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Influence by amberkbryant
Influenceby Amber K Bryant
Millions believe she's a murderer. One man believes she's innocent. The Internet would see her hang for a crime she didn't commit, but Tam Martin isn't going down withou...
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Ceanothus 2722 by LPGearon
Ceanothus 2722by Gear on, baby.
**UPDATES RELEASED ON DEMAND** A cyberpunk-styled sci-fi novel where religion puppeteers the government and has complete control over the law. A law enforcement agent of...
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T3N ; SE7EN / D. MILLS by PunkRokGirl13
T3N ; SE7EN / D. MILLSby — rickets
"His kills are based around the Ten Commandments. How unholy is that?" "Listen, Rookie. You'll soon realize that these guys aren't as smart as they may se...
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Bulletproof (Tzukook Fanfiction) by natsuron16
Bulletproof (Tzukook Fanfiction)by Jack Nativity
Hanz Hoffmann or also know as Jungkook was former Delta Force Captain, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Broker, and Businessman. After 2nd Korean War was ended he was discharge...
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cut it deep by dualdestinies
cut it deepby herr forehead
for a long time, humans and monsters had lived in peace. or at least that's what we've been told. - dedicated to @sxftspxkxn and @DragonSwirl -27.03.18 #21 in cyberpunk...
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Alea Jacta Est by heliostellar
Alea Jacta Estby heliostellar
Clairvoyance dari sudut pandang lain. Mark wants his freedom. But maybe so does other people. Mark is cold. Maybe the coldest he has ever been when he make his decision...
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Time With You (Nanwoo Fanfiction) by natsuron16
Time With You (Nanwoo Fanfiction)by Jack Nativity
Nancy Mcdonie is a entrepreneur, Real Estate agent and investor. When she finished her Highschool, she didn't take a college because for her collage is useless but she s...
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𝐖𝐄𝐋𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐄 𝐓𝐎 𝐃𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐋'𝐒 𝐆𝐀𝐌𝐄. in the dark heart of an anonymous city, strippers brandy, dinah, monique and quinn are recruited by a mysterious ...
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Don't Hate Da Playa by SwellOwlStories
Don't Hate Da Playaby Swell Owl Stories
After a hit-and-run occurs outside of his favorite bar, Retired Detective turned Private Eye Josh Slim is asked by the owner to find out the details of the employee's de...
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Hadley is the typical girl-next-door who loves her best friend from the bottom of her heart and would do anything for her - or at least that's what she appears to be if...
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Subterran by ReyburnFiction
Subterranby Corin Reyburn
In a subterranean colony called Generik beneath Antarctic ice, Jonah, a bioenhanced technosexual--hip, stunning, and upgraded to his max allocated pleasure capacity--has...
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The City Sleeps At Dawn by SamGamble5
The City Sleeps At Dawnby Sam Gamble
A collection of noir-style short stories. In a city where crime rules the streets, this collection offers a glimpse into a few of their lives. In a few unrelated events...
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Neo Saipress tabanan Neo Saipress Botol tabanan by astimina
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The Death of David Pickett by GAMatiasz7
The Death of David Pickettby GA Matiasz
"The Death of David Pickett" is a speculative cyberpunk mystery set in 2023 San Francisco as a prequel to the 2042 near-future science fiction thriller "1...
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Midnight City (Entry to Watty 2012) by superpfromearth
Midnight City (Entry to Watty 2012)by Paul Gumagay
A 17 year-old boy, after being shattered by his family's death, discovers life is more than meets the eye.
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Blade Runner 2056 by legend_nightwing
Blade Runner 2056by Kylo's Demons
Blade Runner a Dystopian world with little hope of redemption shrouded in dark clouds that need to never stop raining. The story follows the adventures of Blade Runner K...
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Underground: The Beginnings by horrorandmore52
Underground: The Beginningsby Gage Abrego
A story of survival, moral ambiguity, a young boy growing in a world of madness, and what caused that world of madness to form. This story follows a man and his adopted...
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Neonoir thriller by AnujShah0
Neonoir thrillerby Anuj Shah
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The Edge of Fate by FearIsASuperPower
The Edge of Fateby FearIsASuperPower
At the edge of fate in the heart of Manhattan, two lovers paths cross in a flowering start of something more than desire and their innocence is soon discovered to be all...