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Seven Deadly Sins,One-Shots,Lemons,Smut, and Preferences by Itz-Thommy
Seven Deadly Sins,One-Shots, Mrs.Mulligan
The title says it all *awkwardly dances* See ya!
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Falling in Love. (Meliodas x Elizabeth) by eileennb
Falling in Love. (Meliodas x eileennb
Elizabeth Liones, a beautiful young junior-student transfers to a new school called "Britannia Highschool" to start off fresh and new. But what happens when sh...
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Forever strong, forever your's             Estarossa x oc by Shirayuki2000030
Forever strong, forever your' Fluffybunny
Who is she? what is she? Where does she come from? this are the questions that everyone wanted to know about her: Miria Blacksworn, second in command of the 8 deadly sin...
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I won't share my secrets. by elizabeth_hi_
I won't share my MaryLlime_hi
Sequel to "I'll always love you" and a couple years after the events of it. Meliodas broke the seal that he put on HER, and once he does she goes with Meliodas...
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King/HarlequinxReader by Animengamez
King/HarlequinxReaderby *Fanficgal*
„After 10 years we finally meet again..." Enjoy my first ever Story in English ^^
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Close Your Eyes by LucyHStar
Close Your Eyesby LucyHStar
"Close Your Eyes." The words that poor Elizabeth has remembered from her friend, playmate, and lover. Her heart aches every day for the past five years ever si...
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The blood on my hands (Meliodas x Female reader X Zeldris) by Spooki_Izuky
The blood on my hands (Meliodas Justine Jones
The Ten Commandments are on the move! But when an 11th powerful Energy arises from her slumber Meliodas finds himself... In love.
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I'll always love you.  by elizabeth_hi_
I'll always love you. by MaryLlime_hi
Sequel is called "I won't share my secrets" Elizabeth is about to confess her feelings to Meliodas but then all of a sudden Liz comes back to life. Meliodas se...
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-We're Not The Same-[Fairy King Harlequin x Reader] by ButterScotchBlister
-We're Not The Same-[Fairy King Kailynn D. Noel
.."We're Not The Same, Harlequin.."
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|Seven Deadly Sins shenanigans| by littlebunnybites
|Seven Deadly Sins shenanigans|by 🐰LBB
bite me
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Seven Deadly Sins Parent Scenarios by Itz-Thommy
Seven Deadly Sins Parent Scenariosby Mrs.Mulligan
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Fairy Sins [ En Pause ] by Emma_63194_
Fairy Sins [ En Pause ]by EmmaxRay
Bonjour je m'appelle Lucy Heartfilia et je suis dans la guilde Fairy Tail je me dirige vers la guilde Natsu,Happy et moi prenons une mission mais que va t'il se passer l...
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"But I Still Love You.." - (Fairy King Harlequin x Reader Fanfiction) by AnimeWeeb4Life
"But I Still Love You.." - ( SugaKookieSweetness
"Even after you left me, I still loved you from the bottom of my heart.." "I don't deserve your pity-" "At least consider my offer to be best fr...
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My Fox Princess  | Meliodas x OC by _I-Write-Fanfics_
My Fox Princess | Meliodas x OCby Anime Freak
I suck at this. Akiyama, The OC, Is a Kitsune (Fox girl) now to find out the rest, Just read. (Also, Meliodas isn't THAT much of a Perv in this, Just a little.)
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NNT Harem by MF_Kai
NNT Haremby Kai
va haber tanto yaoi como hetero personaje del que va a ser el harem de ban
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‹«Para amarte gigante»› by Dashii-122
‹«Para amarte gigante»›by Dasher Shirifire
Yo no soy el antagonista de esta historia, nunca lo fui. Ni aun cuando me amenazaron levante mi espada frente a quienes ví inocentes. Tú no eras la excepción. Aunque tod...
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Nuestros grandes amores by elinicol2999
Nuestros grandes amoresby eli
Esta historia se trata de que después de la pelea con los caballeros sacros elizabeth lionés sa va ir a vivir con los siete pecados capitales, y ahora van a ir a matar a...
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Crew 7PC_ [Abierta] by 7PC_Escanor
Crew 7PC_ [Abierta]by Escanor el Leon del Orgullo
entra solo entra
Le Destin de Jhin // Fanfic Seven Deadly Sins by x0xLee
Le Destin de Jhin // Fanfic xLee
Des capacités hors-normes. Un intime lien avec les démons. Des souvenirs éffacés. Le souvenir de deux personnes. Elle ne sait pas encore à quel point sa vie est importa...
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Heart ache by elizabeth_hi_
Heart acheby MaryLlime_hi
{MELIZABETH CLAN SWAP TEHE} Elizabeth, the first Princess of the demon clan, was once kind and loving, someone who cared about others, until someone killed her sister an...
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