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Arshi FF || Beauty and The Beast || by Mamree
Arshi FF || Beauty and The Beast ||by Mamree
A ruthless business tycoon and a lonely , naive girl... A Child and a nasty game of power.. A six month contract... want to know more?? My Second ARSHI Fanfiction.... ...
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On the Trail... by Tmirez
On the Zerimar
A self-proclaimed inquisitor takes a job to investigate a haunted house in a town about to hold its yearly festival. Flanked by two old companions, the trio find themsel...
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Arshi TS ~ Come Back... Please ~[ Completed]  by Mamree
Arshi TS ~ Come Back... Please ~[ Mamree
A night of passion drew two soul close who were craving for each other. But what happen when one's cowardice act and one's pride came in between the way to their love...
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Arshi SS ~ SWEETHEART~ by Mamree
Arshi SS ~ SWEETHEART~by Mamree
A headstrong, determine, practical girl had a dream to fall in love before marriage and only get married to her " sweetheart'. At the age of 26 years , she fall in...
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Arshi  TS ▪︎ It's Too Late ▪︎[ Completed ] by Mamree
Arshi TS ▪︎ It's Too Late ▪︎[ Mamree
What will be the result when a selfless woman will get only humiliation and truma in return of her unconditional love? How long she will remain as taken for granted? Wha...
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Arshi OS ~The Keeper Of Her Heart~ [Completed] by Mamree
Arshi OS ~The Keeper Of Her Mamree
Khushi is going to get married tomorrow.. But the night before her marriage someone intrude in her room... Want to know more?? A Romantic OS on our beloved ARSHI... Bes...
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Mizpah [MiChaeng] ✔ by Abyssmps
Mizpah [MiChaeng] ✔by .
Have you ever tried to dial the number you've seen in public places? Like someone write it for fun or for purpose. And that person replied on your message? ...
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Just Neighbors|| Callmecarson  by -CobraQueen-
Just Neighbors|| Callmecarson by 🌸Active🌸
People were asking for it, so here it goes Callmecarson x reader Very sad dramatic story Hehe
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Pikit Mata [MiChaeng] ✔ by Abyssmps
Pikit Mata [MiChaeng] ✔by .
(adj.) lit "with eyes closed"; How you accept the fact that something against your desires must be done. [√ ] Epistolary [√ ] Narrative [√ ] Both Highest Rank...
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SOLO by aerixxdrafts
SOLOby eilish.
JENNIE X YOONGI ❝ I'm going solo lololololo. ❞ Some things never change but change 'cause it's needed, 'cause it's wanted. ♡°°♡ ; a yoonnie fanfic ; ©aerixxdrafts All...
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Bnha Oneshots <3 by Karin0825
Bnha Oneshots <3by Karin
※ON HIATUS※ ※NO MORE REQUESTS※ Wanna have a book full of oneshots that's filled with cotton candy fluff or gloomy angst, both with the essence of cringe in there? Well...
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Not my fault «meanie» by beautaefulmistake
Not my fault «meanie»by ¡sim!
Unknown number: YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE Unknown number: I'm sorry, you're a not loved poop hole » Librarian!Wonwoo » Mostly texting » Side ship: Soonhoon, Junhao, Verk...
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Narrator x fem. reader (the stanley parable) by Doublechest
Narrator x fem. reader (the Doublechest
This is a story of a Woman called (Y/N).
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Back To Zero : Kunpimook Bhuwakul by jjakbbam
Back To Zero : Kunpimook Bhuwakulby andi
"Don't get too lost in the sky, you won't be able to get back down so easily."
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The right one for me by sweetstory1122
The right one for meby nan anna
Leslie Atkinson had a rough childhood. After many failed relationships, she meets Nathan Bancroft, her neighbor will sparks fly between them. Follow Leslie on her story...
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Descriptives and Narratives(IGCSE English) by GauthamK
Descriptives and Narratives( Gautham D. Kumar
This book is a compilation of narratives and mainly descriptives that I wrote as practice work for my IGCSE First Language English course. They are mostly unreviewed and...
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reminiscent ↠ fe:3h oneshots by dahyunxox
reminiscent ↠ fe:3h oneshotsby sandakin slywalker.
reminiscent /ˌreməˈnis(ə)nt/ * tending to remind one of something. ~ perhaps the way to learn love in fódlan is to reminiscent about it /// just a bunch of fire e...
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Books & bras ➳ MiChaeng by httpstwiceu
Books & bras ➳ MiChaengby yuyu
chaeyoung finds a bra inside his package
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To The Stars // SOON by juIeswrites
To The Stars // SOONby 𝐣𝐮𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐚
❝I love you to the stars, Maddie.❞ (c) juIeswrites 2019
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Chef-d'oeuvre by jeongmoaned
Chef-d'oeuvreby geiru
"너는 걸작이야, 미나, 너를 사랑해." "Chef-d'oeuvre", translates to Masterpiece in English. A story wherein Chaeyoung has developed feelings for her bestfriend, M...
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