Foda-se by _-Anjo_Perdido_-
Foda-seby Foda-se tudo
Brota ai Só coisas aleatórias,que me vier na cabeça Foto,vídeo,música,até declaração kk slc Lê ai,se gostar comenta nessa porra Se não gostar,foda-se vc
  • frases
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Good Morning 2018 by Kaylee_James
Good Morning 2018by Kaylee_James
Uehara Hisashi and Yoshikawa Nao, now 20 years old, have moved back into their first apartment according to Hisashi's agreement with the landlady.
  • nao
  • goodmorningcall
  • yoshikawa
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My new life - Naruto Fanfiction by AngelaKL
My new life - Naruto Fanfictionby AngelaKL
Nao (Naomi) Mayer has a few problems. No friends and a father which dislikes her and wishes she were a he. She does all she can to please him, even dressing and acting l...
  • kakashi
  • sakura
  • genderbender
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Remember Me?  [A CHARLOTTE FAN FICTION] by Eyv181912
Remember Me? [A CHARLOTTE FAN Eyv181912
(♥ω♥*)A SHUNSUKE OTOSAKA FANFIC♡ Airi Mei's an ability wielder able to control someone's mind then completely break them. Emotionless 18 year-old Airi haven't felt happ...
  • anime
  • life
  • yusa
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Yu x Nao by uzamii
Yu x Naoby Geny
  • nao
  • yuuotosaka
  • fanfiction
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[12 Chòm Sao] Hoàng Cung Náo Loạn, Gà Bay Chó Sủa ( Chính ) by BlackRoseAikoMiu
[12 Chòm Sao] Hoàng Cung Náo Loạ BlackRoseAikoMiu
[Fanfiction] Hoàng Cung Náo Loạn, Gà Bay Chó Sủa. Author: Aiko~ Nha Đầu Rắc Rối. Beta lỗi chính tả: SaGiTaRiAn. Thể Loại: xuyên không, cung đình, cổ đại, hài...
  • loan
  • cũng
  • são
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Good Morning Call Fanfiction (OC X??) by marinionpotaeto
Good Morning Call Fanfiction (OC 3 Sec0nd C0untd0wn
Nao and Uehara aren't the only ones to get caught up in a contract scam. Akira finds herself in quite the situation when she ends up on a triple contract scam with Nao a...
  • funny
  • good
  • morning
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Nalu: Em hận anh Natsu! by Amikiute
Nalu: Em hận anh Natsu!by Ninh Hiểu Nguyệt
Mùa xuân năm 9 tuổi em và anh 2 chúng ta gặp nhau... 11 tuổi chúng ta yêu thương lẫn nhau... 13 tuổi em ra đi... 15 tuổi em quay về nhưng anh bây giờ đ...
  • nao
  • khi
  • comedy
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Dor by Levih_Stars
Dorby Emanuelle TS
Isso não é um livro, é apenas um conto de uma garota com sentimentos.
  • amor
  • amigo
  • coraçãopartido
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Taeyang Glow {Rants & Randomness} by SlayTheWallsDown
Taeyang Glow {Rants & Randomness}by The Glow✨
Just a book of a girl's crazy mind
  • dee
  • nao
  • glow
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Tears Don't Fall (Good morning call-Daichi)  by crystal_urbano
Tears Don't Fall (Good morning Baby_Sanha
It took me a while to realize that I had some feeling for him. By either way, he will alway like the same girl no matter what. So why would he lead me on like that. Sta...
  • uehara
  • goodmornimgcall
  • marina
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faking it ; issei {good morning call} by agustdlips
faking it ; issei {good morning paola
two bestfriends decide to fake a relationship so they can get their crushes to like them. but what happens when one of them falls in love with the other?
  • uehara
  • issei
  • love
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Refreshment - Shokugeki no Soma by QuietlyMomoko
Refreshment - Shokugeki no Somaby QuietlyMomoko
Sakuranomiya Seiya is a normal high-schoolar currently studying in the Toutsuki Culinary Academy. Despite having a rather weak body, his cooking skill is higher than an...
  • sadatsukanao
  • alice
  • soma
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Free! A New Team by Liz_Rosemoon
Free! A New Teamby Liz
When Fuyuko Saiki enters Junior High along with Makoto and Haru, they enter the swim club with Asahi and Ikuya. Meeting new friends, Kisumi, Natsuya-senpai, and Nao-senp...
  • haruka
  • asahi
  • free
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LOVE IN THE RAIN by HappilyEverDeath__
Fanfiction of Goodmorning call. What if Nao Yoshikawa had a fraternal twin sister that she never told anyone about. Her parents having to send her away because of finan...
  • etc
  • nao
  • sisterhood
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Creator ( servamp x oc )   by seruveru
Creator ( servamp x oc ) by death
what if sleepy ash didn't kill the creator of vampire what if he only kill the disciples that where send by the creator ( find out )
  • servamp
  • sleepyash
  • nao
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Smile Precure FanFictions by TomboyFullbuster
Smile Precure FanFictionsby Tombi~uwu
Ive seen many people do this but i decided to work on my own collection. Collab with @1_CureHeart_ @CureNight @bluedogs5 @Damcclub Other: .........Lemons/maybe
  • curepeace
  • smileprecure
  • curebeauty
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Este livro não é de minha autoria. Nome da Autora: ELIZABETH RAMOS
  • famoso
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My new Destiny - Naruto Fan-Fiction by AngelaKL
My new Destiny - Naruto Fan-Fictionby AngelaKL
Sequel to "My new life"... After Sasuke and Nao had left the village to train under Orochimaru, things got from bad to worse. Training sucks, Vamp-man sucks, K...
  • itachi
  • love
  • nao
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Shinken Samurai:The Azure Embryo by LyleStratos
Shinken Samurai:The Azure Embryoby Lyle Stratos/Shinken Blaze
Once again the Shinken Samurais find themselves in another Adventure. Just as they're enjoying their Prom, Outside Lyle encounters a Girl who is looking for him, What co...
  • shinken
  • akane
  • nao
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