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Mr. Wallis by AlmaCoraimy
Mr. Wallisby AlmaCoraimy
Lania had been pen pals with an old gentleman from across seas in the United Kingdom, writing him for years till he becomes deeply ill. The last letter she received had...
System: Change the fate by Nisha_lucy
System: Change the fateby LUCY
Adria Campbell had everything in her life. Her family pampered her. She really had everything that she wanted except a BOYFRIEND.There were many proposals... BUT No one...
₮ØӾł₵ ⱠØVɆ <3 by joon4ever
₮ØӾł₵ ⱠØVɆ <3by hi I'm god
Wσσ Dσ-hαn (fαcє clαím wσσ dσ hwαn) ís α cσld nαrrsαstíc guч whσ sєєms tσ hαvє αn αgєndα. whєn Dσ-hαn gєts єхcєptєd íntσ thє grσup вts, wíll thє mєmвєrs líkє hím? wíll...
Psychology And Knowledge by dablesucidewitme
Psychology And Knowledgeby a very fantastic name
Just a bunch of disorders, phobias, killers, and stuffs you probably don't wanna read. It contains GORE. And oh yea, the contents are messy.
The Bottom Club by harveyelliot
The Bottom Clubby harvard
Drastic measures are a last ditch effort to save yourself after twenty-one heartbreaks and thirteen failed relationships, or at least this is the logic behind Wyatt Cart...
Mystic Messenger Facts by MysMess
Mystic Messenger Factsby Sam
WARNING! SPOILER AHEAD This book contains 100 facts! HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 - elizabeth3rd #1 - mysmess #2 - mysmess #4 - narcissist #59 - mysticmessenger
Dreaming of Skies *undergoing rewrite* by Yvo3nne
Dreaming of Skies *undergoing Yvonne
Aero just started her life in a world she hasn't lived in since she was eight. Her goal is to live a normal life and forget about how she was kidnapped and stored away i...
Paragon High by psych_ecupid
Paragon Highby P S Y C H O
Villain. How can we describe such word? Many ways! Evil, mischievous, cunning, sinners, liars, and malicious. But how to be a good one? That's why we welcome you at &qu...
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Mr. Formal by BethelCrown
Mr. Formalby Bethel Crown
Mr. Stephen Harper Collins jr. is a middle-aged CEO at a well-known business organization that specializes in providing legislation, regulation, and ordinance services;...
The Ballerina and I {Chapter 1-2 are Revised} by CalicoAngel13
The Ballerina and I {Chapter 1-2 Cutie Minnie
'Why do I have to meet someone like you?!' -Jimin 'Because God loves me so much! Be thankful that you meet someone as hot as me!!' -Jungkook 'JERK!!' He exclaimed. In wh...
Dancing in the Florida Sun (Completed) by Designschool
Dancing in the Florida Sun ( Designschool
Brooke Ferguson had the perfect life. Perfect grades in college, perfect friends in her perfect sorority, and a perfect boyfriend with whom she planned a perfect future...
Hell's Bell || A Dialogue Story  by Dailylicious
Hell's Bell || A Dialogue Story by Lizette
"You rotten fish" "excu-" "You silicon face caked up with makeup" "What the fuc-" "You cheating beech" "Holy Mol...
A Jin's Guide on How to Win a Girl by KimTae-HyungBTS
A Jin's Guide on How to Win a Girlby V
V and Jennie were on a date. One thing has gone wrong and it was the end for the two of them. All V had to do was actually show emotions, although he had trouble doing...
opposites ➳ sillie / mildie by weirdox
opposites ➳ sillie / mildieby kat
Sadie is the unavailable, ballet dancer with a nice smile and Millie is the narcissistic boxer who gets what she wants. sillie / mildie [all characters are 18+ in the s...
Womens Aid by ShaniceW11
Womens Aidby Shanice Williams
This is a poem I wrote when I escaped domestic Violence
The Only Person Worthy Of Me Is You by britnybutterfly_20
The Only Person Worthy Of Me Is Youby Just_A_Random
Isana Ito grew up a rich child. Though he was rich his parents always taught him to have pride and work for what you want so he didnt end up a spoiled rich adult that do...
Poetry about the different stages of relationships
Child of narcissist parents by blanderson11
Child of narcissist parentsby blanderson11
Living with two narcissist parents
What My Mother Forgot by WhatMyMotherForgot
What My Mother Forgotby WhatMyMotherForgot
Before reading this, you should know... I considered how honest I wanted to be and how much I really wanted anyone to know about me. I've held these storied tight, clut...
The Liar, The Narcissist and The Sociopath. by Sofia-Scarlett
The Liar, The Narcissist and The sofia-scarlett~☆
**TRIGGER WARNING** The beautiful thing about life is that you can easily become entranced by your own insecurities and views... Suffocated by the liar. Intoxicated by t...