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A FEW ODD SOULS  (A Weird Epic) by JohnFultz
A FEW ODD SOULS (A Weird Epic)by John R. Fultz
A dimension-hopping highwayman known as The Surgeon brings three divergent lives together to defy the Potentates of Urbille, whose tyranny extends across thousands of al...
  • adventure
  • weird-western
  • paralleluniverse
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Necropolis 2: Endurance by S_A_Lusher
Necropolis 2: Enduranceby S. A. Lusher
The second novel in The Shadow Wars. The nightmare began on a little wasteland of a planet called Dis. Greg Bishop awoke with nothing but his name and a pistol. Stumblin...
  • monsters
  • zombieoutbreak
  • horror
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The Binding Of Isaac by ShyPie909
The Binding Of Isaacby ShyPie909
The Game... Real?
  • basement
  • isaac
  • caves
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Historky z Necropolisu, alebo s gaťami na pol žrde by Phantom-Shark
Historky z Necropolisu, alebo s 【PhantomShark】
Andrej a Maťo sú ghúlovia žijúci v Bratislave. Jeden je blbý, druhý ešte blbší. Pokiaľ sa im nepodarí niekde niečo pohnojiť, akoby tam ani neboli. Majte sa na pozore, pr...
  • upír
  • mŕtvych
  • vtip
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Necropolis by DDanyelS
Necropolisby Dânyel
Hello y'all, this is a fanfic story about Overwatch' Ana Amari/Shrike in the present of the Overwatch universe. It's also kinda canon...
  • jackmorrison
  • gabrielreyes
  • anaamari
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NECROPOLIS by SeptimusMonge
NECROPOLISby SeptimusMonge
Eliot, un jeune orphelin de quinze ans élevé dans un hospice régi d'une main de fer par une sœur cruelle, voit sa vie basculer le jour où il apprend qu'il est un Thanato...
  • necropolis
  • squelettes
  • psychopompe
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Necropolis Among the Trees by Scritore
Necropolis Among the Treesby Scritore
Beyond the valley, over the jungle, and around the castle sits a forest. The forest is completely deserted by living humans, and is solemnly protected by Kapre's, creatu...
  • necropolis
  • ghost
  • skeleton
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City of the Dead by KittyintheStars
City of the Deadby KittyintheStars
  • ghost
  • glasgow
  • story
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The Necropolis of the Cybermen by Timelordtimmy
The Necropolis of the Cybermenby timothyjbrett
An entire empire shattered. Temples remarking great warriors collapsed, monuments coated and glazed in pure snow that moved upward from the planets terrain. There was no...
  • cybermen
  • necropolis
  • timothyjbrett
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NecroPolis: The Beginning of The End by DanielLuna4
NecroPolis: The Beginning of The Daniel Luna
Being a necropolis is not easy and because of it I’m forced to fight every night and when I get help from people they end up hurt or even worse killed, the last known n...
  • drake
  • end
  • beginning
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The Last Restart (script) by Theimmortaltaco
The Last Restart (script)by Theimmortaltaco
A fictionalized version of my life in a nutshell. Also I have ques for when the music changes so I'd recommend listening to the songs after or while reading. Also thanks...
  • teravolt
  • memes
  • weird
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Red Giant by AnemoneKunoichi
Red Giantby Allyson Rose Lien
The story takes place in the distant future billions of years ahead of our time. The Earth has been saved from annihilation by ancient humans that wanted to protect it f...
  • necropolis
  • terra
  • afterword
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Running Out of Time by isconfusion
Running Out of Timeby -
They had gone through the door unprepared. What with all the destruction taking place, and death at their heels, they didn't have time to agree on a location. Now...
  • scott
  • scarlett
  • ravensgate
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Dark Horizon by Robby_P_Eplin
Dark Horizonby Robby Eplin
The year is 2019. Just under a year ago, the end of the world began. Zombies. Flesh craving monsters hell-bent on destroying all human life. Gage and Cage Kinner are br...
  • wars
  • infection
  • fiction
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Necropolis: Realm of the Dead by ChoujuX
Necropolis: Realm of the Deadby Z
A poem about Necrobane, a Titan Prince from the UltraFan Wiki Metaverse and my avatar.
  • eldritch
  • ultrafanwiki
  • death
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Already Been Dead by WarisLambert
Already Been Deadby Waris Lambert
Imogene Carol is dead. She has no problem accepting that. It was a solid deal, after all. What she has more trouble accepting is her new-found position as a Specter--a s...
  • death
  • necropolis
  • ghostly
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CANVAS by AkankshaGuptaa5
CANVASby Akanksha Gupta
This is about to imagination of our mind,which only wants happiness in our life.our mind always try to avoid situation which harm our perceptions to core concept of worl...
  • gills
  • deryn
  • antonyelchin
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Reviews by Underdog
Reviewsby Jacques Shepherd
Here are my reviews of films and books for those with a keen interest in what's good and what's bad.
  • broadbent
  • zero
  • jamie
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UNFINISHED: Prince of Madness by Conflagration_Blitz
UNFINISHED: Prince of Madnessby Conflagration Blitz
"In this world, it's dangerous to be different." Agatha and her best friend have kept a dangerous secret for years. And yet, on a trip to an abandoned hospital...
  • wattys2018
  • pyromania
  • madness
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