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Headphones (Naruhina) by YvonnePokemon
Headphones (Naruhina)by ItzLucy ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ
COMPLETED Naruto Uzimaki is a famous actor and singer. Tons of girls have huge crushes on him, he ends up going to Konaha high where everyone loves him, but he doesn't s...
Melting Point || Itachi Uchiha  by -aesuki
Melting Point || Itachi Uchiha by Reina
[Book 1] Non-Massacre! Slight AU! "I don't want to protect this village. I want to protect the individuals I care about in the village alone, that's what makes me s...
Princess copy kitten (various naruto x OC) by ninja_mika_savage
Princess copy kitten (various Mika savage
kyuma hatake is a 12 year old girl living with her mother (m/n) waiting to become the next keeper princess of her clan, the sugia clan. Then one night her entire clan an...
Sakura Momochi Hatake (Childhood) || Naruto by JoelleAu
Sakura Momochi Hatake (Childhood) ❀JO ❀
[3rd Place in Other/Mixed Media of Naruto Wattys] Written in 2014. This the childhood story of Sakura Momochi. When she was born and how she grew up with her biological...
Delinquent || Naruto by JoelleAu
Delinquent || Narutoby ❀JO ❀
[2nd Place in Other/Mixed Media of Naruto Wattys] Ranked #15 in ItaSaku Sakura was raised by Orochimaru single handedly. He is the headmaster of a well known all boys hi...
✔Altered (Sakura Haruno Fanfic) Rewrite by YANAH_CHAN
✔Altered (Sakura Haruno Fanfic) Yanah
#1st Place in NarutoWattys Awards! People are just like the same. They like me if they need me, but once I'm useless they abandon me. To survive, I need to be useful. M...
Switched || Naruto [SasuSaku] [NaruHina] by JoelleAu
Switched || Naruto [SasuSaku] [ ❀JO ❀
[1st Place in Canon Pairings of Naruto Wattys] What if Sakura wasn't born a Haruno? What if Hinata wasn't born a Hyuuga? What if it wasn't the Uchiha clan which was caug...
Christmas Present (SasuSaku) [One Shot- Lemon] || Naruto by JoelleAu
Christmas Present (SasuSaku) [ ❀JO ❀
[2nd Place in One-Shots of Naruto Wattys] Sakura Haruno felt like being the Santa Claus this year! She gave everyone presents,but what about herself? DISCLAIMER: I do no...
Naruto Watty Winners by NarutoWattyAwards
Naruto Watty Winnersby -`NWA´-
Every year people put their hearts on the line and their stories to the test. These are the people who came out on top.
WINNERS - 2015 by TheNarutoWattys-
WINNERS - 2015by Konoha's Awards
Even if the first awards went.. crazy, I manages to count all the votes and made sure! and here's the winners! ★
Hot Blooded Love (Gaara x Reader) [Short Story] || Naruto by JoelleAu
Hot Blooded Love (Gaara x Reader) ❀JO ❀
[1st Place in Best Pairings of Naruto Wattys] [2nd Place in Gaara no Sabaku of Naruto Wattys] Rika Himura is a relative of Sakura. Her mother is the sister of Kizashi Ha...
[2021] Naruto Watty Awards Guidelines  by NarutoWA2021
[2021] Naruto Watty Awards NWA
>> rules that regulate the Naruto Watty Awards since 2019. Under construction. grfx by; @-sugacream
Winners [summer 2016] by NarutoWattyAwardss
Winners [summer 2016]by Naruto Wattys
Winners of the summer Naruto watty awards. Congrats, guys! Cover by: @Naruto_Potatoe_0328! <3
Reincarnation (Naruto Fanfic) by PhantomGirl_143
Reincarnation (Naruto Fanfic)by Akira Konoe
"Kumi-chan...?" a boy with black hair and onyx eyes ask the girl with long Blondie hair and blue eyes. "...o-obito-kun...?" ask the girl whose name i...
More About this Account by Naruto_Watty_Awards_
More About this Accountby The Naruto Wattys
This is the full on description to this account! Please Read!
[VOTE HERE] Winter Naruto Wattys' 2015 by NarutoWattys
[VOTE HERE] Winter Naruto Wattys' Creator-sama
VOTE BOOK - 2015 by TheNarutoWattys-
VOTE BOOK - 2015by Konoha's Awards
VOTE HERE! TheNarutoWattys (2015) Voting Book! [VOTING END]
The Wolf With The Sheep (Naruto Fanfic) by Auto_Maniac
The Wolf With The Sheep (Naruto Demonic Treasures
My heart stung as did my eyes. "Oh Kami.." I whimpered as I watched myself twist and break. "Its for the best." "But it hurts." I whispered...
[RESULTS] Winter Naruto Wattys' 2015 by NarutoWattys
[RESULTS] Winter Naruto Wattys' Creator-sama
Results of the Winter 2015 Naruto Watty Awards! Congratulations to all!