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Hijo de Dragón by OkamiFairy
Hijo de Dragónby Okami no Fairy
La pelea contra Zeref ha terminado, y ahora mismo Natsu es el mago más popular de Fiore con multitud de fanáticas,aún así, en el gremio es ignorado por las demás La vi...
Natsu VS Zeref the Final Battle  by DarkFullCowling100
Natsu VS Zeref the Final Battle by DarkFullCowling100
Natsu makes a deal with Zeref too prevent the war from happening, an all out battle between the two but Zeref has allowed everyone of FairyTail to watch as well as the s...
The fighters by fireysword
The fightersby fireysword
Natsu is basically trained and is mega op but this version is very young and is a little bit able to be embarrassed and is more hesitant to fight and you'll have to read...
The return of the Fire dragon king and the sky dragon queen by Jotarokujostar
The return of the Fire dragon Jotarokujostar
Natsu and Wendy never went through the eclipse gate, instead, they were forced to watch as Acnologia killed Igneel and Grandeeny, they would later become dragons and cla...
The Trio by fireysword
The Trioby fireysword
Natsu is getting weaker by the days and is told that he has a mission that he is only allowed to go on. He goes and is attacked by a acnologia. Before Natsu is about to...