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If I'm Louder.  [a Ziall romance.] (EDTINGING IN PROGRESS) by OMG_its_VICE
If I'm Louder. [a Ziall romance.] V I C E
"i...i need to tell you this" Niall said to the interviewer...thousands of people watching us from their televisions. "what is it Niall?" the intervi...
  • criminal
  • gay
  • louis
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Secret twin 1D - Book 1 by 1dnarnianlou
Secret twin 1D - Book 1by Musketeer 1
Skylar Tomlinson is Louis' forgotten twin that he never spoken of after he auditioned for the x factor. Skylar is bullied And tormented and called a liar when all she d...
  • leprachaun
  • boot
  • police
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One Direction's Babysitter [Slowly Editing] by roastingstyles
One Direction's Babysitter [ stephanie
*this story is really bad, turn around; hit the back button! It's extremely carroty cause I wrote this when I was 12, I'm so embarrassed* Scarlett Johnson is an 18 year...
  • eleanor
  • twitcam
  • austin
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Arranged to a marriage | N.H by Chris_staceyH
Arranged to a marriage | N.Hby Mrs. H Xx
Who says you can't be inlove with someone you're arranged with? A Niall Horan fanfic All Rights Reserved.
  • love
  • fanfic
  • horan
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I Want To Be Mrs Horan - Niall Horan Fan Fiction by xoxosecretlover
I Want To Be Mrs Horan - Niall Your Secret Lover.
{Disclaimer: Don't read if you're gonna be offended about me 'disliking' gays and then start to send me hate.} Megan Walker, a young Mom who was willing to do anything t...
  • demi
  • harrystyles
  • orange
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The Girl Next Door by sxraaa
The Girl Next Doorby sara
Typical story about a typical girl who moves to a typical city. The only problem is- her next door neighbor is a not so typical guy she does not really like.
  • boybands
  • music
  • louistomlinson
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Set yourself free - Book 2 - by 1dnarnianlou
Set yourself free - Book 2 -by Musketeer 1
Things ended badly and now everyone waits. No one knows what will happen so they can only happen. As everyone prays for Skylar, it seems things can up from here. Right? ...
  • lies
  • potter
  • niall
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THE CRASH THAT MADE ME DIFFERENT (Niall Horan fic) by Claricepayne
All the boys are on their way back from Nandos but what happens when a car crashes into Niall's door, will Niall be okay or not check my other books out and follow my so...
  • marvin
  • louis
  • zayn
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He Wasn't A Jerk Online (He Wasn't A Jerk #1) by onedirectiion_
He Wasn't A Jerk Online (He Wasn' Michelle Therese
⁑⁑⁑ EDITING AS OF MARCH 2019 ⁑⁑⁑ [Winner in the 2012 Watty Awards for Undiscovered Gems]: ★ Read at your own risk. There are major grammar issues, plot holes and probab...
  • louis
  • featured
  • english
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He Jumped Into My Balcony... Literally by XLazy_DelinquentX
He Jumped Into My Balcony... Anna
"You know how they say not to let strangers into the house? Well, I TOTALLY went against the norms and let a guy into my house after he JUMPED into my balcony. What...
  • damphire
  • directon
  • youtube
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Save Your Heart Tonight (Zayn Malik Love Story) *COMPLETED* by TheFactionless
Save Your Heart Tonight (Zayn Shailee
Synopsis: 16 year old Halley Montrose goes to school like any other teenager and has a normal boyfriend, Chadence Goodman (Cadence) or so everyone thinks. Beneath what e...
  • save
  • chadence
  • love
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nandos by sidelines
nandosby v
  • horan
  • nandos
  • niall
In Between (A One Direction fan fiction) by wehadtowalkaway
In Between (A One Direction fan wehadtowalkaway
A simple 18 year old Jane living her life behind the curtains and behind the public, met two boys, both member of the famous British-Irish band One Direction that now hu...
  • direction
  • nandos
  • niall
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Babysitting One Direction by LovableLexi
Babysitting One Directionby Lexi
Andy was an average 21 year old who was born in the New Jersey but moved to London to be closer to family on his moms side. His favorite cousin was Liam Payne. They were...
  • stylison
  • nandos
  • zayn
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Dark Descendant by Bella-234
Dark Descendantby Bella
Sequel to New Beginnings. Rosie and Mary are the next generation in the Clayton pack and will one day be the top dogs, (excuse the expression) then life will be fast pa...
  • mary
  • shifter
  • end
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My Best Friend Was My First Crush (Niall Horan Fan-Fic) by LarrysToyChest
My Best Friend Was My First kAtie
Katie Gahan is bestfriends with Niall Horan......What he doesnt know is that he is her first crush.....18 year old Katie goes on tour with the boys...What will happen al...
  • friends
  • onedirection
  • niall
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I had Harry Styles child -prologue- by chantalmarie
I had Harry Styles child -prologue-by chantalmarie
  • happening
  • calls
  • meeting
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Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by HoranAteMe
Dance With Me (Niall Horan)by izzy
Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Hor...
  • new
  • junnox
  • leigh-anne
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Texting and kidnapped by One Direction by Lovely_Directioners
Texting and kidnapped by One Maria Esther
Cassidy and Stacy were two best friends from schooling. What if a single wrong text and a stupid dare change their lives.????
  • naill
  • love
  • malik
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Celebrity Imagines {ON BREAK} by PrincessOfNerds
Celebrity Imagines {ON BREAK}by Spongebob Squarepants
Looking for a cute, romantic imagine with your favorite celebrity? You're in the right place!! If you request, just know that I'm on break for a few months
  • sheeran
  • contest
  • devin
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