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Jealousy by deactivated19282773
Jealousyby deactivated19282773
The title of this piece needs work, I know. Rating: Mature Characters: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester Summary: Dean decides he and Sam need a break and suggests they go...
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[Trans-fic] [NC17] [GOT7-2Jae] The one to hate by 2JaeVN
[Trans-fic] [NC17] [GOT7-2Jae] 2JaeVN
Hãy để em là kẻ bị ghét bỏ. Warning: Chuyện tình tay 3 ngoại tình cẩu huyết. Không thể chấp nhận hãy click back khi còn kịp.
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YAOI KRISTAO by chagiyaaaa
YAOI KRISTAOby chagiyaaaa
KrisTao Yaoi Nc
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I Want You [VKOOK] by inspirit1004
I Want You [VKOOK]by ELF
Description: ~Taehyung can't help but find Jungkook undeniably irresistible when he's jealous.~ ~Also, will the other members find out about their secret relationship??~...
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Любимый учитель Найла Хорана by Salvador_Dali1765
Любимый учитель Найла Хоранаby Князь Арсений
Эту книгу я нашла у подруги в архивах , надеюсь она вам понравился )
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Battlefield by Brii-chan--yandeere
Battlefieldby Brianna
Kurt and Blaine are endgame! Or so they thought... Like every other high school relationship, Kurt and Blaine run into a few bumps in the road. They have their little fi...
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The White Lotus by Leixxing
The White Lotusby Ann Lei
There were four dynasties throughout the land. They were peaceful. Until the West planned to invade the remaining three dynasties beginning with the Jin Empire ruled by...
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Adeline's Choice (You Don't Mean Anything) by MarlyWithey
Adeline's Choice (You Don't Mean Marly Withey
He was a singer in a band. She was his slave. Love was never meant to be in the mix. But life was never meant to be simple and so the two of them fell. And fell hard.
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Wanna Make A bet?(SEKAI) by 88Beast
Wanna Make A bet?(SEKAI)by Samantha~
A simple bet in a gumball guessing game turns out to be a whole lot more for Jongin.
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Spitters Are Quitters by phanandianthony
Spitters Are Quittersby phanandianthony
Ianthony smut basically:)
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GyuWoo Pwp 1 by Pushipu
GyuWoo Pwp 1by Pushi
Well, this is honestly the first time I (kind of, cause it's pretty incomplete) write a story and smut, to boot. I don't even know if it's interesting, and my so called...
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But only for tonight by Meggs13
But only for tonightby Meggs
Baekhyun thought that Chanyeol was out of his life for good, but one night he shows up on his doorstep asking for a place to stay... Baek isn't sure though, should he se...
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Pleasure Me by Lena_Elliey
Pleasure Meby Elliey
Kai and Sehun are in a daddy kink relation ship. They are in a special "type" of daddykink relationship one that his a little twist. Kai just wanted to stay h...
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The Stranger That Changed My Life ( BoyxBoy) by IGOT7_Elf
The Stranger That Changed My Lee DongHae
Ever Since HyukJae Mother died , his father changed . He became abusive , he always came home drunk at night and beat HyukJae. Even when his father wasn't drunk , he st...
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Pokémon x Kpop oneshots by karumentokii
Pokémon x Kpop oneshotsby Karumen Kouhai
Pokemon X Kpop
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Santa's Helper by hufflepuff99
Santa's Helperby Lesbian in scrubs
This is just a little one-shot i wrote on a whim. Its Christmas themed, and its fabulous, i promise! (I apologize for Jumping from 3rd to 1st person, i just couldnt deci...
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These are My Last Words by mutual_death
These are My Last Wordsby Ry Ry
Summary: This is his last chance to be matter what the cost. Title: These Are My Last Words Rating: NC-17 Genre/Warnings: Death Fic, Slash, Gay, Ang...
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[Shortfic|BobBin] Người Yêu Tôi Là Kẻ Lang Thang by sieunhantao
[Shortfic|BobBin] Người Yêu Tôi Là Sieunhantao
Author: Sieunhantao Pairing: BobBin Rating: M Category: General Disclamer: BobBin không thuộc về tôi. Summary: Hanbin - học sinh gương mẫu. Jiwon...
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The Runner In Blue Nikes [A Larry Stylinson Novel] by KaamenCosPri
The Runner In Blue Nikes [A Kaamen CosPri
Harry Styles just wishes that his life would go back to normal. That the same gym he's been working at for the last three summer's didn't just burn to the ground, and th...
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