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The last shinobi by PatricioMedel6
The last shinobiby Patricio Medel
a lavado sea kurai-sho por esta maravilla No recordaba desde cuando había estado caminando seguramente serian siglos lo único claro en su mente era el momento en que la...
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Nemu and I react to Vocaloid Ships! by Citrinette06
Nemu and I react to Vocaloid Ships!by i have no favorite
Because everyone's doing it so why can't I Nemu needs more love so send it to her
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Bleach One-Shots by SayuriKaminokai
Bleach One-Shotsby Chloe Smith
Lemons and Limes. Straight and Yaoi.
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nemu's cool bolg. by X_SoyAlwaysNemu_X
nemu's cool Neмυ da crιngelord
#nOESBOLGESBLOG yes this is my blog.
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Accidental Masterpiece by candygood1
Accidental Masterpieceby candygood1
Nemuri Nanago was supposed to have been one soul. One miss calculation had changed that. Just one slip of a vial had created yet another soul within the tank and had giv...
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Bleach: Artificial Masterpiece by Zyule-X
Bleach: Artificial Masterpieceby Joshua Brown
Set after The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc and Yhwach's defeat, Akon, now the Lieutenant of Squad Twelve of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads has recently been reminiscing...
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➡Just A Nobody by _Nxmu_
➡Just A Nobodyby ▪
⏏Still don't know what to say⏏
believe • VOCALOID fanfiction by iced-wine
believe • VOCALOID fanfictionby me
Two older brothers, both experts in controlling their magic, concocting potions and casting hexes on unsuspecting citizens. And him? He, had yet to discover what he coul...
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Say "MAMA", please (boyXboy) *hidouku shinaide fanfic* by xHanaaMichiix
Say "MAMA", please (boyXboy) * Akhie
Pairing: Hideyuki Maya * Nemugasa Takashi Disclaimer: I own nothing, except the plot and the extra character (Yuhiko-san & Ta-chan) Content: “Hidoku Shinaide” fa...
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Bleach - shinigami's times on earth by stopithasebe
Bleach - shinigami's times on earthby LuLu
Ones shots for the shinigami from bleach. Their times on earth in their Gigai
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The Sparrow and the Prince by SpiderWitch96
The Sparrow and the Princeby SpiderWitch96
'As the Pendulum swung forward the sword of fate descended once again.' A familiar story of a shinigami giving their powers to a human will be told again. This time a ne...
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The life in Soul Society by ana_prelevic_
The life in Soul Societyby Ana Prelevic (kuchiki)
A collection of one shots following the life of The Gotei 13
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Beloved (Bleach Fanfic) by yemihikari
Beloved (Bleach Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Does he love her? Doesn't seem like it... that Mayuri could care of his daughter/clone. Disclaimer - I don't own Bleach. Original publication date 08-29-09.
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Súper Escuadrón De Fracasados by arsloidlovesia
Súper Escuadrón De Fracasadosby Izumi Akari
『 。。。ειισs ησ sση ισ ϙυε αραrεηταη 。。。』 Pd: Portada de piloto por ahora.
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Němá láska by BananaHaroldStyles
Němá láskaby Wendelín Svidrnochova
Co se stane,když chlapec potkává v parku každý den ve stejnou dobu jednu dívku a však s ní nikdy nepromluvil. Když jednou se rozhodl jí oslovit, její odpověď ho trochu...
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