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NATION'S PRIDE🇮🇳 by temish_fan123
This story is inspired from the recent Pulwama terror attack. Starring Vicky Kaushal Tejaswi Prakash Namish Taneja Yami Gau...
  • death
  • patriotism
  • revenge
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Sarhad - سرحد  by xchaoticthoughtsx
Sarhad - سرحد by S 🥀
Sarhad - سرحد A romantic saga of love, courage and sacrifice. India and Pakistan have been enemies since their inception. Although, both have same culture, languages, r...
  • nationalism
  • india
  • story
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My political views: updated by Wernistr235
My political views: updatedby Quni32
I have change my views I little bit, so I decided to do a updated version of a post I did a while ago.
  • third-positionism
  • opinions
  • politics
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I'm Really a Superstar! by Orbia45
I'm Really a Superstar!by Cyrus45
Zhang Ye was originally a mundane college graduate with aspiring dreams to become a star, but unfortunately has below average looks and height. However one day, he woke...
  • showbiz
  • nationalism
  • acting
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The Autobiography of Malcolm X by BlueNeonWolf080
The Autobiography of Malcolm Xby 👑Urvi💕💫
The Autobiography of Malcolm X was published in 1965, the result of a collaboration between human rights activist Malcolm X and journalist Alex Haley.
  • nationalism
  • malcolmx
  • autobiography
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The various fascisms by Wernistr235
The various fascismsby Quni32
A compalation of various fascist and ultranationalist movements, parties and régimes from the interwar years around the globe and in Europe, maybe also some from the pos...
  • politics
  • third-position
  • far-right
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The Sons of Europe  by The_American_Slav
The Sons of Europe by Chwała Bogu
Proud Europeans standing up for their country and for their continent against the people who threaten Europe's religion and Europe's native civilization. The European p...
  • anti-refugee
  • rightwing
  • europeanpatriots
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World of MSDians by Praahi
World of MSDiansby Praahi
Here I wanted to share what I know of MSD and it is just a place to connect all MSDians. bashing will not be entertained.
  • msd
  • maahi
  • spirit
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The Holy Britannian Armed Forces  by Kitkat120399
The Holy Britannian Armed Forces by Writter-Senpai
This is a short stories of seven different Soldiers that fought in many different wars of the Holy Britannian Empire. An RAF Pilot in the Defense of the Republic of Ukra...
  • imperialism
  • conflict
  • romance
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The Puerto Rican Pride by Guille-Torres12
The Puerto Rican Prideby Guillermo A. Estrada
It's Based in my dream that I have, for my people, the dream that they get their Independence and to be liberated from the tyrant powers that is the United States. Fue b...
  • alongfight
  • independence
  • nationalism
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My Country is My Home by RestoringJustice
My Country is My Homeby Fight for Rights
Please be aware that this is a poem and not a story.
  • nationalism
  • restraint
  • country
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The Things We Do in the Light (One-shots) by MisterN0body
The Things We Do in the Light ( Mister A. Nobody
So it has been said "You do you", but in this book of one-shots you shall see what happens to those who do what has been declared legal, okay, and even right i...
  • other
  • darkness
  • notadream
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Ang Modelong Bata by LouelTercias
Ang Modelong Bataby Louel Tercias
Performance Task sa Filipino 9 Ginawa ni: Louel Tercias at ni Gian Clemente
  • nationalism
The Irony of Society by NexisSoroleumFran
The Irony of Societyby Nexis Soroleum Fran
  • nationalism
  • irony
  • society
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Nation Worship by Anshuman_Mruthunjaya
Nation Worshipby Anshuman_Mruthunjaya
The essay looks at unravelling the commonalities in a nation and a religion. It looks at how nationalism and nationalist sentiments have become essential nutrients for t...
  • nation
  • fallacy
  • nationalism
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the Deterioration of Nationalism and Fascism by DanteLionheart
the Deterioration of Nationalism Dante Inima de Leu
My opinion on most present-day nationalists/fascists, and the fate of this political ideology.
  • fascism
  • nationalism
  • history
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When Silence Sleeps by MissDrophills
When Silence Sleepsby Iris💖
Almost every countries grant people the right to speak and express their feelings. But this is ofcourse not correct. There are certain people whose words are still unhea...
  • nationalism
  • love
  • war
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between heaven and hell by M00NLIGVT
between heaven and hellby max
Sick of the unruly ruling the country, threats coming in from left to right - follow a group of friends as they set to change the world they were born in. A group of fri...
  • assasinations
  • ongoing
  • barkada
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Living With A Disaster by Destructivo_1988
Living With A Disasterby DESTRUCTION AND VO2 MAX
One place, the calmest of all known places around the planet, has became the most disastrous and monstrous place. Whatever caused this disaster? What will happen to all...
  • waffletopia
  • moral
  • sciencefiction
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The Mind Portal by IanOHanlon
The Mind Portalby Ian Hanlon
Collection of my finished poems.
  • love
  • philosophy
  • nationalism
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