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Truth's Last Stand by jimrileyenlight
Truth's Last Standby Jim Riley
Haiku-length verses that invite us to wake up before it's too late. Highest ranks, #1 in Haikus, #1 in Enlightening, #1 in Naturalism, #1 in Reflecting
Intro to Environmentalism by RyaBane
Intro to Environmentalismby Reality
A beginner-friendly guide to becoming eco-friendly / an environmentalist (Without lots of money). I myself love the earth and want to take care of it. Humans have caused...
Un joven de tan solo 16 años tiene que salir adelante sin nadie a su alrededor, decisiones desesperadas y pensamientos terribles acabarán con su vida.
Black holes and beginnings (poetry 1) by keels49
Black holes and beginnings ( keels49
Despite the destruction we are able to stop are shadows from consuming us To the ashes we devoured , we are no longer distorts of your confusion. NEW POEMS EVERY SAT/W...
Witchcrafts🔮 by _BlackkGirl_
Witchcrafts🔮by _BlackkGirl_
Witchcraft isn't like you imagine. Witchcraft is a life style, witchcraft is spiritual, witchcraft is pureness. Everyone thinks that witches are devils. Here you can fin...
Lost in the madness of Life by Zenith_da_Alien
Lost in the madness of Lifeby Zenith
Lost in the madness of life, Burnt by a raging fire, As dirty as dogs with fleas, As clean as Saphire [A Collection of Poems I wrote]
A Hood L💔ve Story by Amour_calinn
A Hood L💔ve Storyby Calin & Nya
Two young girls with lot head & unsure which route to choose. While Calin has life or death situations to choose from , she just wants the nearest exit out . On the othe...
My Country by AhmadShahriarAlArabi
My Countryby Ahmad Shahriar Al Arabi
It's a poem of patriotism. I want you guys to love your country the way she should be loved. So I'm expressing my love for my country in this poem.I hope that my poem wi...
A Dirty Ending by iloveviolinlol
A Dirty Endingby
Four daring friends adventure in the outdoors, but must face the worst dangers of the wilderness.
WHAT WE HAVE LOST by Jessica_lynta
A sneak peek into the past and what we have lost today owing to increasing urbanisation.
My Only One by NANAasAlways
My Only Oneby NANAasAlways
><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< Kiara Sky is a 17 year old at Princeton high sch...
building a better person by AshtonAshby
building a better personby Ashton Ashby
Weekly "stream of consciousness" journal entries about my adventure in getting away from modern life and re-discovering myself.
SAND SHARK by AllanSaunderson
SAND SHARKby bigalstory
SAND SHARKS are large and look ferocious, but they rarely attack humans. Like a starving predator he patrols the beach, looking to satiate his sexual appetite. Beautifu...
Innercosmic by dyskinesis
Innercosmicby 「miaou」⚞´ ᴥ `⚟
"One of the earth, one of the system. Two of different worlds but of the same circumstances. When nature and machinery coalesce, will the offspring live together or...
The Observer by Dans_p
The Observerby Danso Patrick
Nature's language is universal, so everyone understands, But it's voice is too low So when it speaks, only a few hear. At the end, each one tells what they think they h...
Tired by elixabethvalenn
Tiredby Elixabeth Valenn
This short story was written as a tenth grade project on political motive. The assignment asked students to relate a current (2016-17) political matter and relate it to...
Drifted Thoughts Of A Bewildered Mind by Tialoree
Drifted Thoughts Of A Bewildered Tia Loree
A short collection of poems by Tia Loree.
Iridescence by Beth_graceogden
Iridescenceby Bethany Ogden
These poems have been done mainly in my spare time but as they all fit the theme of being associated with a specific colour, I decided to put them together in a poetry b...
"THE SUN GOES DOWN.... A Sunset Photobook" by taannzzz
"THE SUN GOES DOWN.... A Sunset ❤️Tani❤️
A photobook, containing some of my favorite sunset clicks along with some thought behind those photographs ☺️ ------------------ I'm no...