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Los eventos descritos en esta novela son hechos reales ocurridos en Minnesota en 2008. Por pedido de los sobrevivientes los nombres han sido cambiados. Por respeto a l...
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Haphead by JimMunroe
Hapheadby Jim Munroe
A cyberpunk serial about a girl who's literally empowered by videogames. In 2025, games are so immersive that teenagers learn skills just by playing. After she enables t...
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Solid State Drive by weaponized_andrew
Solid State Driveby Andrew Pickard
He's just looking for a worthy executioner.
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Backseat by MaxFirehammer
Backseatby Max Firehammer
Ongoing crime/neonoir story.
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Solo Dios Perdona by Virgil_Sollozzo
Solo Dios Perdonaby Jeff Costello
Amor Pasión Drogas Violencia.
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Bare Knuckles by SeverianPenitence
Bare Knucklesby SeverianPenitence
In a world where inhibition dictates our everyday lives, the grime coated underground works to release society. They just picked the wrong man to start with.
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Sisyphus by user70455672
Sisyphusby Eamonn Cleary
The fabric of humanity has changed. Advances in synthetic organ growth have created a society of near immortals. Society has fractured, with those how can afford to live...
One Man's Duty by ajmknl
One Man's Dutyby ajmknl
A story about an assassin in a cyberpunk city.
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Mile End by ASeriousLady
Mile Endby C. R. Miller
An emotionally vacant loafer falls for antisocial waif in this Palahniukian short story.
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GLORY TO ARTOTZKA by Stormwell_Van_Rossum
GLORY TO ARTOTZKAby Stormwell Van Rossum
A dystopian government of a country lead by people behind curtains who has secret agendas. Motives that can go either ways, has democracy lost its essence? A Dystopia, A...