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The Carters Vs Nelly by jayoncelover
The Carters Vs Nellyby jayoncelover
Bey: with jay but after he leaves me at home alone for days upon days i go singing with nelly Jay: left bey days upon days and lost her to my buddy Nelly: gets bey afte...
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The Keeper <Oliver Wood> ** HIATUS ** by afternote
The Keeper ** HIATUS **by margot
Penelope "Nelly" Vlass has always liked Oliver Wood, Keeper for her House Quidditch team. Upon entering her Fourth Year of Hogwarts, her feelings start to cha...
When Duty Calls: Dangerously In Love (Sequel) by ooooyeahuh
When Duty Calls: Dangerously In . . .
Through more drama to come Kelly and Giselle will have to run from the past, but how long can they run? One can't run forever. "I'm dangerously in love with you, I...
Camp camp genderbend  by ellalikescampcamp
Camp camp genderbend by ellalikescampcamp
It's everything but genderbend and our own ideas All the campers are gender bend but David and Gwen are normal
The Tale of The Three Prisons by BakuDekuMyLove123
The Tale of The Three Prisonsby BakuDeku Lover
3 Prisons. Guards, prisoners and police. What happens when things get out of hand and the people go insane? Prisoners who watch ridiculous childish shows, a head guard...
The Youngest Teammate From The Legendary Inazuma Eleven (Slow Updates) by lilacutemsp
The Youngest Teammate From The lilacutemsp
Lia Star Dust Galaxy, Is the Youngest Teamate from the legendary Inazuma eleven Team. She was going around doing her normal daily routine when she got a phone call from...
✨When the Magic's all run out✨~ Descendants by DeeDeBarge
✨When the Magic's all run out✨~ DeeDeBarge
"Will you still be, with me? When the Magic's all run out..."
desire of the soul by bbyeilish1
desire of the soulby hopeless romantic
'dad who's ur new friend' 'thats marshall' 'but he looks so young'
His distraction ( EMINEM)  by bbyeilish1
His distraction ( EMINEM) by hopeless romantic
22 year old Gigi is a massive upcoming actress and has been offered the role of a lifetime, and her co star happens to be eminem... where will things go from here.. when...
The Jacksons by Rolanda23_
The Jacksonsby Rolanda
The story of an uptight business man and a roundaway women. Both being married with a great amount of success, having trouble in paradise.
The Love And Hatred by nellylouise5
The Love And Hatredby Irakoze Louise Nelly
Hatred between the twins Nicole and Olivia infact Nicole was a drug dealer while Olivia was just a kind girl that everyone liked her a lot....until she meets Christian (...
Sandcastles  by aubjem
Sandcastles by fentygr
"What is it about you that i can't erase" An aubrih story.
Forbidden Love (Nelly x Dr Phil) by xRemer
Forbidden Love (Nelly x Dr Phil)by mitski4ever
A heart thrilling story involving heartbreak and glamour. (This entire thing is satire and is a joke Nelly is @jinjerlockss)
Danplan SMP by Gavin_Simp
Danplan SMPby Salem
Please don't kill me for this please don't kill me for this please don't kill me for this plea
Outta the Hood by NaeShakur
Outta the Hoodby NAOMI🌼
Who knew it would be a book number three? Naomi is back and better than ever, shitting on everyone and wiping her ass with millions. As she enjoys her life and figures...
Nelly The Goodra by UnknownHerman
Nelly The Goodraby UnknownHerman
DISCLAIMER: Credit to the cover art goes to the Bulbapedia Forums: My first of a series of stories...
Is This Love? {Niall Horan} (On Hold) by Stephanie4eva
Is This Love? {Niall Horan} (On Stephanie4eva
Nelly your average teen girl, at least that's what everyone thinks. one phone call changes her life and she befriended the 5 singing idiots that she loves to death one d...