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vocaloid vs google translate by -APH-Luxembourg-
vocaloid vs google translateby k e v i n
what's up suckers i'm gonna google translate vocaloid songs a shit ton of times and see what the shitty ass results are
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hatsune miku vs. the world & knuckles: the electric boogaloo™ by reignofthestars
hatsune miku vs. the world & ✨ REIGN ✨
mikumikumii♪ : pikkun is smart, see? ( ^▽^)っ GiganticOTN : Am I not smart Miku? ;) mikumikumii♪ : ( ^▽^)っ✂╰⋃╯ GiganticOTN : Im sorry I asked (alternatively: Miku acciden...
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Shinkai Shōnen [VOCALOID] by SakimleeXP
Shinkai Shōnen [VOCALOID]by Sakimlee 💙💚💛
En las profundidades del mar se levantó un reino hace cientos de años. Los siglos les han enseñado a las sirenas y sirenos a no acercarse a los humanos, pues pueden term...
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Devil of the Classroom by PeachAria
Devil of the Classroomby Aria
Vocaloid fanfic! It was the last year of junior high school. Gumi and Kokone had kept their long lasting friendship. SeeU wishes for a fun year with her friends. Ann was...
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Cutieloid  by TheWorldOfMia
Cutieloid by TheWorldOfMia
This story is for those who listen to my playlist on YouTube this story well tell what is Cutieloid and who are in Cutieloid. Now to let everyone know that I made up Cut...
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¡Feliz Navidad, Yuuma! [VOCALOID] by SakimleeXP
¡Feliz Navidad, Yuuma! [VOCALOID]by Sakimlee 💙💚💛
Yuuma no ha sido la mejor persona de la tierra, y bueno, por alguna razón IA vió algo especial en él. Pero cuando consigue hablarle lo hace en el momento más inoportuno...
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off the corner of no man's land by reignofthestars
off the corner of no man's landby ✨ REIGN ✨
It's you, the local cryptid, and God. (alternatively: Piko, along with eight other people, have the worst road trip ever.)
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believe • VOCALOID fanfiction by iced-wine
believe • VOCALOID fanfictionby me
Two older brothers, both experts in controlling their magic, concocting potions and casting hexes on unsuspecting citizens. And him? He, had yet to discover what he coul...
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World's Stage by orphanedaccountboys
World's Stageby LMAO
IA thought she was going to be pushed to the wayside when she was released for VOCALOID3 engine, swallowed up like everyone else by the legendary "Big 8", Miku...
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