's Golden Boyby jazwarda
Emily Wattson, a girl who try's her best in class and is bullied for it Jack Patterson, the golden boy in school, aka coolest guy What happens when the two start talkin...
  • highschool
  • lovestory
  • teenagers
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The not-so-perfect Emily Wishaw by XxDarkFoxX
The not-so-perfect Emily Wishawby XxDarkFoxX
Emily Wishaw is a not-so-popular hopeless romantic. She is obsessed with the idea of love however never falling into it. Join Emily in her Journey to live life, Miss cla...
  • romantic
  • hopelessromantic
  • romance
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You belong with ME by wendyserencioredulla
You belong with MEby WendyRedulla
A spark of attraction ignites between two teens, (Vanessa Jones a sweet nerdy loving sister and a hot-headed heart breaker Kylo Leatherwood) meet by chance. Despite the...
  • game
  • virgin
  • gamer
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Opposites Attract by jezzabelle50
Opposites Attractby Jezzabelle ♡
John Johnson, the youngest of the Johnson siblings in the castle. His sister being THE Luna of all Luna's, being married to the Alpha king and all, he was well known at...
  • romance
  • footballplayer
  • wolf
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Perfect  by RedWhiteRoses1124
Perfect by RedWhiteRoses1124
Alicia is the "perfect" girl in her prestigious school. Students fawn over her perfect looks, perfect grades and perfect life. Her 'perfectness' wears off when...
  • beyourself
  • loveyourself
  • bullyingawareness
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Challenge Accepted! by Vivianne_Shmidt_13
Challenge Accepted!by Vivianne Shmidt
Bring it on life! Show us what you've got!
  • schoolromance
  • emogirl
  • lovetriangle
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The Popular Boy Loves Me by HuskyGirlPlays2
The Popular Boy Loves Meby HuskyGirlPlays2
Cassie is a major nerd, but one of her friends introduce her to the most popular boy in school, Damon. The two of them become a lot closer, but Cassie's jealous best fri...
  • love
  • nerdgirl
  • popularboy
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Need A Bad Boy by TrisGraceEverdeen
Need A Bad Boyby Chocolate Girl
All Rights Reserved Wilma Monroe has just recently been dumped by her boyfriend of three years for some unknown reason... Sooner than expected Wilma finds out why she ha...
  • nerdgirl
  • romance
  • funny
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Awkward  by JjmFrenchkiss
Awkward by imhot
* Love triangle of two bestfriend and a popular girl* just read it you'll love it Yeah I know, I suck in story description
  • regret
  • betrayal
  • love
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Nerd in Love [S.M] [C.C]  by JaweryahSwiftBae
Nerd in Love [S.M] [C.C] by Jay Swift
*All characters present here are fictional* It's a common saying that opposites attract. Well, sometimes same happens to life. Camila is a school nerd who is crushing ov...
  • justinbieber
  • selenator
  • swift
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