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Karkat and Dave React to Ships by KarkatVantabulous
Karkat and Dave React to Shipsby Karkat Vantabulous
This is exactly what the title says. Karkat Vantas and Dave Strider reacting to different ships, you can request a ship here, on my announcements book, or you can PM me...
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Just A Bet by SalemTheMortician
Just A Betby 🍼🍭🔮Salem🔮🍭🍼
4 siblings make a bet... Who can kiss the new kids first... DirkxJake DavexJohn RosexJade RoxyxJane inspired by that_fren (was an unfinished story this is my ending to i...
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Nepkat fanfic :33 by _KatNep_
Nepkat fanfic :33by TheFascination
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A Karkat x Nepeta Fanfic (Discontinued) by NepetaLeijon161
A Karkat x Nepeta Fanfic ( Nepeta Leijon
Uhhhhh.....No description...Demonstuck, Nepkat, Pepsicola(one sided John), Davenep(part Nep, all Dave), DirkJake.
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Scream, puppet~ by SalemTheMortician
Scream, puppet~by 🍼🍭🔮Salem🔮🍭🍼
Starts as sadstuck the goes happy!! {Art is not mine; credits go to the owner} ⚠Trigger Warning: Self harm, Depression, Hate words, Self hate, Bullying, Slight Anorexia...
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She is loved by NepetaLeijon161
She is lovedby Nepeta Leijon
Karkat and Nepeta have been best friends "fur like efur" as Nep would say. But when Karkat is hanging out with Nep, he sees the horrible life she's lead for th...
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Tangible Substance  by malfunctioningEgoist
Tangible Substance by Kyler clupka
Karkat is hanging out with Gamzee and they decide to get high. Gamzee then asks him why he's changed so much over the years. Karkat decides that now is a great time to e...
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Always Homestuck (RP's and conversations on Omegle) by Shadowkat2000
Always Homestuck (RP's and Riannon
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Love Is Blind, Terezi (Karezi Fanfic) by Davekat_Fever
Love Is Blind, Terezi (Karezi Davekat_Fever
Terezi lost her sight at 5, and now she is lost. Luckily, Karkat Vantas, a fellow classmate reaches out to her. Will he help her, or just hold her down?
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Everyone wants Karkat by Nobs4LyfNStuff
Everyone wants Karkatby Karkatvanbooty
There are 3 characters who are mains, but not parts of the story that are important. They are OC's, but it's all about Karkat and the trolls and humans. ~~~~ Karkat ha...
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"Please Stay..." by the-maid-of-time
"Please Stay..."by the-maid-of-time
A Human NepKat Story **All Characters mentioned belong to Andrew Hussie, and full credit goes to him and his Webcomic, Homestuck.** This story will take a while to progr...
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Afraid (A Nepeta x Karkat story) by -The-Dark-Angel-
Afraid (A Nepeta x Karkat story)by MikaYuu Trash
Yo I'm a horrible author trying to write a story. I'm writing this on my iPod, so it's not gonna be very neat, sorry. ---- My name is Nepeta Leijon... I really like Kark...
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Purrfect Kitten Love a Nepeta X Karkat Fanfic by XClockworkDemonX
Purrfect Kitten Love a Nepeta X XClockworkDemonX
This is my first fanfic sorry if it's got inboxes ;w; I'm bad at neps quirk and also kinda a homestuck noob .. Lol enjoy! ~Hayden
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Homestuck  karnep by Hello-how-are-you
Homestuck karnepby Pooplord
Nepeta's Pov My name is Nepeta Leijon I'm 15 and I live with my 22 year old brother Equius. Well technically step brother but that didnt matter we were best friends. I...
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Humanstuck One-Shots (Ships and Interconnected) (DISCONTINUED) by HomestuckWeeb2020
Humanstuck One-Shots (Ships and Nichole Grey
Just a bunch of Interconnected Ships that I decided to type up.
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Snowball Fights by TailsDoll13
Snowball Fightsby Taylor
In which a sleepy grumpy boy is dragged out of bed, and realizing that maybe it's better to be out of bed than in it. (One-shot. Humanstuck. KatNep. Prompt request on Tu...
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Davekat, Gamtav, Karezi, And More!  by unded_boifriend
Davekat, Gamtav, Karezi, And More! by sethh
Davekat and some other ships ( ̄з ̄) ((i will take requests))
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Give It Time (a nepkat fanfic) by papayamaryam
Give It Time (a nepkat fanfic)by Slut For The Peixes
In an alternate timeline where Nepeta escapes Gamzee's attack, unlike the fate of her untimely moirail, what difference could her presence on the meteor make for everyon...
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hello and thank you and goodbye! by papayamaryam
hello and thank you and goodbye!by Slut For The Peixes
formal apology for literally abandoning this acc and story i suppose