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where you can complain about ur curls and coils or just simply talk about them. A place to share advice, tips, hairstyles, etc. etc.💛
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Kelechi  by stacylivesloud
Kelechi by stacylivesloud
An Igbo-American girl named Kelechi goes through a lot with being African, liking people way out of her league, being sensitive, and viewed in ways she couldn't imagine...
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Beauty Tips by Cessa244
Beauty Tipsby Princess
Beauty tips and guides
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Unlearn by TeilorK
Unlearnby Teilor Kynnedi
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Grow Those Inches! by Viviann-Michaels
Grow Those Inches!by Vivy
This is a book of tips and tricks in order for you to maintain length retention and to keep your hair healthy regardless of texture. Also, leave comments if you have any...
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Coils and Curls by bored_and_afraid
Coils and Curlsby Insert Name Here
Trial and Errors, Products, DIYs, Tips, Demos. Feel free to ask questions and share your experiences.
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Beauty tips and hack by ibukunDisu
Beauty tips and hackby ibukunDisu
This book is all about how people should treat their hair and hacks on what to use on the hair. It's all about making awareness of the simple ingredients you never use...
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4 Vitamins + 2 Minerals Needed for Healthy Hair Growth by BlackQueenC
4 Vitamins + 2 Minerals Needed BlackQueen
Yes, the habit of only nourishing our hair on the outside is great but nutrition also plays a huge role in our hair growth. Today's lesson will consist of what foods we...
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Brown Sugar and Honey {Bruce Wayne X Reader} by Gloziful
Brown Sugar and Honey {Bruce Anonymous_Lover_3
"black women are made of brown sugar, cocoa, warm honey, and gold. the sweetest thing to bless the earth, with the strength of ten thousand moons be wary of anyone...
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Why Me? by QueenEsther5
Why Me?by QueenEsther5
"Wait what's going on? Where am I?" I frantically say as I regained consciousness. I attempted to sit up as I was in a very uncomfortable position. My body wa...
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Everything's Irie, Kinda. by vicks543
Everything's Irie, Victoria B
"Before I go to college, I want to be single or maybe even a hoe." ~Irie Clarke, "Everything Irie, Kinda."
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FOB 210 by Silver_Violet
FOB 210by Silver_Violet
• {FOB; Function Of Beauty} • Just showing how I keep my hair growing, healthy and strong. Useful for: Black, Hispanic, White, Asian, Chinese, Indian, etc. They give a...
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Mom, I'm Different by SingStarDivass
Mom, I'm Differentby Tanise
The journal of Shaniece; We follow her as she goes through ups and downs, as she deals with bullies, severe anxiety, colorism, racism and the hardships of her verbally a...
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Curly/Wavy Hair Care by revoohsixela
Curly/Wavy Hair Careby Alexis
I've been reading up on caring for my hair for 3 years nonstop now, so I decided to write a book on it. I plan on updating frequently, since I LOVE talking about ho...
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My Natural Hair Rant  by crazy_legend
My Natural Hair Rant by crazy_legend
Through all my trial and error. This is basically me ranting about my hair
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To the Depths by cait-imani
To the Depthsby imani 💙
I awoke the next morning to bright eyes staring me in the face. I think I might have said something foul. The girl from last night was straddling my torso, her hair graz...
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Natural Hair Guide  (Beginner Friendly) by nicki0rih
Natural Hair Guide (Beginner Nicki0Rih
The only guide you'll need to refer to for natural hair tips, tricks and info! Leave questions and requests in the comments for future chapters and I will write them wit...
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Natural Hair University | Hair Goals by BlackQueenC
Natural Hair University | Hair BlackQueen
Here at NHU, you'll be able to connect with your roots and learn more about natural hair. Beyond every braid, loc, & kink, there's someone who struggles with their real...
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