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Natsu x reader oneshots by lazy_weeabo
Natsu x reader oneshotsby anatheeweeb
Hello my lovely readers and welcome to my Natsu x reader one shots book. Yeah yeah, I know. There's a lot of these, but I love my Fire dragon slayer. Plus I have think o...
Never Take What's His (Natsu x Reader) by mysweetgirl32
Never Take What's His (Natsu x mysweetgirl32
Being raised by a dragon was hard at times. Example being no human interaction. Nothing became better once the dragon who raised you left, never to be seen again. Days...
Werewolves and Mermaids *completed*  by SophiaDaniRose
Werewolves and Mermaids * 𝐼𝓈𝓈𝒶
For years now werewolf's and mermaids we're forbidden to love each other but what if a young man around the age 18 his father the alpha of the tribe he lives in help a g...
|Fangs| Natsu X Vampire! Reader by Tianna-Chan
|Fangs| Natsu X Vampire! Readerby ti :)))
{#6 IN NATSUXREADER} "This Is Not A Cliché Vampire Romance Book And This Is Not Like Twilight. Read To Find Out How This Turns Out."
A Dragons Tale Nastu X Reader by DontWorry0000
A Dragons Tale Nastu X Readerby DontWorry0000
You have a special type of Dragon slayer magick you can summon different dragons that you created they are the four elements. Falvious the fire dragon. Airies the air dr...
NASTUXREADER  by loveallanime
NASTUXREADER by #Animelover
Is Natsu the one or is it just your imagination?! This comedy romance cycle with of course Natsu will lead up to many event.So will you stay long enough to read??Its up...
From The Beginning// Natsu X Reader Fanfic by animesimp11506
From The Beginning// Natsu X Anime Fan Fic Girl
This is a Natsu Dragneel x Reader Fan Fic even some of the things Natsu did in the series will appear in this Fan Fic so if you havent finished watching it and you dont...
Fresh Tears by Orange_Matsu
Fresh Tearsby Potato-Chan
Tears constantly stream down (y/n)'s face, but no one is ever there to wipe them away. She has experienced deaths that are unbearable to watch. Her past constantly haunt...
Nastu Lemons *Nastu x Reader* by yukki-akemi
Nastu Lemons *Nastu x Reader*by LulMonster🥳❤️
((Requested by @anime_girlSCREECH )) Full of lemons! Be prepared
Your (Y/N) Fullbuster, yep that's right your the sister of gray and your the one and only fairytail Ice dragon slayer. What happens when you finally met your crush and...
[On Hold] Dragon princess  [Nastu x Reader] by JuanCarlosLopezLope9
[On Hold] Dragon princess [ Eileen GloryNBeyond
Y/n is a elemental dragon slayer and your father's Name is Acnologia. Y/n was not like her father she's kind and sweet . When she gets left alone is the forest she see...
let me help you ( A Natsu x reader fanfiction) by koolkookie73
let me help you ( A Natsu x
" I wake up to a loud bang near my apartment". what the hell was that i think. my best friend Lucy tells me to get dressed and that she was going to take me t...