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Necessary Evil by bieexber
Necessary Evilby barbara
*COMPLETED* ❝Every time I close my eyes, It's like a dark paradise.❞ ______ Djevojka stava kojem su joj mnogi zavidjeli. Ljepotom kojom je bacala na noge mnoge muškarce...
Necessary Evil - TRAITOR!BNHA AU by TackyJawny
Necessary Evil - TRAITOR!BNHA AUby TackyJawny
Izuku, still born a quirkless kid. But what if there was a way around that? Midoriya Hisashi works in a scientific research building. After discovering his son was qui...
Muse and Inspiration by swstromberg
Muse and Inspirationby sw
A series of poems about the things that inspire me- my muses, my life, etc. (POETRY) (FREE VERSE) (AWESOME)
ShrekXZenMysticMessanger by machospaghetti
ShrekXZenMysticMessangerby Bitches
When shrek plays mystic messenger and worlds collide. This smutty rated M read has all the hot steamy bondage moments one could ask for in a wholesome romcom series. Sta...
English Words by Anh12a11
English Wordsby Vũ Anh Đào
Book O' Tags by XxLeafGreenxX
Book O' Tagsby ✿ ℓєαf ✿
I get tagged so yeah this is for that #19 - necessary
Manage by merolapeng63
Manageby merolapeng63
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Uhhh Hi by onIy2jae
Uhhh Hiby onIy2jae
bc im a good friend, and a lazy one too but oh look, im doing this hahahahahahha
College by edlynavalle-arce52
Collegeby edlynavalle-arce52
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curse of achilles and other mythology caussd rants by godsdamnitall
curse of achilles and other goosy
aka coaomcr i rant strictly about myth based crap
Poems of the Truth by CrazyR3ader21
Poems of the Truthby CrazyR3ader21
These are a collection on poems about various things in life. Gun violence, cancer, the hard topics. These are set or about the Past, Present, or Future.
Those by schlutereckhaus85
Thoseby schlutereckhaus85
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Member by kerindelaper93
Memberby kerindelaper93
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Item by winamarlowe76
Itemby winamarlowe76
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Necessary Evil by watdoumin
Necessary Evilby xxx
well, I eventually took that one-way ticket to hell-ish..
Measure by thagardcalhoun35
Measureby thagardcalhoun35
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