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More than Just a Movie by tarnishmyname
More than Just a Movieby tarnishmyname
Shooting for the Carmilla movie had just finished and now it was time for Natasha to show Elise how she really felt about her.
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Not Just Acting (Negovanman) by FANDOMSUN1TE
Not Just Acting (Negovanman)by C
Season 0 for Carmilla has just been wrapped, and both leading women begin to express wanting a relationship past friendship. Do not duplicate my story unless you ask fo...
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Fix You by AddlctWlthAPen
Fix Youby AddlctWlthAPen
"Do I scare you?" The raven haired girl asks. Laura shakes her head with hesitation. She knew nothing of the girl and what she was capable of and That's what f...
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Hollstein / Negovanman oneshots by taylorscupcake
Hollstein / Negovanman oneshotsby 💫
oneshots: x Hollstein x Negovanman x Mackassie x you and Elise x you and Natasha x you and Carmilla x you and Laura x you and Mackenzie x you and Cassie
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Last Call by AddlctWlthAPen
Last Callby AddlctWlthAPen
(First page of my book is a better description) Carmilla was on the edge of self destruction. She lost the love of her life to another and had a rough time coping. She...
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Unexpected Love ~EDITING~ by WriterWithAPen
Unexpected Love ~EDITING~by WriterWithAPen
Laura was in class one day when a new student, Carmilla walked in. Having to partner up with the new student, they develop a friendship... or was it something more?
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Turn Away (A Hollstein Fic) by AddlctWlthAPen
Turn Away (A Hollstein Fic)by AddlctWlthAPen
{AU INSPIRED BY TWENTY ONE PILOTS' "CANCER" (MCR) COVER} Laura: *I didn't plan this. I wasn't supposed to meet anyone. I didn't want to hurt anyone.* Carmilla...
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Misguided (lgbt-stories) by DeschaVato
Misguided (lgbt-stories)by DeschaVato
A bit of whatever I feel like writing. Demi Lovato Selena Gomez Natasha Negovanlis Elise Bauman Clexa Imagines Short stories
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I Will Never give up on you by hollsteinnatlise
I Will Never give up on youby hollsteinforever
It's a week after wrapping the Carmilla movie. It's Elise's last Night in Canada before she moves to LA. She spend the last Day to say goodbuy to her family and the cast...
negovanman | oneshots by supervanlis
negovanman | oneshotsby supervanlis
just little one shots with some negovanman fluff and angst, i hope you all enjoy!!
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Back To You (Last Call Sequel) by AddlctWlthAPen
Back To You (Last Call Sequel)by AddlctWlthAPen
IF YOU HAVEN'T READ MY OTHER STORY, LAST CALL, I ADVISE YOU AVOID THIS STORY UNTIL YOU DO. Laura awakes to a pounding in her head and a girl she doesn't seem to know by...
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Soulbonded (Ally Brooke/You) by Mistressofsnark420
Soulbonded (Ally Brooke/You)by ♏Selene LaChance♏
Y/n Y/L/N is a Twenty two year old writer/Youtuber, and the older sister of Camila Cabello, only Y/N doesn't know considering she's adopted. Join us as Y/N discovers the...
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i wanna be with you 'til the end... by Shadow_Jauregui337
i wanna be with you 'til the Shadow_Jauregui337
this is a story about natasha negovanlis and elise bauman its basically about them growing their relationship while working on carmilla aswell
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negovanman | oneshots  by multificss
negovanman | oneshots by liv
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not in the script  by multificss
not in the script by liv
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Never Leave by Negovanstein
"Please don't leave me. Not after all of this." "I don't...I don't want to.." *I DO NOT OWN ANY PHOTOS*
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Someday Soon by mollyreadss
Someday Soonby mol
Its Elise's Birthday and every body has seemed to forgotten about it, or have they? Natasha and Elise have been spending a lot of time off the set of Carmilla an...
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Carmilla One Shots/Imagines/Preferences by frickestsick
Carmilla One Shots/Imagines/ Maia
Because Carmilla is one of my favorite fandoms and I enjoy writing for it.
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I love you - A Negovanman story by hollsteinnatlise
I love you - A Negovanman storyby hollsteinforever
A little Negovanman story❤️it takes place after season 3 and years after?Will Elise and Natasha ever confesses their feelings for eachother and Will there be a Negovanma...
don't let go by multificss
don't let goby liv
this story is in no way based on true events nor is it something that i wish upon natasha nor elise. this story is simply just a different idea that i wanted to explore...
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