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The Intern by somuchforwriting
The Internby somuchforwriting
Aspen is a 15 year old high school grad. With three quarters of her freshman year in college, her dad signs her up for an internship with NCIS. With Aspen's intellect an...
  • ncis
Hawaiian Love  by Luke_Eat_My_Waffles
Hawaiian Love by Erika Hilton
In which a mainlander falls in love with the head of the Five-0 task force. Cover by luseoks
  • stevemcgarrett
  • hawaii
  • hawaiifive-0
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Don't Mind The Pink Elephant by HydraKitty
Don't Mind The Pink Elephantby HydraKitty
Ducky's niece comes to visit and gets more then she bargained for.
  • donaldmallard
  • zivadavid
  • abbysciuto
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The Protector by lunarshewolf01
The Protectorby Alejandra Rivera
Gibbs and the team receive a new team member...a four legged one...a wolf...werewolf...that happens to be mated to the least expect one. What happens when they find out...
  • ncis
  • wolfpack
  • gibbs
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DiNozzo's Daughter » NCIS [Discontinued] by AngieGami
DiNozzo's Daughter » NCIS [ Angeline
Karen Cranston, 16 and soon-to-be motherless. While her mother, Elsa, is dying of cancer she tells her daughter that there is a box underneath her bed that will tell Kar...
  • dinozzo
  • action
  • tiva
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NCIS K-9 by Doggggggg36477474
NCIS K-9by Anabel
(Told through the eyes of an NCIS K-9) Rogue is a German Sheperd mixed with a wolf. Her past life as been filled with dog fights and beatings, but when she escapes and g...
  • k-9
  • rogue
  • dog
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Silver Chip (NCIS fanfiction) by AlfieTimewolf
Silver Chip (NCIS fanfiction)by A.S. Giles
Director Vance decides to give each team a dog, he goes down to the holding cages and picks out dogs he thinks will work hard. Little does he know that a handful of the...
  • blood
  • human
  • collar
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Selcouth | Criminal Minds | Spencer Reid by SierraRaven283
Selcouth | Criminal Minds | Sierra Brown
Ever since she could remember, Natalia Wilde had been your definition of smart. She could speak 172 languages and walk you through an open brain surgery like it was chil...
  • unsub
  • bau
  • spencerreid
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Don't Wanna Think (Nick Torres story) by makiwaves
Don't Wanna Think (Nick Torres Kenna
I'm feeling pretty lonely I guess if I'm not wrapped here in your arms then I can't talk about love (starts with season 14) Cover template credit goes to @humaneity
  • timothymcgee
  • ncis
  • nicktorres
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Falling Slowly; A NCIS Criminal Minds Crossover(Slow Updates) by ArielFrz
Falling Slowly; A NCIS Criminal Ariel Frazer
Juliana Mallard, better known as Jewels is one of the youngest agents at NCIS, she also happens to be Duckys niece. She splits her time from being in the lab to being on...
  • spencerreid
  • ncis
  • crossover
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The New Techie ~NCIS~ by emilyw_isqueen
The New Techie ~NCIS~by 🌿kayleigh🌿
When the crew get a hard case they have to call in a transfer tech geek.Her name is Rachel - Lily McAmber . The story will be her pov unless said otherwise
  • ziva
  • dinozzo
  • abby
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The Blue Guitar (NCIS fanfic) by JTKirk96
The Blue Guitar (NCIS fanfic)by The Gibblet
Gibbs and his team are called to what seems to be a murder scene, but one of the hostages that were there survived. Ellie Bluinto (Blue) can't remember why she was taken...
  • ziva
  • ncis
  • mcgee
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Doppelgänger: The Beginning- An NCIS fanfic by AllySoftball15
Doppelgänger: The Beginning- An Ncislover
One by one, 4 children walked into the NCIS building. Each of them, surprisingly had each of the agents personalities and character. But the real question is, where did...
  • kids
  • funny
  • spanking
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Family First (NCIS) by densi_fangirl
Family First (NCIS)by Densi_fangirl
This story is based off of NCIS episode family first. This is how I think it should have ended In this story jenny never died, she only left NCIS after dealing with a c...
  • talidinozzo
  • abby
  • tony
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Stuck by tiva_is_forever
Stuckby Lisa
Tony and Ziva get stuck with a murderer's baby, and they need to take her to her aunt in Amsterdam.
  • tiva
  • ziva
  • tony
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The Terrorist (NCIS) by Doggggggg36477474
The Terrorist (NCIS)by Anabel
Anabel is a 15 year old rebel, that hates authority. One day she and her friends stumble upon a terrorist. She slowly makes a connection with him throughtext messages, b...
  • fanfiction
  • gibbs
  • ncis
Family business  by Agent-Lokitty
Family business by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
NCIS and Supernatural crossover. You'd got out, got a good good and started to feel normal. Going as far as starting to fall in love. Everything was fine until you got...
  • gabriel
  • crowley
  • leroyjethrogibbs
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Rule 14 [NCIS x Criminal Minds] ↠ S. Reid by januarylily
Rule 14 [NCIS x Criminal Minds] ↠ January Lily
• Bend the line, don't break it. • Jethro's daughter, Emma is about to graduate from college and follow in her father's footsteps at NCIS. But during her time as an inte...
  • ốc
  • tonydinozzo
  • timothymcgee
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Gibbs's Daughter. by JessicaKoehler
Gibbs's Jessica Koehler
Gibbs has another daughter with Shannon along with Kelly, but didn't die with her mom and sister. She survived and continued to grow up with her dad. When she was 27 yea...
  • gibbs
  • leroy
  • jethro
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DiNozzo's Kid (NCIS fanfiction) by caler_jo_hyden
DiNozzo's Kid (NCIS fanfiction)by Caler Jo Hyden
"Wait, what? She really is my kid who's five years old?" Anthony DiNozzo asked shocked as he stared at the screen with the DNA results of his and a kid who sho...
  • ducky
  • agent
  • jenny
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