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[Longfic] [HunHan] Đại ca đây rồi!! by riincghwang
[Longfic] [HunHan] Đại ca đây rồi!!by Baozi ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Au: Riin Hwang Huynh đệ văn Rating : chưa quyết định =)) Vì một phút lỡ dại mà tôi đã sinh ra fic nhảm bome này Làm ơn đừng rinh đi đâu khi chủ nhà chưa cho phép nha a...
  • riincghwang
  • nc17
  • longfic
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Wonderful Mistake by ineededsummer
Wonderful Mistakeby ineededsummer
  • niall
  • fanfic
  • onedirection
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[Edit] Next Life, Give Me A Chance To Love You  (YunJae) by BunJung
[Edit] Next Life, Give Me A Bun Jung
۰۪۪۫۫●۪۫۰Next Life, Give Me A Chance To Love You ۰۪۪۫۫●۪۫۰ Title: 下一世,给我个爱你的机会 Author: hkfgfg aka K Mẫn [K敏] Genre: drama, romance, angst, Fluff, HE. Rating: NC-17 Tr...
  • fanfic
  • yunjae
  • đam
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Way Down We Go  by fallenepiphany1
Way Down We Go by fallenepiphany1
Izzie has been invited to groom for her boss at an international Showjumping Competition. Spending a whole week alone with him is not something she's looking forward too...
  • angst
  • nc17
  • showjumping
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|Longpic| Hopemin-ThạcMẫn Tình yêu tuổi thanh xuân by VanKhanhHan2002
|Longpic| Hopemin-ThạcMẫn Tình yê Văn Khánh Hân
Ranting: H, SM, M, ... Tác giả : Văn Khánh Hân Nhân vật: Jung HoSeok - Park Jimin ( Trịnh Hạo Thạc - Phác Chí Mẫn) Ngược có, Hường phấn cũng có. Đam...
  • langman
  • macàrồng
  • nc17
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Make America Great Again: A Madea Fourth of July by ivory-oceans
Make America Great Again: A ivory-oceans
It's that time of the year again, the time of year where patriotic Americans gather around a bonfire to respect our great country and roast hot dogs. This year, however...
  • fanfiction
  • donaldjr
  • romance
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The Obscure | by IMA [EXO Fic] by wonderlustoryby
The Obscure | by IMA [EXO Fic]by Wonderlust Story
Olivia Kang, anak dari pemilik organisasi mafia terbesar di Korea dan mendapat misi dari ayahnya untuk menghancurkan perusahaan Jynn Corps serta membunuh pewaris perusah...
  • action
  • sistercomplex
  • nc17
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The Runner In Blue Nikes [A Larry Stylinson Novel] by KaamenCosPri
The Runner In Blue Nikes [A Kaamen CosPri
Harry Styles just wishes that his life would go back to normal. That the same gym he's been working at for the last three summer's didn't just burn to the ground, and th...
  • jobs
  • stylinson
  • mature
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AFFLICTION  by juliacolinz
AFFLICTION by vitalinarey
Она хотела еще хоть раз вздохнуть полной грудью, почувствовать вкус свободы, впустить в себя свет, но было слишком поздно. Болезнь уже пустила корни в самую глубину души...
  • романтика
  • насилие
  • nc17
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Loving Adeline by trxditional
Loving Adelineby trxditional
"Je t'amie" he spoke softly. "Je t'amie aussi" she replied as quiet as a whisper. The candle blew out by the faint wind coming through the open windo...
  • love
  • nc17
  • dom
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Action vérité by asrial
Action véritéby Asrial Sama
Thor, Loki, Tony et un prompt de trois mots ! calins, cadeaux, élasticité et ca fait un PWP
  • pwp
  • stark
  • loki
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Лучше иногда падать,чем никогда не летать. by ponyville_
Лучше иногда падать,чем никогда не Ирина Макарова
-Тише,деточка.Ты должна поработать ротиком, тогда мы тебя отпустим -Всмысле? -сказала я ,прекрасно понимая на что он намекает. -На колени.-ответил бугай за своего хозя...
  • гет
  • любовь
  • fanfic
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Marrying Chanyeol by ParkJiHyuna
Marrying Chanyeolby AH
Imagine marrying EXO's Park Chanyeol! Cr. @HaruhiChii ( Twitter )
  • chanyeol
  • romance
  • kpop
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Easy Love by nutterybipps
Easy Loveby Ingrid Everts
The Buddhists say if you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you feel calm. No...
  • frat
  • harry
  • niall
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Paradise Nectar (KaiHun/SeKai) by Metztlii
Paradise Nectar (KaiHun/SeKai)by Metztli Ackerman
Sehun leaves the rat race to a faraway place, accompanied by a strange pair of warm eyes the colour of melted chocolate in the summer heat. But nectar was never meant...
  • wedding
  • jongin
  • sehun
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