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When the Blades Touch the Ice-A NedCan Fanfiction by NatashaRamsay
When the Blades Touch the Ice-A Natasha Ramsay
Matthew Williams and his brother love to skate, practising the love of all that is good and holy, HOCKEY. However, when a figure skating team arrives in town, something...
Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heaven by NorthAmericanSisters
Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heavenby Madeline and Amelia
YAOINESS EVERYWHERE! DO NOT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE YAOI. It will mostly be fluff but some chapters may be a bit more extreme. If you wish to request a pairing we will hap...
Canada Oneshots by siyeonfleurz
Canada Oneshotsby Alder/Skye
Canada x Anyone ---------- Hit me up with a request. ______ I mostly write Human AUs but I will do others ^^ --------- I apologize if the requests don't happen asap I'm...
Forcing My Ballerina Boyfriend To Meet My Parents (rusame) by Hell_talia
Forcing My Ballerina Boyfriend Hell_talia
Ivan is a profesional ballet dancer. Together with his boyfriend Alfred they moved to Moscow away from Alfreds parents, so Ivan could start his career. Alfred's parents...
Hetalia - A school life by smolliberty
Hetalia - A school lifeby Capitalist Propaganda
The characters of Hetalia all put into one school! Who knows what'll happen during the school year, who they'll meet and what relations may happen! Drama? Perhaps :) Ent...
Just another NedCan one shot by PeachGreenTe4
Just another NedCan one shotby Mari
:") just a high school au with Aph Netherlands and Aph Canada Characters are not mine ^^
Hot and Cold by Canako
Hot and Coldby Madeline Williams
Madeline and Ivan were each others first friends. Their friendship continues to grow and blossom, until one day, Madeline discovers that her best friend is in love with...
Jaloers by Hell_talia
Jaloersby Hell_talia
Denmark comes over. Canada does not know what to do with this situation. Ned is oblivious.
Coffee Shop-A NedCan Fanfiction by NatashaRamsay
Coffee Shop-A NedCan Fanfictionby Natasha Ramsay
This little one-shot is based off of a tumblr AU of one of my navy ships NedCan. Since it was "Coffee Shop," I couldn't stop following it, but like everything...
Broken by hips_of_steel
Brokenby Jessie Jo
/"There isn't a difference between Lars and Netherlands. They are one and the same."/ A lie he has told himself for years is brought crashing down as Lars watc...
His Wires • USUKfanfic • by DuskTheFudanshi
His Wires • USUKfanfic •by Dusk
soulmates.. everyone has them. but there are exceptions. The people that have no soulmates have a metal wire instead of the lovely well known crimson string of fate. The...
NedCan Week 2019 by RandomDutchFan
NedCan Week 2019by SomeRandomDutchFangirl
These are my works for the NedCan Week 2019! I hope you'll enjoy!
Be Careful in the Garden (Hetalia Canada x Netherlands oneshot) by 17angelsprings
Be Careful in the Garden ( Angélique Nguyễn
First published on AO3. A bee stings Daan (Netherlands) while he works in his garden and Matthew (Canada) helps treat this little wound. Hetalia and its characters belon...
Tino's Word - Past and Present by sorenwrites
Tino's Word - Past and Presentby Soren
Tino Väinämöinen is a college student in the United States. He just wants a normal university experience, but when mysteries and revelations rock his world, he has to ov...
Sacrifice by queenkitty2929
Sacrificeby Block of Cheese
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ this story is a human au for hetalia slightly based on subzero ( a comic its amazing btw ) it technically has mpreg if you squint i guess also the royalt...
Lovin' you  by siyeonfleurz
Lovin' you by Alder/Skye
✰ Matthew Williams was a shy, and anxious, he's always been ever since he was a kid. Now at age 21, Matthew was not looking forward to college. It was his dream college...
Based One-Shots (Hetalia) by gonegonetoao3
Based One-Shots (Hetalia)by TeaQuila
One-shots based on audio, songs, videos, stories, facts, AUs, head-canons ect. Some of my ships: England X Everyone - so all England/UK ships like FrUk, UsUk, ScotEng...