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Not My Daddy by noonetooimportant
Not My Daddyby noonetooimportant
I'm a neko..I work as a stripper in my daddy's club...hes scary but I cant do anything..I dont wanna get hit or the passed baby boys.. but I dont need fo worr...
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Cheshire Cat ~BNHA fanfiction [ON HOLD; SLOW UPDATES] by skittyloony418
Cheshire Cat ~BNHA fanfiction [ Jean/ JC
The Grin family is the most mischievous and flirtatious family known in the society. Anyone who goes by the last name Grin are said to be unlucky being a victim of a mem...
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My Kitty (Neko Boy x Reader) by lizeyamorgan
My Kitty (Neko Boy x Reader)by Queen Elizabeth
(Y/n) (l/n) had a normal life she went to school, had friends, she was a normal girl with normal problems until the day she found a stray kitten in the rain freezing to...
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I cut too deep. (Yaoi) by EzaraMurelTyler
I cut too deep. (Yaoi)by Ezara Murel Tyler
"SO I CUT TOO DEEP! AND MAYBE IT WASNT AN ACCIDENT!"He sang desperately. His vocal cords straining. His voice raspy. Tears. Pain. Hate. Death. Suicide...
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Random  by TrueloveLeo
Random by ʟᴇᴏ⋆
Rp book :>
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Oh, What A Horrible Life It Is (Your Neko Love Story) [Neko x Reader(girl)] by FireDragonFire
Oh, What A Horrible Life It Is ( FireDragonFire
This is a story of you being just a regular girl when suddenly something scary is announced on the news. A 'creature' has been let out into the wonders of the world. Gue...
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Becoming Kittens                                |BNHA| by 0OSquishyO0
Becoming Baby Blue
||Male Reader Insert|| While Fighting a villian, Todoroki, Izuku, and Bakugo find themselves in another dimension-as cats! Without their quirks, and no chance in...
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Kitten//Joshler by i_am_gracie
Kitten//Joshlerby 💗 Gracie 💗
Short chapters intended Neko x Neko I'll put trigger warnings if there is any
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~[Runaway]~ (Prinxiety fanfic]~ by Tamix_Chan
~[Runaway]~ (Prinxiety fanfic]~by Oniiiiiiiiiiii_chan!
When prince Remus brings home a Cat he also brings back trouble~ What happens when Roman finds out the cat isn't what it seems? What is the cat running from? And how doe...
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Kitty Kitty (Kennedy X Reader) by Payton_Lane
Kitty Kitty (Kennedy X Reader)by Payton_Lane
hey guys!! I did a neko vote out of Teenpop♡ ; and the winner was Kenny, so enjoy your neko x reader ^^ note: this book contains sexual content!! if you don't like that...
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My Neko-Boys | NaLu by lubylu111
My Neko-Boys | NaLuby lucy h♡
Lucy Heartfilia lives on her own in a flat in Magnolia. She comes home from work one day to find a box outside her door, so she takes it into her house and opens it to f...
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Neko boy x (f) reader (🍋) by Random__Fandomz
Neko boy x (f) reader (🍋)by ザップザップバカ
~~~~~~~~on going~~~~~~~~~~ #6 on nekoboy #166 on oof $255 on animeboy K so I had this idea and wanted to put in here so yea have fun u two ù//w//ú started 9/29/19-???
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What A Life by Nopunupa
What A Lifeby Nopunupa
Arashi was just bought from a secret auction house where lots of nekos are sold as either slaves or pets to people who have the money for it. She is a very will free cat...
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My Neko Boyfriend by zombienerd555
My Neko Boyfriendby Nobody
Aika a shy, rich teenage girl that lives in France goes shopping one day and stumbles upon a...stray cat? No not a stray's a man? But why does a man have the e...
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  ~ Neko Nagito ~ by animeuwuxx
~ Neko Nagito ~by animeuwuxx
Having a tiny Nagito is fun and cute but really hard! (ㆀ˘・з・˘)
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Kitten(boyxboy)(neko) by JustErinForNow
Kitten(boyxboy)(neko)by Erin. Most of the time.
This is the oneshot that sparked the Rylie v. Riley debate, and it somehow turned into an 11k word, very in-depth fic that was nearly impossible to finish as a oneshot...
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Neko boy x reader girl by Neko-Lotus
Neko boy x reader girlby Black-Lotus
Fan fic
Wanted (Neko X Fem!Reader) by misfortuneocean
Wanted (Neko X Fem!Reader)by Jen ✨
Okay okay I continued it.
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Neko Boys X Reader by itzadelhere
Neko Boys X Readerby Itzadelhere
A reverse harem with you and six other neko boys. Full of drama and romance. 6 boys and one girl, You! You just moved into a new school. From meeting one guy to forming...
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The Exotic Butterball~{Neko} Marlie by StarryWonder355
The Exotic Butterball~{Neko} Marlieby StarryWonder355
Charlie signs up for a job as a babysitter to William's children. However, she doesn't exactly understand how tough watching after nekos really is.
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