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Extra Ordinary  ✔️ by EdenY_
Extra Ordinary ✔️by EdenY_
Fed up with being picked on, a geeky boy with a big secret hires the school's toughest senior as a bodyguard to protect him from the bullies. Cover by @YourRoyalDeadness
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Beast within the Beauty || A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Bemythyst
Beast within the Beauty || A Jenna R. Bloom
"Well, well, well." I felt the entirety of my body stiffen. "Pray tell," the masculine voice murmured as his chin rested down onto my shoulder, "...
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Within the Lines ✔️ by EdenY_
Within the Lines ✔️by EdenY_
An outgoing country boy. A wallflower jock. And a completely off-limits relationship. Aspiring artist Kade Turner is the new kid at school, imported into the big city fr...
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YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE | peter pettigrew x oc ✓ by yellowbeesknees
❝ yeah, alright pettigrew ❞ COMPLETE When Peter meets Jane Anderson he hardly sees her. She's been around before, always friends with the girls in Gryffindor. But it's a...
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A Song to Slay By (Vampire, Fantasy, Dystopian) by StevenBrandt
A Song to Slay By (Vampire, Steven Brandt
Tag: In a feudal society where vampires rule, a lowly and obedient sacrifice carries humanity's only hope of freedom. The only power that can protect the human race agai...
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Dad Bods {ManXMan} NaNoWriMo 2018✔ by Spotlight_
Dad Bods {ManXMan} NaNoWriMo 2018✔by Spotlight_
Sidney Quinlan is the 35-year-old father of two, the loving husband of a stay at home mom named Janet. He works as a dentist at his own office and has his own parking sp...
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Pixie Dust- Draft 1 ✔️ by crystina_luna
Pixie Dust- Draft 1 ✔️by C. Luna
When Riel gets accepted into a prestigious Elven college he can't help but be concerned about how he's going to fit in. He's just too human, because, well, he is a human...
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Parallels by InkFoxPrints
Parallelsby Wrong Password
Whether or not Theodore Aspen (Theo, to his few friends) wanted to get dragged into the conflict between his old home, Terra, and his new one, Earth, that doesn't matter...
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The Undoing Of Villains | ✓ by earlyatdusk
The Undoing Of Villains | ✓by cleo ツ
Villains. Heroes. Try as they might, one is always bested by the other, an endless fight without true meaning. We all have to pick our sides, but I think it's outdated...
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Out of Step by kaykay1307
Out of Stepby 𝕶𝖆𝖙𝖊
[ a band geek love story ] [ N a N o W r i M o 2 0 1 8 ] (Warning: This story includes long descriptions of band, food, and cute guys along with lots of mayhem and re...
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Eris and the Mortal God by EGWwrites
Eris and the Mortal Godby Erin
{2019 Wattpad Featured Story: Undiscovered Stories} You think you know the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus...and, ok, you probably do. But you don't know Eris. Sure, take...
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Holding Point [ON HOLD] by lydiahephzibah
Holding Point [ON HOLD]by Lydia
[BOOK TWO] There's nowhere to hide, so now they have to run. With the Honour Guard hot on their tail, Adele and her newfound pack have no time to spare in getting as far...
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The Loneliest Witch by annemarshallofficial
The Loneliest Witchby Anne Marshall
Molly lives alone, and it's been so long that she doesn't seem to mind it anymore. She is the last of the Hayfire coven and she's being punished by her elders for a crim...
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Queen of Asgard (NaNoWriMo2018, Completed!) by Jamie-Michelle
Queen of Asgard (NaNoWriMo2018, Jamie-Michelle
Life was simpler for Suzume Hamada before she knew gods and monsters were real. The night her cousin was murdered by a frost giant was the night Suzume learned that Nors...
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Smells Like Tone Spirit by violadavis
Smells Like Tone Spiritby cate
With the beginning of another school year, the competition inside the walls of NYSPA is stronger than ever as a small group of students decides to revive the disbanded s...
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Crossroad Souls by curlingwands
Crossroad Soulsby Pooj
What happens when demons you didn't know you were running from finally catch up to you? When life brings the one person you've tried all your life not to love right to...
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Four Words, Four Kills (2019) by Oliver8
Four Words, Four Kills (2019)by Oliver8
CURRENTLY UNDERGOING A MAJOR REWRITE One man's search for justice is another man's search for identity. *** Ten years ago, recovering alcoholic Phoenix Ryder lost his d...
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Edelstein-Trilogie ganz anders by aknikalsam
Edelstein-Trilogie ganz andersby aknikalsam
Gwendolyn wächst bei Falk auf und weiß, wer ihre Eltern sind. Sie wird von klein auf, als Zeitreisende ausgebildet. Kurz vor ihrem 16. Geburtstag hat sie einen Unfall un...
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Learning How to Bend by micamoney
Learning How to Bendby micamoney
Liliana "Lily" Hamill is just your average working woman. 5'5" with wavy brown hair the color of milk chocolate and blue eyes, she's never been described...
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Sweet Charlotte by JustAJournalist
Sweet Charlotteby 𝚝𝚊𝚢 ☼
❝ Amidst the bustling halls and the chaotic high school life, Willow turned to read a poster pinned to the wall beside the door. The world around her blurred at the thou...
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