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Alea Jacta Est by heliostellar
Alea Jacta Estby heliostellar
Clairvoyance dari sudut pandang lain. Mark wants his freedom. But maybe so does other people. Mark is cold. Maybe the coldest he has ever been when he make his decision...
Don't Hate Da Playa by SwellOwlStories
Don't Hate Da Playaby Swell Owl Stories
After a hit-and-run occurs outside of his favorite bar, Retired Detective turned Private Eye Josh Slim is asked by the owner to find out the details of the employee's de...
Silas Meier sold his soul to the Devil for something priceless. In return, in a Contract of employment that has lasted over thirty four years, Silas does what he is sent...
Bulletproof (Tzukook Fanfiction) by natsuron16
Bulletproof (Tzukook Fanfiction)by Jack Nativity
Hanz Hoffmann or also know as Jungkook was former Delta Force Captain, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Broker, and Businessman. After 2nd Korean War was ended he was discharge...
Surface Deep by LLSanders
Surface Deepby Leslie Lee Sanders
A grieving man obsessed with karma seeks vengeance on his brother's murderer by implementing an eye for an eye tactic while ignoring the true laws of cause and effect. #...
Time With You (Nanwoo Fanfiction) by natsuron16
Time With You (Nanwoo Fanfiction)by Jack Nativity
Nancy Mcdonie is a entrepreneur, Real Estate agent and investor. When she finished her Highschool, she didn't take a college because for her collage is useless but she s...
Into The Crucible by paobaobei
Into The Crucibleby AngelGabrielle
Six respected families with a dark past. A society with distinct classes. Status is luxury. Distrust and paranoia. In the city of Santa Isabela, the beginning of a confl...
Anywhere but Here by Steven_J_Romo
Anywhere but Hereby Steven Romo
Just another day in the life of a New Angeles detective.
Joshua Tree by MarkFeffer
Joshua Treeby Mark Feffer
A Blade Runner sequel: Gaff was the one who'd figure it out. He could have killed Rachel neatly and hadn't, and a man doesn't toss a blaster to someone who might shoot...
Blade Runner 2056 by legend_nightwing
Blade Runner 2056by Kylo's Demons
Blade Runner a Dystopian world with little hope of redemption shrouded in dark clouds that need to never stop raining. The story follows the adventures of Blade Runner K...
The Angaran Chronicles: Hamar Noir by BADAgar
The Angaran Chronicles: Hamar Noirby Benjamin Agar
After coming back from a dangerous mission which left his friend and partner, the werewolf: Emilia in a coma. Anargrin is sent on another mission: to hunt down a rogue v...
City Life by natashaheckoff
City Lifeby heckitthoxkity
Yay, I'm very bored... ====================== This is an anthology of short horror stories, themed around life in the city (would you fricken believe). Have fun reading...
Terror From Santa Marta by Passion2334
Terror From Santa Martaby Passion2334
A novel inspired by "Gemini Man" and Jordan Peele's Academy Award winning movie "Us", comes the first introduction to a whole new erotic thriller mys...
Black Prairie  by besttoast
Black Prairie by
The year is 2036 and criminal networks have spread virally, growing in pervasiveness to the point where organized crime is as fundamental a part of the U.S. economy as a...
The Death of David Pickett by GAMatiasz7
The Death of David Pickettby GA Matiasz
"The Death of David Pickett" is a speculative cyberpunk mystery set in 2023 San Francisco as a prequel to the 2042 near-future science fiction thriller "1...
Cry As If It Wasn't Your Fault by esemce
Cry As If It Wasn't Your Faultby Esemce Di Valerie
Will, a man who has everything, a beautiful wife with a baby on the way and a steady job as a physics teacher slowly but surely, loses absolutely everything.
cut it deep by dualdestinies
cut it deepby 1-800-DAMN-SHAME
for a long time, humans and monsters had lived in peace. or at least that's what we've been told. - dedicated to @sxftspxkxn and @DragonSwirl -27.03.18 #21 in cyberpunk...
Peace for Rain and her friends is short lived as Hell seeks revenge for the death of its First Prince. Dreams of betrayal foretell of the nightmare that is to come. The...