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MHA: Madara Uchiha Entry by thorinprime
MHA: Madara Uchiha Entryby thorinprime
On the Blink of Death, His Last Moments with Hashirama despite being an Edo Tensei, Having fix their friendship with few words . . . Madara accepted to go to the Pure La...
The Ninja Hero (Bnha X Naruto) by YugodaEliatrope
The Ninja Hero (Bnha X Naruto)by Black_Swordsman
On the brink of winning the war, Naruto got into a bad position. He was going to be killed. Suddenly, Sasuke gave his life to save Naruto. As he died, he gave Naruto the...
Sasuke in mha by Arianna_1_1
Sasuke in mhaby }{€\\0
It was during the fourth great ninja war that Madara tired of having to deal with Sasuke suddenly used his rinnegan to make him change dimensions. I don't own neither na...
I chose my path! by 1-800-sheepchild
I chose my path!by 1-800-sheepchild
Ever since Naruto was a little child he had to hide a secret that no one knows about to keep him safe.....or should I say she. One day she had enough of hiding her true...
Seven Sins of The Namikaze by R0tatcid
Seven Sins of The Namikazeby R0tatcid
Thousands of years ago Meliodas and his wife Elizabeth Liones ended the new holy war, now their descendant has awakened to their powers and is on a quest to reform the S...
⌁ New York's Lightning ⌁ || MCU x Naruto  by Feethecracker
⌁ New York's Lightning ⌁ || MCU || ⌞✕⌝ ||▻ ʟɪꜱᴄʜᴇ ɴᴀʀᴀ
When Uchiha Sasuke died by Kaguya's hand, he didn't care. It was selfish - there was so much left to do... Rebuild his clan and restore Itachi's honour. Apologize to his...
NOT SO FORTUNATE HAPPENINGS || Naruto x BNHA | by Feethecracker
NOT SO FORTUNATE HAPPENINGS || || ⌞✕⌝ ||▻ ʟɪꜱᴄʜᴇ ɴᴀʀᴀ
Aizawa's day was going terribly, even before the blood-covered clump of people dropped out of no where onto the floor of his classroom. (--> I adopted yuki_MXIVo's b...
Hitsugaya's Son. by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
Hitsugaya's Naruto Namikaze
Toshiro has a Son, Naruto. When Naruto was born he vanished into the Elemental world. Minato found Naruto at the scene of the Kyuubi attack. Minato's Son, Karuto, died a...
Blossom & Leaves by AvenSheridan
Blossom & Leavesby Aven
After a tragic event Izuku's mother got hospitalised. At the hospital he meets Sakura who teaches him the way of ninja and healing. I don't own Naruto ,Boruto and My Her...
Yandere Bnha Various x Naruto Oc by Inkdemoninme
Yandere Bnha Various x Naruto Ocby Inkdemoninme
Stay safe people! Wash your hands!
Saiyan of Konoha ( Naruto x Dragon Ball Z/Super Crossover ) by Aserex
Saiyan of Konoha ( Naruto x Aserex
After defeating Freeza, Goku barely manages to escape the inevitable destruction of Namek. However, the spaceship did not take him to the Yadrant Planet like in Cannon...
two shinobi in the other world (naruto crossover aot) by harui_keira
two shinobi in the other world ( harui keira
Naruto and Sakura have been sent by Tobi into the world full of titans and people who lived in a 50 meter wall to protect themselves from titans. Will they could ever g...
Naruto & Attack On Titan, The Crossover by itchhyswife
Naruto & Attack On Titan, The Itachi’s wifey
This story is about Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata ending up in another dimension... a dimension with no charka, no shinobi, but one with titans. They meet the char...
Naruto and Sasuke's Predicament by HeroOnlyfans
Naruto and Sasuke's Predicamentby HeroOnlyfans
An idea occurred to me, Naruto and Sasuke in the One Piece word. Naruto and Sasuke were in an intense fight with Kaguya, just as they thought they had the upper hand she...
Musutafus Protector by SNS_BKDK
Musutafus Protectorby Dilia Duarte
Deku was always abused at home by his mom after his father suddenly left for being "quirkless" Truth is, he isn't but he has to keep it a secret. One day, he d...
The Yellow Flash of Fairy Tail by Eyeofcreation
The Yellow Flash of Fairy Tailby Vanadis
Fairy Tail is well known for being a Guild of powerful, and mentally unstable or challenged, mages and warriors, and are almost always at the center of any and all troub...
The Heart Wants What It Wants (Warren Peace x reader) by Neko_Senshi
The Heart Wants What It Wants ( Daydreamer
~ I had this story done for a while since I lost inspiration on my other one and I wrote it because I notice there aren't a lot of Warren x reader so I said lets do this...
Fist of The North Sea (Hokuto no Ken x Naruto x PJO x Scp foundation) by ElCharroNergro
Fist of The North Sea (Hokuto no ElCharroNergro
Percy's life went down hill, his mother had died to protect him from monsters, his sister had abandoned him for the hunters of Artemis, leaving him in a forest, but ever...
Fall Into Depravity  by RasenShouriken
Fall Into Depravity by TheyCallMe_Nine
When Konan was killed by the man who called himself Madara and find herself into a whole new world of magic. She was determined to find answers and destroy the organizat...
The Fairy Ninja by kookie_kraft
The Fairy Ninjaby kookie_kraft
Akai Uzumaki, the twin sister of Naruto Uzumaki and spitting image of Kushina Uzumaki, unlike Naruto she was a prodigy. When she was younger it was herself and her broth...