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Fairy Tail X One Piece Crossover by RedHeaded_OtakuNerd
Fairy Tail X One Piece Crossoverby Fandom Trash
Makarov finally approves Nastu's team for an one-hundred year quest. On the way, they meet the Thousand Sunny on the Grandline. They manage to recruit the Straw Hat crew...
A Devil's Hello by ThatOneServant
A Devil's Helloby You Love You
Lucy Heartfilia's mom would always sing her to sleep. After her her mom died, Lucy was given a disc to listen to every night. A disc of her mother's song. What she didn'...
I'm pregnant!!!! (Nalu) by nalu4ever-nashi
I'm pregnant!!!! (Nalu)by nalu4ever-nashi
Lucy gets Pregnant she was drugged by a stranger on the street Natsu didn't know of the sort and got her pregnant Natsu remembers everything but to Lucy it was all a blu...
Natsu's little sister ( Gray x Reader x Sting ) by Wolf_Libra
Natsu's little sister ( Gray x Wolfy
Natsu lost his little sister in the woods but odds were in the little girl's favor that night. A lady found her and took care of her. She took a personal quest to find h...
The angel of destruction ( graylu )  by Thesmollgachapotato
The angel of destruction ( Thesmollgachapotato
After lissana came back everyone ignored Lucy blah blah blah the usual stuff. Lucy leave's only to find out the truth about her past. After that she makes up a story But...
The Nalu Get away by kaykay_anime_lover
The Nalu Get awayby kaykayprimrose
Lucy Hearfilia is 17 years old she goes to Fukui Prefectural Fujishima High School in Tokyo FPFHS for short she and her 14 year old brother luke ran away from home 9 ye...
The Vampire In Magnolia by VictoriaLove01
The Vampire In Magnoliaby Don't
Lucy Heartfilia was an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. One day she moves in with her father and transfers to a school in Magnolia, but she didn't expect to find her...
(Gratsu) Natsu is a shifter from cat to human. He was put in the pound and the time was almost near when he would have to be 'cut off'. Luckily Gray Fullbuster comes an...
Gamer Tag : Gratsu by shototodoroki83
Gamer Tag : Gratsuby ほたる 🔥
ゲーマータグ:グラスツ Natsu Dragneel is one of the top five best YouTubers out there, his videos are usually gaming or challenge videos. he usually also usually is accompanied by...
The Last Dragon (Erza Scarlet x Fem! OC) by sleepingundrthestars
The Last Dragon (Erza Scarlet x haylex✨
When Erza Scarlet first joined Fairytail, she was nothing like the brave and courageous warrior like she is today. Not until a fateful encounter with a mysterious woman...
A lost FairyTail? by licilulu
A lost FairyTail?by Nalu/ Shance shipper
Basically, the whole Lucy gets a Power up, But Lucy dies before that and she dies protecting Every Dragonslayer In existence and she gets more than a Little Power up Sh...
Lucy's Secret by ldabelarmino
Lucy's Secretby ldabelarmino
For 3 years lucy was ignored almost all of the members of the guild didn't talk to her. Lucy and her real friends have a bond so strong you can't destroy it so easily. L...
The New Girl  by Kiitty_16
The New Girl by Kiitty_16
Lucy heartfilia was a 17 year old girl who just suddenly moved to Fairy Tail High, because of her father's new job. She is a very shy timid girl. The first day of school...
Crimson Eyes- A FairyTail Fanfic by iEliteRoyale
Crimson Eyes- A FairyTail Fanficby iEliteRoyale
Another day, another mission. At least that's what Team Natsu thought. The team went on a mission to defeat a dark guild, but it wasn't until Natsu was stabbed with a da...
Revenge On a Fullduster by gruvia57art
Revenge On a Fulldusterby Luna moon took her, you took her from me and for that I will get my revenge and what better to do that by taking the one thing you how you took the one th...
Fairy Tail RP by jellalisamongus
Fairy Tail RPby Jellal is Impostor
I'm in love with this anime so much, so I decided to make a roleplay of it since almost none of the ones I saw aren't open.
Strangers of Fire by kiwibabs
Strangers of Fireby kiwibabs
She was just doing the usual. Taking a quest of defeating an evil guild master. She hasn't expected that their magic would have sent her to a whole new world. She plays...
We are the DRAGON SLAYERS (Undergoing some editing) by AnimeSistersforlife
We are the DRAGON SLAYERS ( AnimeSistersforlife
Jaden: This was originally on my account. (When your bad at thinking of a great Description 😥😂😓) Jaden Scarlet was just a baby when he lost his family and was adopte...
Etherious Spirits by sp8403
Etherious Spiritsby sp8403
Lucy Heartfilia died on April 17, X789. She had been 20 years old. As she lay on the plane of Life and Death, the Celestial Spirit King decided to take her in. As the ye...