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909 by I0042I
909by 00 : 42
909 A short story about a teenage girl surviving in the world of post apocalyptic climate change. Isabelle is getting tired of lose ends. When the opportunity arises, sh...
  • environment
  • africanamerican
  • teen
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NATION'S PRIDE🇮🇳 by temish_fan123
This story is inspired from the recent Pulwama terror attack. Starring Vicky Kaushal Tejaswi Prakash Namish Taneja Yami Gau...
  • india
  • soldier
  • raglak
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My political views: updated by Wernistr235
My political views: updatedby Arriba España!
I have change my views I little bit, so I decided to do a updated version of a post I did a while ago.
  • opinions
  • third-positionism
  • nationalism
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Sarhad - سرحد  by xchaoticthoughtsx
Sarhad - سرحد by S 🥀
Sarhad - سرحد A romantic saga of love, courage and sacrifice. India and Pakistan have been enemies since their inception. Although, both have same culture, languages, r...
  • traditions
  • veerzaara
  • love
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The various fascisms by Wernistr235
The various fascismsby Arriba España!
A compalation of various fascist and ultranationalist movements, parties and régimes from the interwar years around the globe and in Europe, maybe also some from the pos...
  • politics
  • third-position
  • far-right
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28th Amendment by gaypigeon69
28th Amendmentby gaypigeon69
The story is set in a nationalistic America in the near future where abortion is illegal, political repression, lgbtq+ rights abolished, race mixing forbidden, degenerat...
  • socialism
  • dystopia
  • transgender
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Treasury Of Thoughts by bharvi29
Treasury Of Thoughtsby Bharvi Dani
Hello everyone! This book contains some piece of articles and poetry on varied topics . Will make sure that I publish more articles in the near future.
  • nationalism
  • romance
  • laughter
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Yes, I Am Mexican by Higareda1022
Yes, I Am Mexicanby Daniela Higareda
This is a personal experience story about how people treat me because I am Mexican and of how the term "Mexican" has become a synonym of "rapist", &q...
  • spanish
  • hate
  • discrimination
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I'm Really a Superstar! by Orbia45
I'm Really a Superstar!by Cyrus45
Zhang Ye was originally a mundane college graduate with aspiring dreams to become a star, but unfortunately has below average looks and height. However one day, he woke...
  • alternateworld
  • famousprotagonist
  • movies
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Elysia by supernovaelephant
Elysiaby st. ciel
a collection of divinity and a study of morality by the mortal eye. images:
  • time
  • elysia
  • fear
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between heaven and hell by M00NLIGVT
between heaven and hellby max
Sick of the unruly ruling the country, threats coming in from left to right - follow a group of friends as they set to change the world they were born in. A group of fri...
  • english
  • killer
  • ongoing
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[Highest Rank #1 in team, nationalism and Dhoni] [Highest Rank #364 in poetry] This is a poetry book dedicated to the most successful captain of Indian Cricket, none oth...
  • poetry
  • unbreakable
  • inspirational
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The Things We Do in the Light (One-shots) by MisterN0body
The Things We Do in the Light ( Mister A. Nobody
So it has been said "You do you", but in this book of one-shots you shall see what happens to those who do what has been declared legal, okay, and even right i...
  • truth
  • notadream
  • wrong
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Anti-fascism without actual fascism by Wernistr235
Anti-fascism without actual fascismby Arriba España!
The political reality of the western world has increasingly shifted towards the left-wing, making room for more extreme left ideas.
  • politics
  • nationalism
  • politicalcommentary
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World of MSDians by Praahi
World of MSDiansby Praahi
Here I wanted to share what I know of MSD and it is just a place to connect all MSDians. bashing will not be entertained.
  • inspirational
  • bharatsunderasan
  • ziva
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Poems for thy soul ( A Collection Of Poems) by TheDeadRevolutionary
Poems for thy soul ( A The Dead Revolutionary
Try reading
  • poetry
  • life
  • death
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With reason by Arike_malo
With reasonby Arike_malo
This poem collection #WITH REASON, centers on different issues of life. From basic happenings to things that will shake you to your ligaments. And exciting dramatic poet...
  • nationalism
  • proudlynigerian
  • nature
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Passion Pain Pleasure by CurthHippolyte
Passion Pain Pleasureby CurthHippolyte
Passion Pain Pleasure Just as the sun rises I had to write this. Fulfilling like coffee, this poetry will touch your heart. These words describe a risqué and provocative...
  • unpublished
  • free
  • chapbook
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Jouska [Wattys2019] by iamjagran
Jouska [Wattys2019]by Jey si
(n) The imaginary and often lively conversation that you carry out in your head between yourself and someone else. A conversation of me with my three stages of life: kid...
  • children
  • attitude
  • freedom
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Nation Worship by Anshuman_Mruthunjaya
Nation Worshipby Anshuman_Mruthunjaya
The essay looks at unravelling the commonalities in a nation and a religion. It looks at how nationalism and nationalist sentiments have become essential nutrients for t...
  • nation
  • fallacy
  • nationalism
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