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Twins - The Journey of Us (MaNaf FF) by MaNanlicious_Angel
Twins - The Journey of Us (MaNaf MaNanlicious_Angel
"Vivah - The journey from engagement to marriage" is one of those books which made me who I am today on wattpad. When the book got over there was a sudden emp...
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Avneil : Falling For You  by Rlrlrlrl1
Avneil : Falling For You by Rlrlrlrl1
Highest rank- #1 in Naamkaran #1 in Neel #3 in policeofficer #36 - 19/04/18 in General fiction #34 in short
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Destined to be Yours✔ by BubblebeeMe
Destined to be Yours✔by BubblebeeMe
"Destined to be Yours" is a Casanova story. It is an emotional rollercoaster ❤❤ Come, let's fall in love! Alluring line, isn't it? We are so bewitched with...
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Twilight - A Venomous love Story by MehakBajaj141
Twilight - A Venomous love Storyby Elecktra
Hey ... so this is my first and last wattpad story ever ... It is just to describe my love for AVNIEL ADIZA...( the best couple )... Plz forgive my mistakes....and do t...
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I Am There For You by Mitali1228
I Am There For Youby Mitali1228
We began this with a couple of parts. It's of when Ishani's real truth comes. How it makes those who made her upset as a child realize what they did. It does have the ot...
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Always Together (On Hold Till Feb) by aditizain
Always Together (On Hold Till Feb)by aditi
Collage story Romantic Jealousy Danger
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AvNeil - LIFELINE (COMPLETED)✓ by _mahwish_
AvNeil - LIFELINE (COMPLETED)✓by Naylah Muyassir
When Avni left home and Neil is showing little to no interest in searching for her. The families tired of Neil's indifference after he left for Auckland decided to look...
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neilanjana by sidnaazobsessed
neilanjanaby sidnaazobsessed
it is a scene which depicts what should happen when they meet. completely my thought! you can imagine whatever you want.?
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Avneil: The beginning ( Five Shots) by iam_ananya
Avneil: The beginning ( Five Shots)by Ananya
Well this is my first ff on avneil. The story starts after Avni returns to khanna house with neela (after all acuuse of her for being with ali)
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Raaz- An Adiza fanfiction by Some_any_every_thing
Raaz- An Adiza fanfictionby Some_any_every_thing
Hi guys! I'm back with the Adiza fanfiction I had promised you all! And i really think you will like it, well, I really hope you do since I have come to love it a lot. P...
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Avneil forever by Some_any_every_thing
Avneil foreverby Some_any_every_thing
I hope this isn't too late!!! Its not the 31st yet here in London!! @zaishaimam. This is an os for you all about how it would be if Neil and Avni were two police officer...
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Dosti, Yaariyaan, Manmarziyaan -- Ek Baar Phir by NaaheeanNaabilah
Dosti, Yaariyaan, Naaheean Naabilah
What if the story of Manmarziyaan was of Neera (Neel and Radhika) more than of Aradhika or Nesam? Or, what if Saral was not a villain in the story ? What if a true and p...
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Unconditional (Avneil / Adiza oneshot collection) by Some_any_every_thing
Unconditional (Avneil / Adiza Some_any_every_thing
A collection of one shots, about Avneil and Adiza, filled with love and lots and lots of cuteness. If you have a scenario you want to read please, please do leave requ...
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AVNEIL GOA MISSION(hold*pout) 😚 by adizaavnielazanfan
AVNEIL GOA MISSION(hold*pout) 😚by adizaavnielazanfan
It starts from neel's goa entry. With small changes. . . . Peep into to know more. My 1st os...
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Avneil OS: It is always you and me.No one else by sree07IF
Avneil OS: It is always you and Sree07
A small OS on Avni and Neil of Naamkaran. The scene happens in Goa when Avni went to Goa to save Mishti
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Diary  by thetrustworthyheart
Diary by Akshita
A story that will surely bring a smile on your beautiful face.. this is all about avneil.. but totally different of a college girl avni n neil(who is he will be disclose...
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Avneil Drabble: Some Time by Mehakbhambri
Avneil Drabble: Some Timeby Mehak Bhambri
Avni wants some time
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Avneil FF: Tum Mile by Mehakbhambri
Avneil FF: Tum Mileby Mehak Bhambri
Avni and Neel are getting married.. Again.. But some incidents ruins everything. They are Avneil so even Misfortunes are like blossoming flowers for them. All this is D...
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avneil ff:kyun main jaagoon by Mehakbhambri
avneil ff:kyun main jaagoonby Mehak Bhambri
the story start when neel's family starts to defame avni... they questions her character and put allegations on her... how will she manage everything.. be it her emotion...
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Avneil TS: Kismat by Mehakbhambri
Avneil TS: Kismatby Mehak Bhambri
Its a three shot with an extra epilogue. The story starts at the point when, Juhi comes in Avni and Neil's life. One day Juhi comes to meet Avni at Avneel's Apartment...
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