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Naruto's Pokemon Journey Book 1:Red And Blue  by Gincuba
Naruto's Pokemon Journey Book Gincuba
Naruto and everyone doesn't live in konoha they live in the Pokemon world where everyone gets a Pokemon as their starter and see Naruto and his friends and Pokemon go ou...
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My Friend, My Vampire Lover by WhiteWolfGirl259
My Friend, My Vampire Loverby WhiteWolfGirl259 .
No longer on Hiatus but updates will be very slow please do not ask me when I will be updating Sakura and Sasuke were childhood friends for a long time. Then one day, Sa...
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A Leaf's Fairy Tale: Chronicles of Drakkenborne by DarkShadowGames451
A Leaf's Fairy Tale: Chronicles Ændring Blade
When light is bestowed upon and object, shall a shadow appear. Like opposites, they cannot exist without one another... Thanks to the negligence of of his parents, a you...
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Ta passion? C'est aussi la mienne! by Camille570re
Ta passion? C'est aussi la mienne!by Mille
L'université. Tenten se tenait devant les portes imposantes tentant de prendre son courage à deux mains pour entrer. Cette année, tout devait être différent. Elle dev...
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The Past of Parents by Elizabeth_Emiya
The Past of Parentsby Elizabeth_Emiya
This is a sequel of 'The Future of Us!' This is about the next generation being kidnapped to see the past of their parents. I added a few things to the plot of Naruto, (...
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Petals - NaruHina Fanfic by nymoshi
Petals - NaruHina Fanficby nymoshi
This is a short fanfic I hope to make in a series. There isn't much "other stuffs" in it. I am only a beginner fanfic writer, and I haven't finished Naruto yet...
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Ranting Ships And Story Time Top 10s by Gincuba
Ranting Ships And Story Time Top Gincuba
The title says it all I'm going to be ranting ships of any anime and anime in general by the way this is just MY OPINION if you don't ship it and I do or the other way a...
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Beijo da morte by GabrielaEmanuelly
Beijo da morteby GabyManu
Sakura Haruno, principal investigadora de casos aparentemente quase inexplicáveis, líder de um grupo de investigadores policias são convocados para desvendarem as mortes...
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Always Falling by Theloveofblankies
Always Fallingby PandAcorn
Hinata has loved Sasuke for almost her entire life, and once they finally date she is beyond the moon. Sasuke on the other hand doesn't really care about her, he only wa...
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Lilac sky with cotton candy clouds by Nakeira13
Lilac sky with cotton candy cloudsby Elyssa
Lilac...The color of the eye that marks beauty in the purplish blue night sky. Cotton Candy the color of a sweet treat that makes you feel warm inside. Sakura Hurano is...
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KAU HANYA MILIKKU by itsalittt
KAU HANYA MILIKKUby utomatcherry
Uchiha Sasuke, 28. Haruno Sakura, 19. Namikaze Naruto, 24. Hyuga Hinata, 24. Prolog " Aku mencintai segala tentangmu." Sasuke. " Tolong lepaskan aku.&qu...
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Un Destino trasportato da un Vento Primaverile by MartiAlien19
Un Destino trasportato da un Martina
Il destino è imprevedibile, e delle volte anche ingiusto e doloroso. Sakura lo ha subito sulla sua stessa pelle la notte del suo ventunesimo compleanno, ritrovandosi di...
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NaruHina: Igaz szerelem by ilovebooks1005
NaruHina: Igaz szerelemby NaruHina4ever
Történetünk főszereplői Uzumaki Naruto és Hyuga Hinata. Mindketten 16 évesek. Konaha egyetlen gimijébe a Konohai Gimnáziumba járnak. A sztori a NaruHináról fog szólni el...
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Tanto tiempo fuera by Minihove
Tanto tiempo fueraby Minihove
Esta es la histora de que Sasuke vuelve de su segundo viaje de 12 años que empezó 6 meses después del primero y descubre que toda la villa a cambiado y muchos le creían...
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Inner Sakura. ( French / English History ! ) by juvia555
Inner Sakura. ( French / English ERROR - 707
Sakura has always loved Sasuke until she lost her main reason; fight and become the strongest!! instead of being the weakest link in her team! so she did something, so...
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La jalousie d'un ninja by DeborahCagnard
La jalousie d'un ninjaby Déborah Cagnard
La 4 ème grande guerre ninja a prit fin. Sasuke a terminé son voyage de rédemption et revient au village de Konoha. Comment sa relation avec Sakura va t-elle se développ...
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I'm in love with ya! ∥ キミニコイシテイル! by addictaedtoyou
I'm in love with ya! ∥ キミニコイシテイル!by apple7kawaii。
『 NaruHina AU! 』 ❝ Will you remember me Hinata? ❞ asked a yellow haired boy. ❝ Y-yes I'll r-remember y-you N― ❞ •─────────────•🍥•─────────────• ...
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Konoha's Bad Girls  (Naruto) by eileennb
Konoha's Bad Girls (Naruto)by eileennb
Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Tenten and Temari are famously known as the Queens of Konoha High. A group of girls you wouldn't want to mess with. What happens when a group of fo...
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The Camp Shinobi Disaster by HetaGarden1
The Camp Shinobi Disasterby HetaGarden1
AU. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Poor Sakura Haruno thought that nothing could be worse than having your parents ship you off to some mixed-gender Ninja Summer C...
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Anything Naruto by KaeKae1706
Anything Narutoby
It will have facts, memes, fanarts, pictures and much more. It's also my first book so bear with me as much as you can 😊😁.
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