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A Dream and Mist by PopeEvaristus
A Dream and Mistby Pope Evaristus
A lonesome drifter simply known as Jacuzzi. A fake shrine maiden named Mary. Their destination as they travel the sprawling metropolis called the Corridor? Unknown. To f...
Mile End by ASeriousLady
Mile Endby C. R. Miller
An emotionally vacant loafer falls for antisocial waif in this Palahniukian short story.
Haphead by JimMunroe
Hapheadby Jim Munroe
A cyberpunk serial about a girl who's literally empowered by videogames. In 2025, games are so immersive that teenagers learn skills just by playing. After she enables t...
GLORY TO ARTOTZKA by Stormwell_Van_Rossum
GLORY TO ARTOTZKAby Stormwell Van Rossum
A dystopian government of a country lead by people behind curtains who has secret agendas. Motives that can go either ways, has democracy lost its essence? A Dystopia, A...
One Man's Duty by ajmknl
One Man's Dutyby ajmknl
A story about an assassin in a cyberpunk city.
Embarcadero by freystu
Embarcaderoby freystu
Embarcadero. The most remote station in the known universe. This is its story. Written using the #vss365 daily word prompt on Twitter.
Solid State Drive by weaponized_andrew
Solid State Driveby Andrew Pickard
He's just looking for a worthy executioner.
Sisyphus by user70455672
Sisyphusby Eamonn Cleary
The fabric of humanity has changed. Advances in synthetic organ growth have created a society of near immortals. Society has fractured, with those how can afford to live...
Los eventos descritos en esta novela son hechos reales ocurridos en Minnesota en 2008. Por pedido de los sobrevivientes los nombres han sido cambiados. Por respeto a l...
Backseat by MaxFirehammer
Backseatby Max Firehammer
Ongoing crime/neonoir story.
Jorg the Destroyer by CiJames
Jorg the Destroyerby Ci James
A dark, neo-noir sci fi series: Jorg the Destroyer! Jorg is a Destroyer. He is controlled by a powerful, punishing regime which aims to terrify the city civilians. Owe...
Solo Dios Perdona by Virgil_Sollozzo
Solo Dios Perdonaby Jeff Costello
Amor Pasión Drogas Violencia.