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I'm in naruto?!?! by Allycandygirl
I'm in naruto?!?!by Neph_yy
In this story Mary is a HUGE naruto fan but she has powers in the regular world and is hated for it. Let's see what happens when she finds a spell book and she's transpo...
Odd Looking Kittens (REWRITING) by deathperation
Odd Looking Kittens (REWRITING)by • unclean realm •
This story is about how the Akatsuki, Team 7, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Killer B were turned into kittens by Orochimaru, transfered to our world, and is found by Rachel and...
Multiverses holding hands  by PeacefullDURRR
Multiverses holding hands by Peaceful
Ruth Brown is your average depressed, anime loving teenager. The only difference is, she is a national pop star! Her music has influenced so many people and saved so man...
This is your fault, Dobe. by Nightleemur
This is your fault, Nightleemur
I do not own any of the characters in this book. All of them belong to Kishimoto. This is a work of fanfiction. What if Naruto won the fight against Sasuke when he went...
Atsuko-Chan's Artwork by AnimeMultishipper
Atsuko-Chan's Artworkby Atsuko-Chan
PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!!!!! (Or horrified, whichever one you feel!) If you want, you can give me feedback on what to improve on!!
Minuko Hyucha by fanficscrazy
Minuko Hyuchaby Mechi Sarmiento
*I don't own Naruto* What if there was another member in the so famous Team 7? How will this affect everyone's lives? *** Muniko appears after some years to take on her...
Stuck in the Naruto Universe by megan15936
Stuck in the Naruto Universeby Rose 🌹
Rose lived with her parents, they where rich and happy but Rose's parents never loved Rose she was treated terrible she was beaten when ever her parents where home. Her...
Graphics Tutorials by NarutoUniverse_
Graphics Tutorialsby NarutoUniverse_
Konan and friends will show you, in this book, how to make different types of graphics. Come on in to learn more!
Interrogation Room || Book Review by thenarutards
Interrogation Room || Book Reviewby Narutards Unite
A critique book on Naruto fanfiction book reviews with analysis and personal thoughts on what your book is lacking or has. As well as giving pointers, tips and advice on...
Kitsune no Akuryo by OpalHippocampus799
Kitsune no Akuryoby OpalHippocampus799
Kitsune does not have a sir name, except in really formal settings when someone is yelling at him. Kitsune is just what Danzo has called the boy since he could remember...
IM A JINCHURIKI!!! by ShadowSpiral01
IM A JINCHURIKI!!!by ShadowSpiral01
I got kinda bored and then I imagined what it would be like if I was Naruto but still me and not Naruto level suck at ninja in the beginning. it's just a thing I'm doing...
El lado oscuro de la luna. by misschansey
El lado oscuro de la misschansey
sakura haruno es una mujer como cualquier otra no?,en medio del caos del dia a dia , nadie sabe que hay detras de la mascara, nadie sabe la verdad que escondes al llegar...
Mend Your Heart with Mine by isabella_inuzuka45
Mend Your Heart with Mineby Isabella Inuzuka
Riku is an average teenager and Kiba is the best soccer player in school. They hated each other more than anything. It wasn't until everything started going downhill tha...
Fire by KaliAldimie
Fireby Kali Aldimie
Living in a criminal family, being forced to sell drugs since you were 8. Coming face to face with death before actually being able to call yourself an adult. How unfort...
Into Thin Air by HanagakuresScribe
Into Thin Airby Flourence Dawn
One day while traveling in the Land of Forest, located between the countries of Wind and Earth, Gaara, Kankuro, Iruka, and Team 7 came across a group of mysterious nin i...
Blood At The River by EuphoriumZ
Blood At The Riverby Euphoria
Seven Sins. Seven Rogues. Seven Different Stories. Lia Senju And Amanda Senju. Nicole Uzumaki. Elizebeth Inuzuka. Sitara Nara. Emily Akimichi. Cassie Yamanaka. Seven Dea...
From the Far Future to the Distant Past by sleepylilacfox
From the Far Future to the ☽ Lilac ☾
Eight people angered two Dragons that after a long boring wait got their powers back. Well Boruto angered them. The other seven were just dragged into this mess. Ryuu, S...
Dimension Travelers (Into the Naruto Universe) by littybitty05
Dimension Travelers (Into the littybitty05
You grew up with two very abuse parents. The truth is, they never loved you. Not one bit. You went to school as the "caring, sweet girl" and everyone admired y...
A book of Oneshots but it's complicated by TheAllAmericanNordic
A book of Oneshots but it's The Polar Bear
Alright so you all know me, not much a writer... but I really good at thinking about prompts, so that's kinda basically what is this? But like I write the first like cha...
The Rise of a Legend by Shikikado
The Rise of a Legendby Shikikado
Warning!! This is a fan fiction. I will be writing this from the perspective of a character I created from a figment of my imagination. All places/actual characters and...