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Requiem for a Love (Requiem #2) by ellelawrence
Requiem for a Love (Requiem #2)by Ellie Lawrence
*Spoilers for Requiem for a Soldier, the first book in this series* Benjamin Ramirez was sixteen years old when his twin sister was found dead in an alleyway in Phoenix...
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Where Do Broken Hearts Go? by doeneseya
Where Do Broken Hearts Go?by doeneseya
When Angel Hardin wakes from a ride-home nap on Valentine's Day, she finds a totaled car and flashing ambulances, but not her driving husband, Alex. After one, lonely y...
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The First Omega || NaNoWriMo 2019 by Anyone_Can_Write
The First Omega || NaNoWriMo 2019by Anyone Can Write
With the fertility rate dropping rapidly, Ryan has come up with a solution to save humanity. Male pregnancy. Too bad his partner and boss thinks it's an idiotic idea. A...
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Starship Armstrong - Season 3 by CharlesSmith9
Starship Armstrong - Season 3by Charles Smith
The continuing journeys of the FSS Armstrong as it explores the periphery of the galaxy on a mission of peace in search of lost human civilizations. This is the third Se...
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Edward {ManXMan} ✔ by Spotlight_
Edward {ManXMan} ✔by Spotlight_
Being a prince is lavish. You can get what you want when you want. However you like it. Life as a prince was grand for the young prince of Dallington, he had a friend w...
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Wastelands: A Broken World Novel by LittleCinnamon
Wastelands: A Broken World Novelby Lindsey Clarke
Two years ago, Evie Morgan's husband disappeared. Under suspicion of his murder, no one believed Evie's story about the mysterious creature with the black eyes that kil...
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Cosmic Collisions (Novel)  by Stormwolfwriters
Cosmic Collisions (Novel) by Isabel 🌻🌕
A fantasy/sci-fi/romance set in space! The story starts with one of the main characters, Isla, twin brother dying and although people are telling her it's an accident sh...
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All This Bad Blood by violadavis
All This Bad Bloodby cate
Warning to all students: it is absolutely forbidden to enter the woods behind campus at night. Games of truth or dare involving going out past curfew are discouraged. Yo...
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The Merlin Paradox by Kamiccola
The Merlin Paradoxby Isobel Lynx
The last epic invention of the famous Merlin turns into his last epic fail. Magically stripped of his memories and aged down to his teens, he's mistaken for a burglar in...
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Something to Talk About by thaliagrace-
Something to Talk Aboutby jay
❝I WANT TO BE YOUR OFFSCREEN KISSES TOO.❞ ━ In which Jensen Rhodes wasn't supposed to be famous and Miles Fox wasn't supposed to be anything but. © Jordin Verona, 2019 |...
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Amongst Thieves by druidrose
Amongst Thievesby MB | M.Dalto
In the Den of the Kingdom of Dreduor, money reigns supreme and one's skill at deception determines how much you can make, and how much longer you will survive. Maize is...
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Love Happens by alwaysrenesmee
Love Happensby Ren
**Officially featured on Wattpad's NA Romance reading list** An emotional roller coaster, telling a tale of a heartbroken girl and how she brings herself out of the dark...
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The Sunshiners by Alecc0
The Sunshinersby Alex Pilalis
A young girl from a poor home gets a taste of the finer things in life when she starts dating a cool rich boy. As she struggles to fit in with the boy's enticing and lux...
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A file from the Interplanetary Data Stream... When the first ever space cruise ship completes its inaugural tour of the solar system, Bellatrix 'Bella' Starr will catch...
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To Lose or to Gain: Iroh's Child (AtlA Fanfic) by yemihikari
To Lose or to Gain: Iroh's Child ( Yemi Hikari
Zuko knows from Azula's own mouth that Fire Lord Azulon ordered Ozai to sacrifice his first born son in order that Ozai might redeem himself in Azulon's eyes. He in fact...
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I See The Light ✔ by Zoya30
I See The Light ✔by Zoya30
Muslim Fairytale Series ~ Book Two ♡ "I want to see the world and not just through a window" - Rapunzel Malika thought she'll never see the light when a ruthl...
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Loving Jane by MelonDiaries
Loving Janeby Mel Ryle
NANOWRIMO 2019. NOVEL ENTRY. DRAFT. NOT EDITED. Jane Cohan was in a car accident and rushed to the hospital. Nearly on the brink of death, she was saved by a resident do...
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Like Chalk and Cheese [NaNoWriMo 2019] by minimxmist
Like Chalk and Cheese [NaNoWriMo Jacob Sinne
Love is sweet, but Rith and Wes's meeting was anything but that. Drawn together by lust, fate, and maybe a hint of feelings, can the two strangers overcome their awful r...
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5,000 Days of Kara Dane by ereehu
5,000 Days of Kara Daneby Rui (蕊)
At four years old, Mei Lin was known as Kara Dane's best friend. At eighteen years old, she is known as her killer. Mei Lin Rose is cynical, crass and cutting. She prefe...
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Christmas with Nick Klaas by rskovach
Christmas with Nick Klaasby RS Kovach
When the cookie baking, carol singing and tree trimming heir to Christmas falls for a girl who hates the holiday, he risks losing his birthright to a trickster cousin wh...
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